City Hall

6:30 pm


The regular meeting of the Riggins URA was called to order by Board Member Glenna McClure, acting in the absence of Chairman Robert Crump.  Other Board Members present were Tom Anderson, Larry Barnard and Carolyn Friend.


The minutes were presented and members individually polled, all confirming they had read the minutes.  Since there were no additions or corrections offered, the minutes were approved as presented.


The financial statement was presented showing $3761.01 revenue received and $4380.00 disbursements made during January, leaving a 1/31/09 balance of $4154.29.  After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to approve the financial statement as presented.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend, and McClure.  No nays.


After review of the financial statement, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Friend to transfer $3700 to the 98-Sewer Obligation Reserve, bringing that fund up to 50% of budget  ($5000) and to pay the City administration costs of $300 for Jan-Feb 09, leaving a balance of $154.29 in the account.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure. No nays.


The WhiteWater Park meeting was discussed.  An information meeting is scheduled for April 9th, to meet with permitting agencies and potential project funding partners.  After contacting some of the permitting agencies, it was determined that a white water park engineer should be present to answer technical questions.  REP, who completed the feasibility study, were contacted about attending the meeting for the technical assistance, and they will require payment of their fees and travel expense, which are estimated to be $2000.  It was suggested that Judd DeBoer be contacted about funding these expenses, with reimbursement from the URD.  There was discussion about the expense of having REP attend, if the attendance of the meeting was limited.  After discussion, it was agreed that DeBoer should be contacted about funding the expense, with URD reimbursement and that REP should be contacted about the number of days notice they would need to schedule the meeting.  The letter of invitation will be sent out with RSVP by March 20th, and based upon the RSVPs received, if enough agencies plan to attend, the URA can then determine if REP should be scheduled to attend the meeting, or if a conference call with them during the meeting would be more suitable.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





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