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The regular meeting of the Urban Renewal Agency was called to order by Chairman and Board Member Robert Crump.  Other Board Members present were Tom Anderson and Glenna McClure.  Board Member Bob Harper was not present at the meeting but was available by telephone conference, if needed.  Members Suzann Underwood and Larry Barnard were absent.


Board Members were individually polled and confirmed that they had read the minutes of the previous meetings.  There were no corrections or alterations, and the minutes approved as read. 


There was no financial report presented.  A quarterly report of the accounts payable will be presented at the April meeting.


Chairman Crump reported that, after considering the increase of Browns Industries hookups to 200-300, JUB recommends replacement of the entire sewer plant, rather than upgrade and expansion.  The new plant is estimated to cost $5,000,000, but it would be more cost effective than upgrading the present facility and building a package plant on the mill site.  JUB also recommended that the City Council consider raising the sewer hookup fees to $7500 to provide funding for the plant construction as well as its future replacement. 


He reported also that JUB also recommended that the water system be analyzed to determine if there is adequate supply to handle the increased development.  A short water study to determine if another well is needed can be done by JUB for $1,000.   Brian O’Morrow had agreed the Browns Industries could fund the study, if a reimbursement agreement from URA funds could be drawn up.  The matter will be discussed at the City Council meeting following at 7:00pm.  Board members present agreed that the Council should authorize the study, as proposed, and were in agreement with the URA reimbursement agreement with Browns.


Chairman Crump reported that a letter had been written to Browns Industries requesting a more specific number of hookups planned, their construction schedule, and for official confirmation that they understood the new costs associated with the required infrastructure improvements and their financial backing required to proceed with the project.  The letter asked for a written response by March 1st so that the information would be available for JUB to consider in the City’s Sewer Study.  A draft of the letter was read, and Agency Members present approved the letter content.


Chairman Crump also reported on the meeting with Idaho County Commissioners and the Federal Highway Administration.  Board Member Larry Barnard attended the meeting representing the URA, and he and Commissioner Rehder both addressed the FHA about changing the Salmon River Road construction schedule.  They reported on the development planned on the old mill site, which will increase congestion and turning traffic, and recommended that the new bridge be moved up as the first priority of the project due to those safety concerns.  It was reported, also, that the Idaho County Commissioners went on record as recommending that action.  It was the general consensus that the change could be done, and FHA officials were not opposed to the idea.  It was suggested that a meeting be scheduled with FHA, the County, ITD, the City, URA and the developer to visit about the construction.  Idaho County Commissioner Rehder will set that meeting schedule.  It was also suggested that if the URA or developer could assist in the funding of any portion of the project, it might help move the construction schedule along faster.  Since URA has no funds at this time, other financial assistance was explored, such as the possible removal of the utility lines now designed to be installed on the new bridge.  Relocating the lines, and not including them in the bridge construction may reduce the costs and bid of the project.  Brian O’Morrow will research that possibility with Spickelmire and other interested parties.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.





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