City Hall

6:30 pm


The regular meeting of the Riggins URA was called to order by Board Member and Chairman Robert Crump.  Other Board members present were Tom Anderson, Carolyn Friend. Glenna McClure and Norm Klobetanz.  Board Member Barnard was absent.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Board members were polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes.  There were no corrections or additions, and the minutes were approved as presented. 


The financial statement was read detailing a 10-31-09 balance of $1153.32, with no receipts or disbursements received in November, leaving a balance of $1153.32 as of November 30, 2009.  There is also $6970.57in the URA Sewer Project Obligation Fund.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by Klobetanz, to approve the financial statement.   Voting yea, Anderson, Crump, Friend and Klobetanz.  No nays, motion carried.  Motion was then made by Crump, seconded by Anderson, to pay $300 to the City for November and December administration (November’s had been approved last meeting, but had not yet been paid.).  Voting yea, Anderson, Crump, Friend, McClure and Klobetanz.  No nays, motion carried.


Chairman Crump reported that the City had received a technical assistance grant from the National Park Service RTCA program.  A meeting with Dan Miller from the National Park Service will be held at 2:00pm at the Salmon Rapids Lodge on January 6th, with Brian O’Morrow, Devon Barker  and Council President Glenna McClure scheduled to attend. He indicated that they would be discussing ways the NPS could assist with the project, including permit review, trails and kiosks, and ADA bathroom engineering designs.


It was reported that the ordinance for the URD Extension would be enacted by the City Council during the City Council meeting scheduled later in the evening. 


Chairman Crump reported that work on the Salmon River Road Project continues, with work on the bridge in progress.  Federal Highways Supervisor Mike Baron reported that ballards, rather than gates, were now being planned to restrict vehicle traffic on the old Mill Bridge upon completion of the project.


Crump also reported that Debco may donate large boulders needed for the construction of the white water park, and that the City may be requested to issue a receipt for their $183,500 value.  Devon Barker is pursuing this donation, with the help of Brian O’Morrow.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6.45pm.





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