City Hall



The regular meeting of the Riggins URA was called to order by Chairman and Board Member Robert Crump.  Other Board Members present were Roy Akins, Carolyn Friend, Norm Klobetanz and Glenna McClure.  Board Member Barnard was absent.


The minutes were presented and members individually polled, all confirming they had read the minutes.  Since there were no additions or corrections offered, the minutes were approved as presented.


The financial statement was presented showing a 10-30-10 balance of $1478. 63, with no revenue received and expenses of $450 City Hall Administration and $216.05 for Robert Crump travel expenses paid during the month, leaving $812.58 balance as of 11-30-10.  There is also $11,990.29 in the Sewer Obligation Reserve Fund.  After review, motion was made by Crump, seconded by McClure, to approve the financial statement as presented.  Voting yea, Akins, Crump, Friend, Klobetanz, and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


A River Park project brainstorming session was held with CEDA, and another may be scheduled in December.  The date and time for the meeting is to be announced when set.


Matt Sinclair has been suggested as a potential URA boardmember.  Mayor Crump will contact him about serving. 


Chairman Crump reported that Idaho County and the Forest Service are ready to transfer ownership of the old Mill Bridge to the City, but he felt that it should not be accepted without first receiving an updated inspection report and assurance that all identified issues had been corrected.  It was also requested that the Clerk research the ownership of the east side approach to the bridge, where the River Park parking is planned. 


It was suggested that the URA meet quarterly, rather than monthly, during the periods of little activity.  The Clerk will also research those regulations. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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