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The regular meeting of the Riggins Urban Renewal Agency was called to order by Chairman Robert Crump.  Members present were Larry Barnard, Glenna McClure and Suzann Underwood.  Boardmember Tom Anderson was absent and due to the recent death of Bob Harper, the sixth Board position is now vacant.


Members were individually polled, and each confirmed they had read the minutes of previous URA meeting.  There were no corrections or additions offered and the minutes were approved as presented.


It was reported that the City’s $1.3M general obligation sewer bond was approved at the November 6th election, by an 86% majority.  A $500,000 ICDBG grant application will also be submitted on November 16th, to assist with the project funding. The sewer project, estimated to be $1.8M, consists of the renovation of the headworks and installation of a dewatering system, and if funds allow, the repair of the aeration system.  The project is  urgently needed to address the problems with the solids removal and to increase plant efficiency, allowing the full use of the existing capacity.  Even though the plant has capacity for additional hookups, the waste cannot be treated effectively. Without the renovation, JUB Engineers have recommended a moratorium on all new sewer hookups, as any increase in sewage volume compounds the dewatering problem. This moratorium would apply to all hookups, even those previously approved, but not yet installed, such as the new store, subdivisions, etc., located within the URD.


In addition, it was reported that renovation of the headworks and a new dewatering system are also the first steps necessary to convert the treatment system to a MBR plant.

The conversion to MBR, estimated to cost an additional $2M, will increase the size and capacity of the system and allow for future development such as those being considered by Browns Industries on URD properties.


It was agreed that since the sewer plant reconstruction now being planned will provide capacity for the hookups currently approved for properties within the URD, and is also the first phase required in the MBR conversion to allow for future development of Browns Industries properties, the use of URA funds to assist with project funding would comply with the current URD Plan.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm.





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