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The regular meeting of the Riggins Urban Renewal Agency was called to order by Chairman Crump.  Members present included Anderson, Barnard, Harper, McClure and Underwood. Brian O’Marrow was also present.


The members were polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes of the previous meetings.  Motion was made by Harper, seconded by McClure, to approve the minutes as presented.  There was no financial report to be made.


It was reported that the draft of the Urban Renewal Plan had been sent to the taxing agencies and was now available on the City’s website.  A copy of the draft was also given to each member and to Brian O’Marrow for their review.  Comments on the draft will be taken and the public hearing, scheduled for December 11, 2006 at 7:00pm in conjunction with the City Council meeting.  Mayor Crump advised Brian O’Marrow that the projected development for Brown’s property had been increased from the conservative figures originally provided.  The figures now shown are a more realistic estimation of the development potential, and were necessary to fund the needed improvements.  O’Marrow agreed with the changes, explaining that the original figures were intentionally conservative to prevent unrealistic expectations.


It was also reported that members of the URA, John Austin and the Clerk met with Idaho County Commissioners, presenting their plan for the Riggins Urban Renewal District.  John Austin made the presentation, and the members felt the meeting went well.


Member Larry Barnard suggested that a URA mission statement be established to define the projects and the goals of the agency.  The Agency agreed, and Barnard will begin the draft of the mission statement.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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psp;              \par     GARBAGE

\par Councilor Glenna McClure reported that the dumpsters had\par been removed from the Lake Creek Bridge area, and now there were no dumpsters\par provided for the river users or residents in those areas. \par It was reported that the dumpsters were placed there for the floating\par season only.  It was also reported\par that Carl Skyrum is spearheading a recycling-garbage transfer location\par committee, and will be scheduling an organizational meeting soon. 

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par                        \par WATER CONSERVATION

\par Councilor Suzann Underwood gave the Council information\par packets about water conservation, along with the City\rquote s water and sewer\par consumption records for 2003-2006.  She\par urged the Council to consider ways to encourage water conservation, suggesting\par that water-saving showerheads be made available, credits be given on water bills\par for water consumption reduction, and water conserving information provided in\par the city newsletter.  The Council\par will review the material and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par            \par     BUILDING HEIGHT\par RESTRICTIONS

\par Underwood also brought up the subject of restricting the\par height of buildings along the river.  She\par felt this was an important issue to consider with the increasing development\par occurring in the area.  It was noted\par that building height restrictions are generally addressed a comprehensive plan,\par and the City\rquote s plan will be researched for that information.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par                        \par THANKS TO ADER

\par Councilor McClure offered her thanks to Robert Ader for\par picking up the barrels of garbage and waste that were located at the Visitor\par Center parking area.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par                        \par RURAL FIRE DEPARTMENT

\par Councilor Anderson reported that if the Rural Fire\par Department used the City fire hydrants to fill their trucks, they should fill\par them from the top only.  PUD Amell\par reported that if tanks are filled from the bottom, the hoses must be equipped\par with anti-siphon valves to protect the water system quality.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par            \par       MILL BRIDGE ACCEPTANCE                     

\par PWD Charlie Amell visited with the Council about the\par City\rquote s street plan.  For several\par years, he has been a member of a joint City/County Committee working on a\par regional street and transportation plan, and he has been analyzing the area\par streets, needs, etc.  He reported\par that the City had previously considered, and may have actually accepted,\par ownership of the old mill bridge (for use as a pedestrian walkway) when it is\par replaced by the new bridge and no longer needed for vehicle traffic.  He reported that John Stroop, the Idaho County Road &\par Bridge Supervisor recommended that the City not take on that responsibility\par without thoroughly checking the condition of the bridge.  He reported that bridge maintenance is the most expensive\par item in County\rquote s road budget, and he doubted if the City had the funds that\par may be required for the bridge\rquote s upkeep. \par Preliminary checks on the bridge indicate the footings were damaged some\par in the 1997 flood, but have been secured, but that there is calcification with\par leaks on the bridge roadway, and new asphalt is needed. \par Amell suggested that the City contact Idaho County to research bridge\par maintenance costs, and have the bridge inspected thoroughly before formally\par accepting responsibility for it. The Clerk reported that it is possible that the\par City has already agreed to accept the bridge from the Forest Service, but will\par research the matter further.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par            \par WATER BILL ADJUSTMENT REQUEST

\par A request has been received from Dennis DeBill for a water\par adjustment on his water bill, due to a leak. \par He reported that he acted on the repairs immediately after being informed\par by the City of a possible leak, and requested that the July and August bills be\par adjusted back to normal use, if possible.  After discussion, motion was made by Underwood, seconded by\par McClure, to adjust the July-August water consumption back to the July-August\par 2005 levels.  Voting yea, Anderson,\par Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No\par nayes.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par            \par        AMBULANCE WRITE-OFFS

\par The Council reviewed the FY 2006 Ambulance Medicare,\par Medicaid and other miscellaneous billing write-offs, totaling $7,413.57. Motion\par was made by Underwood, seconded by McClure, to approve the billing write-offs,\par as detailed.  Voting yea, Anderson,\par Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No\par nayes.

\par  \par \par

\par                        \par                        \par AMBULANCE PURCHASE

\par The bids for the ambulance purchase were brought up, again,\par at this time.  It was suggested that\par since the McCoy Miller box previous purchased had had electrical problems in the\par past, it would be important to check the references provided in the bid. \par Warranties are also important, so research on all these issues should be\par done before a vehicle is formally selected.

\par  \par \par

\par There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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\par City Hall

\par 10/30/06

\par 8:00am

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