Notice of

appropriations ordinance

amendment hearing


      notice is hereby given that the City Council of Riggins, Idaho, will hold a public hearing for consideration of an amendment to the 2007 fiscal year budget by appropriating additional monies received by the City of Riggins, said hearing to be held at City Hall, at 5:00 pm, on the 9th day of August, 2007.




FY 06          FY 06             FY 07                FY 07                    FY07

Actual           Actual             Original              Amended                 Increased 

   Expenditures      Revenue        Budget               Budget                    Appropriation


   $17,985        $20,554          $21,356              $26,356                + $5,000



The additional sum of $5,000 to be appropriated from an Idaho Commission of Libraries Grant and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and will be used for the purchase of four computers.


At said hearing any interested person may appear and show cause, if any he has, why such proposed appropriations ordinance amendment should or should not be adopted.


                                                DATED this 24th day of July, 2007.



                                                                       June Whitten, City Clerk-Treasurer