Notice of Public Hearing on New Fees and Fee Changes


The City of Riggins proposes the following changes, which may result in an increase of fee collections for ambulance service, beginning October 1, 2008, by amounts that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current fee revenue from the previous year.


(1)      Ambulance Mileage Rate Increase:  It is proposed to increase the mileage rate billed in connection with Riggins Ambulance runs from $6.05 per patient mile to $8.05 per patient mile.  This proposed increase in mileage billing will result in increased ambulance rates in amounts that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current fee.  The increased fee is proposed to more accurately address the cost of transporting patients and to offset administration costs associated with the operation of the medical billing department.


(2)      New Fee Extrication:  It is proposed to add a new fee of $500 for extrication services, to be billed in connection with those Riggins Ambulance runs responding to motor vehicle accidents requiring the use of extrication equipment.  The proposal to add this new fee will result in an increase in fees for some ambulance users by an amount that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current ambulance fee.  The new fee is being proposed to provide funds for the care and replacement of equipment and to fund the required extrication training for EMS personnel.



All citizens are invited to attend a public hearing on August 9, 2007, at 5:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers, Riggins City Hall, 126 N. US#95, Riggins, Idaho, and have the right to provide written or oral comments concerning the proposed fee changes. 


City Hall and the Council Chambers are accessible to persons with disabilities.  For accessibility arrangements, please contact the Riggins City Hall at (208) 628-3394 at least 48 hours in advance of the public hearing.


Dated this 25th day of July, 2007.



                                                            June Whitten, Clerk-Treasurer

                                                            City of Riggins

                                                            PO Box 249

                                                            Riggins, Idaho 83549