Following is a list of the changes or additions proposed to the City of Riggins Vendor Ordinance. (Changes and additions are shown in bold italics)

There will be a public hearing held 7:00pm MST, Monday, March 14, 2011, at the Riggins City Hall, at the regular City Council meeting, for the consideration of the Vendor Ordinance revision and changes in the fee structure.  The Mayor and Council encourage all citizens and Vendors to attend or to offer written comments on the proposed changes.  Your input is important!


Changed or Added Definitions:

JUNIOR LOCAL VENDOR:  Any person who is under the age of eighteen years old and is a student of School District #243, operating as a Vendor within the City of Riggins.

LOCAL AREA:  School District #243.

PERMANENT MERCHANT: Any person whether owner or otherwise, who engages in a year-around business of selling and delivering goods, wares, merchandise and services from a permanent business location within the city.

PERMANENT LOCAL VENDOR:  Any Vendor or Solicitor, residing within School District #243, operating within the City of Riggins on a year-around or permanent basis. 

TEMPORARY: Seventy-two hours or less



Section 4.  EXCEPTIONS:

The provisions of this chapter (Vendor Ordinance) shall not apply to:


     C.   The sale of all farm or garden products.

E.     Fundraising sales, or sales events sponsored by the school or student groups, non-profit groups or local service clubs including, but not limited to the Chamber of Commerce, ASK, Rebekahs, American Legion, Churches, Fire Department, EMS, Cowboys Association, CCC’s, etc.




Applicants for a license under this chapter must file with the City Clerk’s Office an application furnished by the City Clerk or designated agent, which shall contain, but not necessarily be limited to, the following information:

N.    Every applicant shall provide a letter from the property owner, or their agent, which grants written permission for the applicant to conduct vending operations from their property, dated for each specific event.


Section 6. LICENSE FEES:

A.    The license fee for any Temporary Vendor, solicitor or canvasser, or temporary merchant shall be $50.00, or as established or amended, by City Resolution for each 72-hour Special Event.  All fees shall be paid in advance.

B.     The annual license fee for a Permanent Local Vendor shall be $75.00, or as established or amended by City Resolution.  All fees shall be paid in advance.

C.     The annual license fee for a Junior Local Vendor shall be $10.00, or as established or amended by City Resolution.  All fees shall be paid in advance.