Regular City Council Meeting

August 10, 2016 – 6:30 p.m.

City Hall

PUBLIC HEARING held at 6 p.m. on both the Riggins Urban Renewal District and City of Riggins FY2016-2017 budgets.  No comments were received.

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Wilson and Miller.  Councilors Akins and Friend were absent resulting in the lack of a quorum. 

Guests present included Jesse Webb, John Belton and Clyde and Mary Lou Hirst.

Staff present:  John Pottenger, Jeff Joyce, Janeen Eggebrecht. 


EMS—Janeen Eggebrecht

  •  Thank you for the raise
  •  Four (4) new EMT’s should be on their own by December
  •  Have had issues w/New Meadows ambulance encroaching on our service area.  Janeen has been communicating with Trudy @ Idaho County Sheriff’s office and the dispatchers with Adams County to get this resolved.
  • Extrication class is coming soon
  • Not having as many frequent flyer calls
  • Applying for a grant for books and supplies for training
  • Idaho PERCS may be changing to a new program.  Change will be voluntary at this time.

Sewer—John Pottenger

  • DMR 98% removal/no violations
  • Processes are looking better; adding soda ash to help the bugs
  • Wasting differently and it seems to be helping by diluting solids more
  • Presented the BlueWater bid for maintenance on the head works.  Would like the Council’s input.  Maybe get Challenger to bid for cost savings.
  • Alarms have been going off on head works.  John took apart and cleaned and they seem to be working much better.

Fire—Jeff Joyce

  • We have had a few small fires (tractor-trailer, powerline @ Irwin Center, oven element @ Irwin Center, and car wreck by Riggins Motel).
  • Fire Prevention Week is coming up and he will be having classes from the grade school visit the Fire Bay.
  • Fire Department wants to have the chili cook off in October for a fundraiser.
  • Working with Mac Qualls of New Meadows to get a Flagging Class put on here in Riggins.
  • Received a request from frequent boaters to hose off the boat ramp.  Jeff tried and then dug a ditch to detour water and rocks from washing back on the ramp, but with the first rain it filled back in again.
  • Wilson asked Jeff if they could use the fire trucks to water down the Gun Club alleys for training.
  • Boar’s Nest Fire— Salmon River Rural Fire Department had two older men who were left on the fire for 2 hours alone.
  • Salmon River Rural Fire Department requested Jeff help with the Fire Extinguisher Class for the teachers.
  • Idaho County Fair asked Jeff to participate in the Kiss a Pig contest this year.

Water/Streets—Ross Campbell (not present)

  • City received about 3 yards of cold mix from the County.  It was used to patch potholes on Ace’s Place, Orchard Street and North Riggins.
  • Ross, Glen and Ken rebuilt a drying bed at the sewer plant.
  • Preparing spots for new bags @ the sewer plant for the winter.
  • Found a handout that is for Thermal Expansion with diagrams and plumbing code requirements and would like to send this information out with City bill after a meter with check valve and re-setter are installed.

Library—Susan Hollenbeak

  • Summer Reading Program was successful.
  • Gave away over 100 books in Yellow Pine during Harmonica Festival with Salmon River Public Library stickers attached.


John Belton addressed the Council regarding a concert fundraiser at the park to raise monies for the new Stage Project.  Tentative schedule is Sept. 17th from 4:30-11:30 pm.   Gates would open at 3pm. with a cost of  $20.00 a ticket; hoping for 700 people at least and having 2 or 3 bands.  Belton estimates a profit of $14,000 from the event.  Will need 20 security people.

Clyde & Mary Lou Hirst voiced concerns about how money from the Salmon River Chamber of Commerce will be handled to work on project.  Mayor McClure stated all work on project of any kind needs to be tracked for in-kind on grant. 

  • Need to make a plan for the project.
  • Need to appoint a committee.  Possible members include Clyde as Project Manager with Wayne Hunsucker, Russ Mutchler and Brenda Tilley.
  • All monies would be tracked on spreadsheets for project for grant purposes.
  • Sponsors for this event would be: City of Riggins, Salmon River Chamber of Commerce and Seven Devils.
  • John Belton is willing to front the money to get the fundraiser going and then give all profit to fund.

Manning Crevice Bridge Project:  Jesse Webb stated the project is going well and they will be pouring concrete in a couple weeks.  He is willing to make pieces of the bridge available to the City; will be ready to dismantle in the Fall of 2017.  City wants 10 feet of one whole end to put at the City Park.  City will need to provide volunteers and trucks/trailers to dismantle and haul.   RSCI owns the old bridge and have given it to the crane company to recycle or dispose of.  They are willing to work with the City to make this possible.  Webb wants to make sure lines of communication stay open between all parties so we can all be ready when the time comes to dismantle.

Adjourned 8:05 pm.

Submitted by,

Susan Hollenbeak, Deputy City Clerk