July 20, 2015 – 9:00 a.m.

City Hall

A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Friend, Wilson and Miller. 

The purpose of this special meeting was to review proposed fee additions, increases, and budget and to tentatively approve the FY2015-2016 Budget.


=   There is approximately $1,000 more in expenses per year than revenue.  It was decided to keep the rental rates the same for another year and reevaluate next year, and try to do more advertising and promotion of the facility to recoup expenses.

=   SOUND SYSTEM: Discussed the Sound System on-site rental fee - approved for the FY14-15 Fiscal Year at $20 per day and $200 deposit; discussed the need to raise these amounts to $40 per day and $400 deposit.

=   PARKING LOT:  Apply for a grant to sealcoat the RCC parking lot (STREET EXPENSE); estimated cost of $2,500 with $1,000 prep for a total of $3,500.  Research the possibility of including this in the LHRIP grant.

=   CHAIN LINK FENCE:  this is a STREET EXPENSE (protects parking lot).

=   SIGNAGE:  Increase sign expense to $1,000.

SHERIFF’S DEPT CONTRACT:  Special City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, July 28th at 9:00 a.m. to review and vote on the FY16-17 contract.

SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS:  With the recent vandalisms in town, surveillance cameras are needed on all our facilities.  Discussed electrical requirements for various kinds of cameras, and that if the camera is not hardwired, use batteries which can be costly to replace and manpower to maintain.  Research the necessity of service providers.

IRRIGATION – FLUME:  Ross has requested a line item to replace the Glu-lam beams on the flume which are coming apart.  Research manufacturer warranty.

FIREWORKS:  include an expense line item of $500 to donate towards fireworks.

EMS:  Travel/training – Clerk will clarify that Brimacomb’s are willing to provide Module training.

The FY2015-2016 Budget Proposal was reviewed, and included the following:


	Oxygen			   $ 20.00
	Intravenous Fluids                  10.00
	Epinephrine         	      20.00

    Hot/Cold Pack		            $   2.00		      $     5.00
    Tourniquet			  40.00		           50.00
    Nitroglycerin Tablets .4 mg	  11.00		           25.00
    Epi-Pen			110.00		         199.00

    Mileage Rate:
	0 - 17 miles		 10.65		          12.80
	18 - 50 miles		   7.10		            8.53
	Over 50 miles		   8.75		          11.02

Riggins Community Center
   Sound System Rental 
              (on site) Per Day	 20.00		         40.00
   Sound System Rental Deposit     200.00		       400.00













General Fund                 884,941

Street Fund                  118,150

Library Fund                    26,400

Park Fund                     229,913

Water Fund                  814,311

Sewer Fund                2,469,478

Sanitation Fund            150,383

TOTAL:                     $4,693,576

Said budget proposed to include the following significant line items:


Property Tax - $67,577 (3% increase)

Water and Sewer Rates – No increase

Sanitation – 5% increase per contract

State Grants – Arbor Day $300; EMS $1,441; Street $70,000 (include RCC parking Lot Sealcoat); Emergency Svcs Bldg $85,000 (EMS/Fire Split)

Other Grants –NEW = Pickup for Fire Dept - $47,500 (5% match - $2,500)


Law Enforcement – continue at $15,000 per year

Fire – need ¾ ton flat bed pickup for foam sprayer; in order to be certified, need 1,000 gallons per minute

Fire – Air Compressor/Fittings for Air Brakes $1,500

Dive Team – in lieu of paying Dive Team volunteers a bonus, contribute $1,250 to Dive Team OP Fund

Surveillance Cameras for City facilities

City Hall – HVAC system (can no longer get replacement parts for system; budget $10,000 for replacement)

Riggins Community Center – chain link fence to separate parking lot from Gem Stop $1,500

Waterline Repairs throughout town - $6,300

North Riggins Waterline Replacement (must be done prior to street project) - $12,000

Public Works pickup – need to declare older GMC (Mike) surplus; replace

Sewer – lift stations need rewired and schematics; $1,500 each (3)

Water/Sewer Tests – with new DMR requirements, increase to $500 per month

Irrigation – Flume: Glu-lam is failing; budget $5,000 to replace with appropriate material

Public Works – backhoe (split cost between Water, Sewer, Street, Park)


EMS – Increase Basic to $40; Increase Driver to $35 (effective October 1st)

Add 2% salary adjustment for part-time staff

At this point, motion was made by Wilson to increase the Riggins Community Center Sound System rental fee to $40 and the deposit to $400, and to approve the tentative budget as listed with changes, and to publish the Legal Notice on the Budget Public Hearing to be held Monday, August 10th at 7 p.m. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Brenda Tilley

City Clerk-Treasurer