July 14, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

City Hall

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Wilson, Friend and Miller.  Councilor Akins was absent.  Guests: Ted Brown, Stan Autrey, Rick Hamilton, Norm Klobetanz, Ross Campbell, John Pottenger, and Susan Hollenbeak.

JUNE MINUTES:  June meeting minutes were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Motion was made by Wilson to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Wilson, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $1,021.29 paid after the June meeting, bringing the total June disbursements to $47,653.37.  Bills in the amount of $26,143.67 were then presented for payment.  Motion was made by Wilson to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Friend. Voting yea, Wilson, Miller, and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


CEMETERY HILL WATERLINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT:  Stan Autrey visited with the Council about the need to get water on the road, and stated he would be willing to help get this done.  Following the completion of the project, the road is quite dusty and with the recent wind, water needs applied to keep the dust down.  Ted Brown also expressed his concern with the dusty conditions, stating he has used a lot of his water on the road already and requested he not be billed for water consumption over the minimum.  Councilor Miller stated the road was scheduled to be bladed today, but unforeseen circumstances have delayed the blade work until later in the week.  Discussed having the Salmon River Rural Fire Department apply water to the road by way of their water tender.  Councilor Miller contacted SRRFD Chief Yearsley during the meeting and an agreement was made to put water down twice a day at a cost of $90 per day. 


WATER/STREET/PARK – Ross Campbell distributed a written report to the Council:

a)    For the month of June, water produced totaled 6,087,520 gallons with 379.7 hours of operation.

b)    On 7/1, the skid steer loader lift solenoid failed and had to be repaired.

c)    The transducer in the salsness failed, and the 1 year warranty was void by two months.  Ross recommended that $900 be included in the budget every year for salsness repair.

d)    On 7/2, temporary water service to Cemetery Hill was turned off.  Pressure tests passed, and the Bac T test passed.

e)    From 7/3 to 7/12, worked at the Wastewater Plant: Transducer was delivered and Ross was able to remove and install the new unit in about 3 hours.  Wasting out of A.B. into digester because of heavy solids in that basin as well.  Decanted sand bed that was not draining properly.  Chevron SCAT machine plugged; used snake to clean line.  Open sand bed has only 2” of sand in some places; ordered sand from Kern Construction and applied 4” more.  Wasted 10,773 gallons over 3 days into GEO bags so as not to have another bed not draining because of high solids; this saved 4 beds.  Digester suspended solids now normal; beds should be ready to use now with sufficient sand. 

f)     Park lift station breaker blew; only one pump left.  Jason advised that pumps have been ready to be put in; just need Challenger to wire in and check if mounts adapt correctly.  Scheduled Challenger for today and set pump in; had to make adjustments on adapters; should have them in very soon and working properly.

g)    Contacted Lake Shore Disposal about bringing a 3-yard dumpster to plant for compost removal.  McCall Site Manager, Everette, is requesting approval from the Mountain Home landfill, and will advise when he hears back from them.

h)    Skylight at Park restroom was replaced at a cost of $300.

i)     Worked Sunday with Shepherd’s and removed old asphalt sidewalk in front of park restrooms; removed roots in walkway and between buildings.  Used remainder of soil to fill in holes and low spots in park and at HeritageCenter.  Removed old sign at park, removed soil between parking area and boulders, and realigned boulders.  Had a load of gravel put between parking lot and boulders, and between buildings.  Have left messages for Stark Plumbing regarding the toilet seats at park, and height of handicap toilets.

j)     Jason was able to find a supplier for the Pitiless adapters at the park lift station who had the priced at $1,200 each.  Jason opted to replace the flange which was fabricated at a cost of $650 for both flanges.

k)    Kern Construction put down asphalt at North Riggins culvert, Tilton’s, Borah Street, Park parking lot, Church Street and Park walkway.

SEWER – John Pottenger reported the following:

a)    John will contact Van Cline regarding the surplus pipe Cline requested for the irrigation ditch to his property in North Riggins.

b)    Eli at Blue Water Technologies has provided a quote of $3,500 per day, plus parts, to go through the salsness and perform maintenance.  It was decided to include $4,000 in the FY2014-15 budget for Salsness Maintenance.

c)    Problem at Well Street lift station pump – Jason is scheduling time to complete this; seal kits for the pump are already on hand.

RIGGINS MANOR:  recently, there was a problem with the waterline near the manor; need to research meter locations to resolve questions about how properties are connected.

FIRE DEPARTMENT - Fire Chief, Jeff Joyce, provided the following report:

  •  Firefighter 1 training – Jeff and Roger Rashok have completed the online course. 
  •  Extrication training with the Salmon River Rural Fire Department, Riggins EMS, and Riggins City Fire Department was held last week. 
  •  The fire hydrant behind Crump Chevron is damaged.  Estimates for repair cost will be determined.
  • Requested including a Gate Valve at a cost of $600 to the FY2014-15 budget. 
  • Back Eddy Grill fire hydrant does not have water.  Jeff will contact property owner to get the hydrant clear from the building and tables, and will check the valve.
  •  Idaho County is hosting a Search and Rescue training.
  •  Actively recruiting volunteers for the Fire Department.
  •  Fire Academy will be held in September in Donnelly.  Jeff requested approval to send four volunteers from the City Fire Department; cost is $35 per person.  Also requested he be approved for per diem to drive every day rather than staying overnight.  Requests were approved.
  • Fire Rating (City of Riggins) – has not been done since 1992.  Ross stated he received some e-mail correspondence regarding this and will follow-up.

EMS REPORT- EMS Director, Curt Brimacomb, was absent but prepared the following report for the Council:

1)    Medical Director- Dr. Mucha did not renew Idaho license effective 6/30.  Dr. Jim Dardis of McCall has agreed to be Medical Director.  Dr. Dardis is the Medical Director for Donnelly Fire Department, and Meadows Valley Ambulance.  Formal paperwork will be signed July 23, 2014.

2)    New EMT coming on board; currently living in Pollock.

3)    Ambulance B – flat right front tire in June.

4)    Ambulance A – old tires have been declared surplus, and advertised on Craig’s List; some interest recently.  Susan is following up.

5)    QRU – battery issues; Curt has tried to charge batteries, but still not starting.

6)    Extrication Training – Fire Chief Joyce held class two weeks ago.  Curt felt at least two more trainings should be held to do well on the scene of an accident.  Some basic safety rules were not followed all the time.

EMERGENCY SERVICES BUILDING – IDEAS:  Councilor Miller suggested considering the parking lot area in front of the Heritage Center for an Emergency ServicesBuilding site.  The City of Riggins owns the property which would improve changes of getting a grant for the building.  Will be discussed further in future.



FIRE DANGER – RICK  HAMILTON:  Rick Hamilton visited with the Council regarding dry weeds along the river bank in north Riggins.  He distributed pictures of 4-5’ tall weeds.  Hamilton is concerned about fire danger as the property he’s concerned is in close proximity to his structures.  Hamilton stated he did not know how to contact the property owners.  It was decided the Clerk would send a letter to the property owner (Thistlewood) advising them of the concern, and to put an article in the next City Newsletter requesting that folks trim dry grass and weeds, etc. due to the extreme fire danger.

WELL STREET – SPEEDING:  Susan reported that Hugh Fulton contacted her regarding vehicles speeding on Well Street; Fulton was not in attendance.  Discussed adding signage; there was a question as to the location of the sign.  Susan will check into a “Pedestrians – SLOW” sign.  Ross and Susan will follow-up on issue.

HERITAGE CENTER BOARD APPOINTMENTS:  Mayor McClure recommended the following individuals to the Heritage Center Board for a term of four (4) years – June Whitten, Carolyn Friend, Jeannie Fitch, Mariah Crump, Rocke Wilson, and Glenna McClure.  Motion was made by Miller to accept the Board appointments; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

OPEN BURNING ORDINANCE:  Council reviewed the final draft of a new Open Burning Ordinance.  Section 3-B was revised to read … approval must be obtained from the City of Riggins Fire Chief at least 24 hours prior to the start to evaluate conditions and risks associated with the open burn.  Call City Hall at 628-3394 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday) to reach the City of Riggins Fire Chief.   Motion was made by Friend to amend the ordinance draft as stated, submit to the City Attorney for final review, and add to the August 11, 2014 Council meeting agenda for adoption; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Miller and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

IDAHO POWER – PLANNED OUTAGE:  Idaho Power is again attempting to schedule a 3-hour planned outage to perform maintenance and repairs.  Our Idaho Power Representative has requested feedback from the City.  After discussion, it was suggested that mid-morning on a Friday in September be suggested (no school on Friday). 

COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ASSESSMENT:  School District irrigation charges were reviewed.  The Irrigation Ordinance will be reviewed in more detail at the August 11, 2014 City Council meeting to determine accuracy of charges.

VOLUNTEER OF THE QUARTER NOMINATIONS:  Nominations were gathered; Stefanie Brimacomb was chosen to be featured in the next City Newsletter.

PAST DUE WSG BILLING:  Reviewed by Council.  


  • Wild River Adventures – Park Use Application for July 19, 2014; 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.; deposit paid; rental fee due.

Motion was made by Wilson to approve the Park use application; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Wilson and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.


  • Doug Crump – water leak; request adjustment to equivalent of last year’s usage.  Motion was made by Wilson to adjust Doug Crump’s next water billing according to last year’s usage; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried. 

PUBLIC WORKS – BILLING FOR TIME:  Discussed the need for the City to bill property owners for the time Public Works staff spend repairing a waterline from meter to home.  The City is responsible for the line to the meter.  The property owner is responsible for the line from the meter to the home.  Ross and John need to make the property owner aware that they will be billed for time spent working on any section of line that is the property owner’s responsibility, and to get approval from the owner prior to starting work. 

  • Thomas Clay – Susan reported that Thomas Clay is disputing the Irrigation billing on his property in North Riggins; Mr. Clay was not in attendance.  Susan recounted that several years ago, the property owner at that time was in a dispute with the neighbor, and a fence was put up by the neighbor thereby blocking any access to the ditch.  Currently, Mr. Clay has no access to the irrigation ditch.  Councilor Friend recommended that Clay review his property deed which should show access to the ditch.  It was recommended that Mr. Clay work out the situation with the neighbor and pursue access to the ditch per the deed.  Motion was made by Wilson to deny Thomas Clay’s irrigation waiver request; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Wilson, Miller and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.  The Clerk will notify Clay of the decision. 
  • Fessenden – Ambulance Billing:  Susan reported that Ms. Fessenden is disputing a May 14, 2014 ambulance billing for non-transport in the amount of $45; Fessenden was not in attendance.  Following discussion and review of the call, motion was made by Wilson to waiver the ambulance billing due to hardship, to communicate with Fessenden that it is her responsibility to make sure the Life Alert notification order was as it should be, and that Life Alert procedures will be followed in the future; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.  The Clerk will notify Fessenden of the decision.  

CEMETERY HILL WATERLINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT – GARY’S PLUMBING:  Clerk reported that an invoice and documentation has been received from Gary’s Plumbing for the project.  Authorization to pay the invoice is on hold until the August meeting, or until a quorum of the City Council is available to approve.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.