City Hall

7:00 pm


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Anderson, McClure and Barnard.  Councilor Friend was absent.  Guests present included Richard and Linda Hieter, Janeen Eggebrecht, Dave and Kim Olson, Sherrie Green, Kerry Brennon, Bill ______, Jessie Travis, Cheryl Hurzeler, Dustin Aherin and Curt Brimacomb.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $61,743.21 bills paid after the June meeting, bringing the total June bills to $82,992.19.  Bills in the amount of $19,784.73 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by McClure, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, McClure and Barnard.  No nays.


The Council was made aware of the following items after the original posting of the preliminary agenda:

(1)    Kerry Brennon – Sewer service request

(2)    Jessie Travis – Irrigation service request

(3)    Curt Brimacomb – EMS Report

(4)    Little Salmon River Bridge discussion

(5)    ITD Transportation Grant – Welcome to Riggins landscaping

(6)    Stokes irrigation

(7)    PERSI eligibility requirements


Motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to add the seven items to the agenda.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


Sherry Greene, representing the 2010 Census, visited with the Council about the upcoming census that will soon be underway.  She stressed the importance to the City that an accurate count is obtained, since many shared State and Federal funds are distributed by population counts.  She indicated that most people would be contacted to complete a short form of  ten questions, taking about ten minutes to complete.  She asked the City to join the Complete Count Committee, becoming a partner in the 2010 Census.  She provided a 2010 Census Partner Proclamation Resolution and asked that the City support the census and census takers, encourage people to participate and to help raise the awareness of the importance of an accurate count.  The Mayor thanked her for the information and the Council will take the request into consideration.


Dave and Kim Olson along with Janeen Eggebrecht visited with the Council about a recent sewer backup at the River Rock Café.  Their line backed up the first time two months ago, then again two weeks ago, and now a third time.  This backup has left two feet of water and sewage in their basement, causing them $1800 repair and cleanup costs as well as very unsanitary conditions.   It appears there is a problem where the line is attached to the line that hooks into main sewer line, which is located under the sidewalk and not on their property. They asked the Council for their help in getting the problem resolved.  After discussion, Charlie Amell suggested that the line should be camera-ed to visually identify the problem.  He did not think it was a root problem backing it up.  The Council took their request under consideration and the matter will be discussed under new business.


Richard and Linda Hieter visited with the Council, reporting that the $94,000 Rural Transportation Grant for the CABs Expansion Project had been approved.  The grant is made to the City, and will be used to fund CABs office facilities as well as hiring of two CABs employees.  Hieters also presented a summary of the quotes received as a result of the advertisement prepared by CABS for a new CABS bus vehicle:

            The four bids received were as follows:


            (1) EK Coaches, Mukilteo WA         

            Bus #1 (Alternate Bid)           $47,159

                                                                        Bus #2 (Custom)                     $47,236

            (2) Western Mountain Bus Sales

                  Nampa, Idaho                               Bus #3                                     $49,794

                                                                        Bus #4                                     $52,514

            (3)  Harlows Bus, Auburn WA           Bus #5 (Bid Incomplete)         $59,910


            (4) Intermountain Coach                     Bus #6 (Bid Incomplete)         $44,351


It was noted that quotes for Bus #5 from Harlows Bus and #6 from Intermountain Coach were incomplete. 



Dustin Aherin, from Friends of the Salmon River, visited with the Council about the bill proposing  a Lower Salmon River Wild and Scenic River Designation.  He reported that if the River was so designated, it would be the longest wild and scenic river in America and indicated that there would be no federal ability to lock up scenic land easements in the future.  He explained that there were three types of river designations:  “Recreation” -  with no use limits; “Scenic” – provides for and protects historic use; and “Wild” –with no motorized use.  The proposal is that the river from Hammer Creek down be designated Scenic, and from Hammer Creek upstream to Vinegar Creek as Recreation. There will be an informational meeting held 7:00pm Wednesday at the SRHS Multipurpose Room and urged the Council to attend.  He requested that the Council consider supporting the designation by resolution later in the summer.


Curt Brimacomb gave his monthly EMS report, requesting the purchase of the following items:  Intubation Bag $40, 14 folding chairs $224 estimate, two radio microphones $120.

He requested authorization to purchase the chairs from Costco with his personal credit card.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to authorize the purchases with the Costco purchase on Brimacomb’s personal credit card.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


Kerry Brennen visited with the Council about his property just south of the city limits.  He inquired about the possibility of city water and sewer service being extended to that area.  He reported that the County would not allow him to use a sewer holding tank with periodic pumping, so the only options for sewer service is to either install a drywell across the river and pipe it across the bridge adjacent to his property or to extend the city sewer line to his property.  He indicated that piping the sewage across the bridge was not an option, as the adjacent property owner did not want the drain field on his property. The Council advised Brennen that the City does not provide utility service outside of the city limits, and his property is not contiguous to the City and cannot be annexed, since there are three properties between his property and the city boundary.  The Council also explained that if the city service is extended, that the hookup fees as well as all costs incurred in the extension would be at his expense.  The lines would have to be installed in the ITD right-of-way with the City obtaining the necessary permits from ITD.  Since the City would then be responsible to ITD for the construction of the utility lines and their future maintenance, the Council would require that they meet certain specifications for all installation made in the right-of-way, and a maintenance agreement between Brennen and the City would have to be signed and attached to his property deed, to bind future owners of the property.  After further discussion, Brennen indicated that he would contact the three property owners between his property and the City, about possible annexation.  He would also look into the cost of extending the service lines.


Jessie Travis and Cheryl Hurzeler visited with the Council about their access to irrigation water.  They reported that they have a water right easement to the irrigation ditch, but have no access to the water at this time.  They indicated that they have paid their irrigation fees for the past five years, with no water being available.  It was reported that the irrigation pipe servicing their property had been removed by the adjacent neighbor.  After discussion, Travis agreed to talk to their neighbor about the irrigation ditch easement, and motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to waive the 2009 irrigation fees until access can be obtained.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, and McClure.  No nays.


Charlie Amell gave the following project report:

(1)    The lid for the meter box at Tucker Apartments will be installed as soon as the concrete cures.

(2)    Rural Water Association held a water class on Tuesday, June 30th, with city employees attending.

(3)    Amell expressed concern about the City’s involvement in the repair and maintenance of individual utility lines.  He indicated that the City normally maintains the water line to the meter, and the homeowner is responsible from the meter on.  Since the City has no defined policy on sewer lines, Paul Stevens, JUB, was contacted about the maintenance responsibility for sewer  lines.  He indicated that normally the landowner owns their sewer line to the main line, with the connection, stubout, pavement patching and any sidewalk and/or curb repair associated with that service line belong to the homeowner.  The City is responsible for the main public lines.  Amell indicated that all service lines must be constructed to plumbing code and that DEQ had no authority or regulation in this area.  He also reported most cities do not work on private lines, that it is against state regulation for City employees to install and/or repair individual service lines because they are not certified plumbers.  Amell urged the Council to adopt a standard policy defining the City’s responsibility concerning individual utility service lines.  The Council agreed and a resolution will be prepared for the August meeting.  The Council did agree to camera the River Rock sewer line to identify the problem, but the property owner would be responsible for any repairs needed, if found in their service line.


The following police report was made:

                                                 June 2008       June 2009        2008 Y-T-D    2009 Y-T-D

Total Calls-Canyon                      88                    79                   463                    456

Total Call- City                            24                    30                   191                    151

Total Citations-Canyon                11                    34                     57                      93

Total Citations-City                       3                    17                   106                    153


There was no CCC Report.


The proposed sign ordinance was reviewed, and after discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by McClure, to send the proposed draft ordinance, with Councilor Barnard’s comments, to City Atty Green for the formal enforceable ordinance preparation.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


The Council discussed the Library carpet and the need to visit with Dave Tucker about its condition.  A letter will be written to him about the carpet, as well as the needed curb cut repair, billing for hookup materials and labor and the needed asphalt repair needed at Berger Street.  The letter will request that the street repair be done within 60 days, or the City will order the repairs and bill him.


The Urban Renewal Agency has requested that the Council consider a fourteen year extension of the Riggins Urban Renewal District.  It was originally set up for ten years, but since the tax increment is budgeted to help pay for the thirty year bond required for the sewer improvements, the URA feels that the extension is necessary.  The Clerk reported that John Austin had been contacted and outlined the procedure.  A new plan must be adopted with public hearings, etc.  Austin offered his consulting services at a cost of an estimated $750.  After discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to accept the URA recommendation to extend the URD for an additional fourteen years and to proceed with the plan modifications with the assistance of John Austin.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


Mayor Crump reported on the meeting with Judd DeBoer and Carl Skyrman.  It was agreed that a survey was needed  to identify the land required for the River Park facilities, and DeBoer indicated that he is willing to donate the land necessary for the improvements.


The Council reviewed the census material provided by Sherry Green earlier in the meeting and the 2010 Census Partner Proclamation Resolution was read.  After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson to pass 2010 Census Partner Proclamation Resolution 09-04.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.  A copy of the resolution is attached and made a part of this record.   June Whitten and Susan Long were appointed to the Census Committee, and the importance of the census will be addressed in the City Newsletter and Website.


The subject of the Little Salmon River Bridge was brought up.  Upon completion of the new bridge upstream, the old bridge will no longer be used for vehicle traffic, and the Forest Service has offered it to the City for pedestrian use.  A 2006 bridge inspection identified $53,000 improvements and repairs needed.  Mayor Crump reported on a meeting held recently with Nezperce NF Forest Engineer Mike Cook and Federal Western Highways representative Greg Gifford.  At that meeting, Greg Gifford agreed that Federal Highways would complete the repairs listed in the bridge inspection , as well as the items summarized below:

1. City will discuss with ITD the costs to inspect bridge for pedestrian use only.
2. FHA will conduct another bridge inspection to determine which repairs identified within 2006 inspection report need to be resolved when bridge is used for pedestrian traffic.  Newly identified repairs, if any, will also be resolved.
3. FHA will address repairs as it relates to a pedestrian bridge but only if the city accepts ownership.
4. The City is particulaly concerned about preventing future scouring at either bridge footing.  Scouring was an issue within the 2006 inspection report which is assumed to be on the east side since the west side scouring issue was taken care of in 1997.  City requests that during the agreed upon future inspection by FHA that they re-inspect west side bridge footing to assure that 1997 repairs are still doing their job.
5. FHA was made aware that there are potential issues with rain water run-off flooding adjoining RV Park, those issues will be addressed.
6. Councilors will make a decision taking over ownership by the July City
Council Meeting.
7. The City requests that FHA install "Core 10" railing which rusts naturally thus requiring no maintenance.  The City would like to consider allowing ATV traffic through both gates, but only if that option is allowed if bridge is inspected for pedestrian traffic only. FHA will install gates that can be removed to allow vehicle traffic during emergencies.  Keys to unlock gates will be given to City but ITD and USFS will be able to obtain keys during emergencies.
8. The City requests that USFS research bridge history for future kiosk.  Information that might be of interest to visitors and to future whitewater park and associated trail system could be: why bridge was constructed, which bridge did this one replace and why, who was the Forest Service Ranger at the time, which district, construction costs for both it and the new bridge 200 yards south, approximate 1000 cubic feet of timber hauled across bridge since its construction, etc.
9. FHA/USFS/Idaho County will research property ownership of both approaches to bridge and road bed before conveying to city.
10. The City will determine what would be the best time to take over ownership as it relates to match requirements for whitewater park construction grants.  Hopefully, this would not be an issue if the City has already signed a conveyance contract with USFS.  The City may decide that this is a non-issue.
11. FHA and USFS indicated that the City at any point in time may post bridge closure to all pedestrian traffic if bridge is deemed unsafe.


After discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to accept the bridge, at no cost, from the Forest Service provided all items listed above and agreed upon by the Forest Service and Federal Highways, are completed.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays. 


At this time the Council reviewed the quotes received for the new CABS bus.  After review of the quotes and detail, upon the recommendation of CABs officials, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to select the Alternate Quote from EK, the 2009 Ford F-450 Supreme  Senator for $47,159 and to authorize the Clerk to prepare the purchase order as requested by CABS.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


The CABS program and the City’s role as their fiscal agent was discussed.  After discussion, the Council agreed that CABS should be urged to obtain their non-profit status as soon as possible to relieve the City of the responsibility as fiscal agent.  Since CABS was becoming a larger operation, the City is not in a position to monitor their activities, even though the Council has the responsibility and liability of the buses and operation. It was agreed that an agreement should be drafted defining the roles and responsibilities of each entity, and upon the recommendation of the insurance agent and city auditor, a member of the City Council should sit on the CABS board of directors.  CABS currently has a $94,000 grant in progress to fund a facility and two employees.  Since that grant is in the name of the City, the Council agreed to continue on with CABS for the completion of the grant, but agreed that no further grants should be obtained under the name of the City.  CABS will be notified to pursue their 501-C3 non-profit status as soon as possible.


The City has been notified that Idaho Department of Lands, in connection with ITD, are offering ITD Enhancement Grants for highway right-of-way beautification.  Councilor Barnard and Mayor Crump will work on submitting a grant for the landscaping around the Welcome to Riggins signs.


The Clerk read a request from Stokes to remove the irrigation charges, since they were not using the ditch water.  After discussion, the Council agreed that the City had provided access to the water, and the charges would not be removed because they chose not to use it.


The Council reviewed the PERSI eligibility regulations, and if a temporary employee works over 20 hours per week more than half of the time, they are now subject to PERSI. 

The Council agreed that Mike and Connie Kennedy were temporary laborers only, and each are now working 19 hours per week or less.  Presently Mike has to work under supervision, and this schedule will continue until he is evaluated by the doctors July 31st.  The Council also agreed that Charlie should evaluate the position, and if a full time 40 hours per week employee is required, the job opening will have to be formally advertised as a new position.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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City Hall



A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  Councilor Friend was absent.


The purpose of the special meeting was to review the 2009-2010 tentative budget proposal, adopt the tentative budget and set the public hearing dates.


The tentative budget proposal was presented including the following:

Property Taxes - $ 57,270 - No change, no increase

Resort Tax          $ 57,000 – Reduced, adjusted for trend

Water Monthly Fees – No change, no increase

Water Hookup Fees – Increased $500

Sewer Monthly Fees – No change, no increase

Sewer Hookup Fees – Increased $1000 per EU

Irrigation Rates – No change, no increase

Garbage Rates – 5% Increase, per Lake Shore compromise

Police Contract  - $32,000 No change, no increase requested

Police (Other) - $1500 to Idaho County for radar/intoxilizer

Ambulance Rates – Per Brimacomb Request

        Mileage:  Increase to $9.00 per patient mile

                                Non-Transport Rate:       Base Rate        $75.00

Area Resident   $60.00 (20% Discount)

City Resident    $45.00 (40% Discount)

                                ILS Transport Rate:        Base Rate        $500.00

                                                Area Resident $400.00  (20% Discount)

            City Resident  $300.00  (40% Discount)

                               Base Rate Itemized Additional Fees:

Oxygen              $25.00  Canual; $35.00 NR Mask

Suction               $10.00 In Ambulance; $50.00 Portable

Airways              $10.00 Oral/Nasal; $35.00 BVM; $100.00 Combi-Tube

911 BP               $25.00

AED                   $50.00

Hot/Cold Pk       $  2.00

C Spine              $35.00  (Spinal Immobilization)

Splinting             $30.00 Air; $10 Ladder; $30 Vacuum; $20 SAM

Dressings            $7.50 Trauma; 4X4, 2X2 $5; Bloodstopper/Elastic $10

IV Therapy         $45.00 Base; $35.00 Saline Lock

GlucoseTest       $ 5.00

EPI-PEN                        $80.00

Extended Run    $60.00 for service exceeding four hours in length

Proposed Itemized Extrication Fees:

              Base Rate                                   $300.00

              Roof                                           $100.00

              Dash Push                                  $200.00

              Door                                           $ 50.00           

              Air Bags                                     $100.00

              Extended Time                          $200.00

              Special Ops                                $200.00


Salary Rates: 

            Increase Mayor to $200, Council $100 effective 01-01-10

            Employees – No change

            Ader – Add $1 per hour for each water/sewer certification

            Add one fulltime permanent employee $9 per hour plus benefits

Fringe Benefits:  No change, add PERSI, Wages in lieu of Insurance for additional full time employee

Fire Department:  No change in fees

     Add $2500 annual bonus, prorated per member per training

Dive Team:  Separation of Rescue and Recovery Fees – No change in Recovery Fees

                     Proposed New Rescue Fees: 

Base Rate:       $250.00  Plus reimbursement, lost or damaged equipment

                        Mileage:                      $   5.00   per mile, each way

                        Diver:                             -0-

                        Shore Support                -0-

Major Projects/Equipment:

            Maintenance – Sewer, Clean/camera lines $200, RAS$5500 LS Float $2000          

            Vehicle Mtnce - $20,000 Firetrucks

            Whitten Service Line Replace - $3000

            Cemetery Hill survey - $3500

            Amb Equipment - $3822 Turnouts, ropes, backboards

            CABS - $50,000 New Bus, $94,000 Operations Grant

            Dive Team - $10,000 building completion

            Fire Dept - $297,000 Truck, $24,000 radios

            Library - $2,000 computer, $1500 shelving

            Rec Activities - $300 Storage shed

            Sewer - $1500 Geo tubes

            Irrigation Flume Repair - $35,000

            Sewer Plant Renovation - $400,000 Balance of project

            Extrication Truck & ES Garage – Grant Funded

            URA Projects – 2,670,000


A complete line item proposed budget is attached and made a part of this record.


After review and discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to adopt the tentative 2009-2010 budget totaling $6,598,309, a copy of which is attached and made a part of this record, and schedule the public hearing for the consideration of the tentative budget and proposed fee increases for 7:00pm, August 10, 2009, at the regular August City Council meeting.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.




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