City Hall



A Joint URA and Riggins City Council special meeting was called to order by Chairman/Mayor Crump.  Council/Board Members present were Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.

Board Member Klobetanz was absent.  Ann Wilson was also present.


The special meeting was called to (1) Review the proposed 2008-2009 City and URA budgets, to adopt tentative budgets and to schedule the necessary public hearings, and (2) To discuss personnel changes and training.


The Council reviewed the proposed budget, which included the following:


Property Tax - $57,270 Same as last year No Change

Water Monthly Fees No change

Water Hookup Fees Increase $500

Sewer Monthly Fees Increase $7 per EU

Sewer Hookup Fees Increase $700 per EU

Irrigation Fees No Change

Garbage 9% Increase to Lake Shore

Police Contract Same as last year No Change

Ambulance Rates No change

Salary Rates Mayor Increase to $200 per month

                        Council Increase to $100 per month

                        Charlie Amell 10% Increase

                        Other Employees 4% COL

Fringe Benefits Health Insurance No Change

Retirement PERSI

Major Projects:

            General Fund - $6000 Speed sign indicator, if FS fund received, $1000 Jeep paint

            Heritage Center - $525-Underground 220 & Pump switch

Ambulance - $2000 Training, $24,400 Radios, $1500 Computer, $2000 Equipment, $550 Em Serv Bldg fans

            Dive Team - $3000 Training, $3600 Bldg Electric, $45,000 Boat

            Fire Dept - $297,000 Truck, $3000 Training, $24,000 Radios, $30,000 PU.

                               $550 Em Serv Bldg fans

            Streets - $3000 Balance of Sign Project, $8775 Sweeper (If FS funds received)

            Library - $1500 Books, $3000 Computer

            Recreation - $7500 White Water Park Study, $400,000 URA Project

Water -   $1350 Well #2 Meter/Heater, $1200 Well #1 Bldg, $2000 Cemetery Hill   Easement, $2000 Meters, $550 12 Bucket, $230,000 URA Water Upgrade,

               $40,000 URA Water Study

   Also Reserve Contributions: Water Study $1000 & Pump Reserve $1000

            Sewer - $1.8M Sewer Renovation, $550 Camera Lines, $1260 Chlorine Metering,

  $550 LMI Pump $550, Tools $1050, $2M URA Sewer Upgrade



Major R/M:     Ambulance $3600 Ambulance, $1500 on Equipment

Raise all Laborers salary to $8.00 hr


After review of the proposal, the following items were added:

Recreation Dept -  $700 for new storage shed, with revenue to come from donations

Street Dept - $2000 added in miscellaneous expense, with cash carryover increased

It was agreed that two other items, $1000 Payroll software and $1000 remote access for Heritage Center alarm should be completed in the present fiscal year, and not included in the budget beginning October 08.


After the above items were added, the Tentative Budget totaled $6,237,840, with General Fund $902,770, Street Dept $21,494, Library $26,945, Recreation $426,831, Water Dept $665,600, Sewer $4,084,600 and Sanitation $109,600.  The budget also included the following fees, which would be increased over 5%:  Monthly Sewer Fees, Water and Sewer Hookup Fees, and garbage rates.  After review, motion was made by Barnard to adopt the City of Riggins Tentative Budget, totaling $6,237,840, and schedule a public hearing to be held 5:00pm, June 23rd, for public input on the total budget and proposed fee increases.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  A copy of the Tentative Budget, by line item, is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


At this time Mayor Crump read a letter of resignation from Ann Wilson.  She is resigning her position as Emergency Medical Supervisor as of June 30th, since she will be moving.

The Mayor read a letter of acceptance, thanking Ann for her many years of service to the community, wishing her well in Montana. 


It was suggested that a replacement be selected soon, to allow time for a short training period with Ann.  It was agreed that the employee should be an EMT.  A job opening notice will be prepared for Ann to give to all the EMTs serving on the Ambulance.  It was agreed that the Council should conduct the interviews and make the final selection.  They would like to have Ann and Larry Barnard assist with the process by providing a list of questions to be considered for use during the interviews conducted by the Council.


Certification Training for the sewer system was on the agenda, but neither Charlie or Robert were able to attend the meeting.  They will be asked to attend the regular meeting scheduled for June 9th.


At this time, the URA budget was reviewed.  The budget presented totaled $2,686,000, with $16,000 revenue from tax increment and $2,670,000 from developer advances.  After review, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Anderson, to adopt the tentative budget totaling $2,686,000, and schedule a public hearing for June 23rd at 5:30pm, for public input on the proposal.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Crump, Friend and McClure no nays. A copy of the tentative budget is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


There being no further business, the special Joint City/URA meeting was adjourned.




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