May 13, 2013 --7:00 p.m.

City Hall


Prior to the meeting being called to order, Councilor Akins presented a plaque to Coach Shepherd, Principal Richerson, and several Savage Athletes celebrating the accomplishments of the 2012-13 Salmon River Savage Football and Boys Basketball teams, and proclaiming May 15th Savage Pride Day in Riggins. 

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Friend, Akins and Miller.  Guests present included Ross Campbell, John Pottenger, Susan Hollenbeak, Jon Wilson, Jason Wereley, Rob Nuckols, Dr. Mark Drew, and Jay Crenshaw.

CITY COUNCIL APPOINTMENT:  At this time, upon recommendation by the Council, the Clerk administered the Council Member Oath of Office to Robert Crump.  Mayor McClure stated that Crump is requesting no pay for his appointment and is therefore asking for a waiver to the salary ordinance.  Motion was made by Miller to approve the request to waive Ordinance #191 and the monthly Council salary of $100 for Robert Crump; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea Friend, Akins, and Miller.  No nays; motion carried. 

COUNCIL PRESIDENT APPOINTED:  At this time, motion was made by Friend and seconded by Miller to appoint Roy Akins City Council President.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried. 

APRIL MINUTES:  The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Motion was made by Akins to accept the minutes; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins, Miller and Crump.  No nays; motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $22,140.35 paid after the April meeting, bringing the total April disbursements to $67,428.97.  Bills in the amount of $35,275.59 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Friend to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Akins. Voting yea, Crump, Friend, Akins and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

INTRODUCTION--JASON WERELEY:  Mayor McClure introduced Jason Wereley of E-3 Consulting.  Jason explained that his company provides wastewater and water training and operations for multiple facilities in northern Idaho, including Rapid River.  He is an Idaho licensed operator in WW Treatment Class 3, WW Collection Class 2; WW Land Application and Water Treatment Class 1.  Mayor McClure thanked Jason for taking the time to meet the Council and introduce himself.  The Council will discuss the contract and advise Jason of their decision.

FISH & GAME UPDATE--RIGGINS DEER:  Dr. Mark Drew and Jay Crenshaw

Dr. Drew distributed two reports--Lice Management on Mule Deer in Riggins 2013, and Riggins Deer Removal.  Dr. Drew reported that out of the 60 deer what were removed in March 2012, two parasites were discovered --1) hydatid cysts were found that are new to the area, 2) another parasite which has never been seen in Idaho was also found.  Dr. Drew described the trapping and treating that occurred in April -May 2012, and May 2013.  He reports that the town deer are in poor condition due to deer density and poor nutrition.  Basically, the lice cannot be eliminated by treatment as any contact with an infected deer will spread the lice again.  This louse is deer specific and cannot be transmitted to other animals or humans.  Riggins appears to be the "hot spot" for these lice; other states have isolated instances of 1-2 deer infected only.  Jay Crenshaw stated that 80 deer were observed in town on one night, and have counted 200 deer on the west mountain.  He stressed the option of planting alternative flowers/plants that may be more deer resistant; Fish & Game has a brochure available.  Discussed the Proclamation that was issued last year requesting that deer not be fed by residents, and the possibility of strengthening this to an Ordinance.  Discussed the need to remove more deer as "the higher deer numbers are in town, the higher transmission rate will be"; the best management of lice is management of deer population.  Discussed the possibility of Fish and Game issuing a kill permit in city limits; would require a variance on the City’s firearms ordinance.   Access out of the city is an issue; some land owners are in favor, while others are against the idea.  Crenshaw reiterated that the deer remains are property of the State, and that all harvested meat is donated to the needy. 

RIGGINS RV PARK -- NUCKOLS:  Rob Nuckols addressed the Council regarding his RV Park expansion project.  Phase 1 resulted in 6 hookups.  Phase 2 is nearly finished; adding five more hookups for a total of 11; tenants are only part-time.  Mr. Nuckols stated there is not a lot of garbage being generated; he has received complaints from the coffee house about a tenant taking his garbage to the coffee house tote; stated he would like to reduce his garbage rate if possible.  The Clerk will review the account and let Mr. Nuckols know that outcome.




There were 57 calls in the area with 15 citations; and 20 calls in the City of Riggins with 11 citations.


1)    MOWER-- repairs were done to the deck, prior to the oil leak surfacing.  Cost estimates for a new motor are $1,200 installed.  A new John Deere mower with bag is approximately $2,300; cost could be shared by Heritage Center and Park funds.  Akins indicated the Big Water Blowout would be willing to donate some funds towards the purchase of a new mower.  Discussed hiring someone to do the mowing until such time as a new mower is acquired; Canyon Handyman has provided a quote of $25 per week to mow the park.  There may be other individuals interested in providing this service; need to include mowing of the Heritage Center; Ross will make decision based on quotes received. 

2)    WATER METER -- BROWN’S INDUSTRIES -- discussed the water meter for Brundage Outfitters; over 100,000 gallons consumed in April while meter was supposed to be off.  A letter will be sent to Judd DeBoer advising him that the meter will be removed until such time as it is determined if there is a leak, etc.  Idaho H2O is the new owner of the outfitting business; they will need water for the shop. 

3)    STREET LIGHT -- a street light was purchased (SR Medical Clinic area); cost was approximately $1,200; the light was the wrong voltage; Scott Medley has taken the light to get it exchanged; need to follow-up on this.

4)    FLUME REPLACEMENT -- Mayor McClure reported that Gordon Barner has an issue with damage to his property and claims he was never told what was involved.  Mayor McClure indicated the area in question needs to be backfilled and leveled; possibly install a gabion basket to stabilize it.  She stated this is not an issue for the contractor, but rather the City’s responsibility to fix. 

**There is an issue with the culvert not being level; discussed options to address this including grouting the bottom of the culvert.  Miller stated he had spoken with Scott Lindsey (Cook & Sons) about his concerns prior to the pour; Scott then put coupling on which raised the culvert 2".  Discussed holding back 15% on the contractor’s payment until culvert is repaired satisfactorily in the fall.  Mayor McClure will draft a letter to Cook and Sons Construction and request a meeting to clarify the issue.  Apparently, Cook and Cons has a Change Order to add 2x6’s to distribute weight on the glu-lam.

5)    CLARIFIER PAINT PROJECT – Mayor McClure reported that Brett Converse with J-U-B Engineers suggested getting a wet parts replacement cost estimate with the idea of negotiating an agreement with JC Constructors for the cost of replacement parts rather than having the components repainted later this summer.  Cost estimates were $40,000 for the components and $6,000 labor to paint.  The Mayor will discuss this option with Jason for his input, then draft a letter to JC Constructors. 


EMS REPORT:  Curt Brimacomb prepared a report which was distributed in his absence.

  1. Ambulance A -- windshield being replaced by end of May; request to get cooling system flushed in McCall; it was suggested Riggins Auto Salvage be contacted for this to save travel to McCall.
  2. Ambulance B -- oil leak repairs being done in Lewiston; will be completed by mid-May.
  3. EMT Basic Class starting in June
  4. CPR class for healthcare providers is May 19 or 26, depending on student preferences.
  5. Ambulance Drivers class will be first part of June; there was a request that Ray Payton be allowed to drive the ambulance before taking the driving class; request approved. 
  6. Request to use funds from Ernie Freeland’s donation for electric step for Ambulance A; these funds have not been received yet; pending sale of property.
  7. Jerry Zumwalt with Idaho County Disaster Planning is budgeting for a portable radio repeater for Riggins that will run on batteries for 24 hours or more and can be used to cover the entire town without using any County frequencies.


  1. Project is nearing completion.  The Substantial Completion form and Punch List need to be completed.  Clerk will check with Kelly Dahlquist about possibility of a Phase 2; will depend on funds available.  Will also determine if same contractors can submit quotes for Phase 2 work. 
  2. USDA-Rural Development Grant Agreement presented for signature; Rural Development is providing $5,000 in grant funds for the elevator.  Motion made by Crump to authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  Clerk will forward the signed document to Rural Development.
  3. Elevator inspection has been completed.
  4. As previously discussed, Blue Ribbon Linen Supply will be contacted about providing a quote for dispensers and paper products for all City facilities.  Mayor McClure will initiate and determine needs.
  5. Rental Policy and Fee Structure needs finalized.  Discussed including rental of chairs and tables.  Also, rental fee will be waived for Rebekah’s and Odd Fellows events.
 STORM DRAIN at Riggins One Stop:  tabled until special meeting can be held.

 AMBULANCE BUILDING:  Miller reported he met with Superintendent Doramus; negotiations are continuing.


SALMON RAPIDS LODGE -- IRRIGATION:  Judd DeBoer has inquired about getting irrigation for the empty area between the Lodge and the church.  Mayor McClure spoke with Charlie Amell who indicated it may be possible, and that ITD had replaced the culvert when the highway project was completed; the concern is the amount of water needed for that space.  Mayor McClure will research further and contact Mr. DeBoer.

FISH & GAME -- DEER:  discussed report received from Dr. Drew, and the option of requesting a kill permit.  A meeting with Jay Crenshaw will be scheduled to answer specifics regarding a kill permit (number of deer, etc.) and the possibility of having a permit issued later this year.

E-3 CONSULTING -- JASON WERELEY:  Motion made by Crump to authorize Mayor McClure to sign the contract with E-3 Consulting for Wastewater Operator Services; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried. 

FY2013-14 BUDGET:  Requests received from Library and Dive Team.  A Budget Workshop will be held June 18th.

JANITORIAL CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS:  Discussed advertising for bids for janitorial services for all City facilities -- City Hall, Park, Community Center and Heritage Center.  Motion made by Crump to place an Advertisement for Bids ad in the Legal section of the Free Press and to review bids at the June 10th meeting; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried. 

IDA-LEW BOARD REPRESENTATIVE:  Currently, the Riggins area does not have a representative on the IDA-LEW Board; Board meets once a month.  Melisa Bryant with IDA-LEW has suggested Michelle Simpson as a possible representative.  Clerk will contact Melisa and request that Michelle Simpson attend the June 10th meeting if she is interested in the Board; this will give the Council a chance to hear her ideas, etc.

LITTLE SALMON PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE:  Crump distributed a handout detailing communications with the Forest Service regarding transferring the bridge to the City.  There continues to be an issue with items identified in the inspection that the Forest Service has yet to address or repair.  Crump stressed that these must be repaired before the City accepts ownership.  Crump will draft a letter to the Forest Service outlining the City’s requirements.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION:  Akins suggested that the City develop a recognition program to identify and show appreciation to our community volunteers.   He proposed the following:  At the January, April, July and October City Council meetings, each Council Member and the Mayor will write down the name of a community volunteer they would like to have recognized, put the names in a hat and the Clerk will draw one name out; no voting is necessary; that individual will be highlighted in the City Newsletter with an article describing their community spirit and volunteer activities.  All agreed this was a great idea, and will be implemented at the July 8th meeting.

DEQ ASSESSMENT FEE:  Tabled until research complete.


PARK USE APPLICATIONS:  Clerk presented the following -- Jenna Cereghino -- May 18th for graduation party; American Legion Post 119 -- June 29th for lunch.  Friend made a motion to approve both applications; seconded by Crump.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried. 

LAKE SHORE -- TRUCK LEAK:  Friend expressed her concern with a leak coming from the LakeShore truck on May 10th, and the possibility of the leak making its way into the storm drain.  Mayor McClure will draft a letter to Lake Shore alerting them to the Surface Water Protection Ordinance, and the need to perform regular maintenance on their fleet of vehicles. 

RIGGINS RV PARK -- NUCKOLS:  Clerk will review Garbage Ordinance with Mr. Nuckols, and also get the Municipal Tax Permit application and information to him.

At 11:40 p.m., motion was made by Friend to enter into Executive Session per Idaho Code 67-2345b to discuss a Public Works personnel issue.  Mayor McClure conducted a roll call vote on the motion as follows -- Friend aye; Crump aye; Akins aye; Miller aye; no nays; motion carried. 

At 11:55 p.m., motion was made by Crump to end the Executive Session and resume regular business.  Mayor McClure conducted a roll call vote on the motion as follows -- Friend aye; Crump aye; Akins aye; Miller aye; no nays; motion carried. 

Motion was made by Crump to authorize Miller to research and purchase another small pickup for the Public Works Department; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Crump and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 a.m.