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A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  Guests present included Ray Sterger, Russ Anderson, Sam Cloninger, Ray Payton, Sheri Yurik, Mark O’Clair, Bill Bieren, Jean Welch and Michelle Simpson.


The purpose of the special meeting was to

(1)   Discuss the provisions of waiving Ordinance #53 relating to the activities of the Jet Boat Race weekend, to prepare for the upcoming Rodeo weekend.

(2)   To prepare the formal response to McGowan’s Preliminary Subdivision Application.

(3)   To collectively review the Sewer Facility Plan Draft and prepare comments for JUB


Id County Deputy Ray Payton reported that open containers of alcohol were not allowed on the sidewalk between the Rodeo Club and Seven Devils during Jet Boat Race Weekend because the area was not roped off, as required.   Mayor Crump reported that he had been contacted about this issue and had agreed that the area must have barriers to comply with the waiver.  Although the approved waiver of Ordinance #53 included this stretch of sidewalk, since it was not clearly defined by visible barriers as a designated area, drinking was not allowed.   The business community indicated they now understood the area must be roped off, and would do so for the Rodeo Weekend.  The Council cautioned them not to block driveways or street intersections, and to keep the barriers three foot from the fog line, as required in the waiver.


Other issues brought up were:  

(1)    Crowd Control - Mayor Crump thanked the Sheriff’s Office for their patrol during the Jet Boat Race, and their management of the crowd.  He appreciated their foot patrol during the evening.  Members of the business community requested that the officers continue their foot patrol after 2:00am when the bars close.  They indicated that the crowd then moves outside, and felt that it was a critical time for police presence, to prevent fights, etc., until the crowds disperse.

(2)    Glass Containers – The Council requested that the bars sell cans only during the big events rather than glass.  Glass is broken outside, bottles can be used as weapons, etc.  They requested that cans be used as much as possible, and if drinks only come in bottles, that they be served in plastic glasses.  It was agreed that stores would have to continue the sale of specialty drinks, but the bars agreed not to use glass containers over Rodeo.

(3)    Garbage – There was not enough garbage cans out for the weekend, and each business was encouraged to place cans outside if their customers were drinking outside.  The business community asked the Council to provide a dumpster in the City for the weekend.  After discussion the Council offered the City garbage cans used at the park for Summer Nights, if needed, but requested that they contact the Chamber about getting a dumpster.  Since the garbage accumulation is a result of business operations, and the City already provides portable toilets for the event, they felt that maybe the Chamber would be willing to help.


At this time McGowan’s Preliminary Subdivision was reviewed. The Council visited the area, and from their observation of the site, compared to the legal descriptions and maps, it appears there may be several encroachment issues complicating the proposed access.  In addition, several members of the community expressed concerns about the increased traffic on Dalton and the possible loss of their river view.  The following were identified as possible issues to address: 

(1)   It appears that Tom Harris’s shed may be located on the City Street

(2)   It appears that the fence between the RiverView and Harris property may be restricting Harris from the use of a portion of his property from the north side of the motel building to the river.

(3)   The proposed access would direct traffic on Dalton, which is very narrow, and would require two-way traffic on the east-west portion of the street

To address these issues, as well as the concerns expressed by the North Riggins neighborhood and McGowan’s desire to eliminate the Townhouse access from US#95, the following “Access Proposal” was suggested:

(1)    The Council could grant an easement for Harris’s shed and allow it to stay. 

(2)    Harris could grant a right-of-way across a portion of his property to allow the Subdivision access to McArthur, eliminating the use of Dalton, if

(3)    McGowan would place a restriction on the deed to the common property Lot 1 to prevent road or building construction on the riverside of the property, protecting the river view now enjoyed by the neighboring properties.


After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to grant conditional approval of the Preliminary Application requests for waivers, subject to the comments and items listed below, and to present the “Access Proposal” to McGowan for his consideration:


Article IV Design Standards

   Section I.  Minimum Design Standards –Separation of water lines with the installation of individual water meters and the installation of sewer backflow prevention valves must be completed prior to any property sale.  All costs associated with these utility modifications are the developers. The separation of utilities must meet Idaho State standards and evidence of that compliance (such as inspection reports) must be included in final plat.


   Article III 

Section III D

         Item 8 (listed as 7 on your Request for Approval):  The subdivision application indicates that the property use is being changed from commercial to residential, and the utility rates and fees are being established accordingly.   The subdivision CC&Rs should include a statement that the townhouse use is residential, and if commercial activity is planned in the future (such as temporary vacation home rental) property owners are   required to notify the City, and additional utility fees and tax may apply. 

          Item 13 (listed as 12 on your Request for Approval):  Drainage for storm water is not addressed in the preliminary plat.  Since construction of storm drains is not planned, the CC&Rs should include a statement addressing the repair and cleanup of damage incurred to any individual unit, as a result of a water runoff from the commonly owned area.

          Item 14 (listed as 13 on your Request for Approval):  A copy of the CC&Rs should be submitted as a part of the final application, and should address:

(1)   Property use statement as described in Item 8 above

(2)   Statement addressing storm water damage described in Item 13 above

(3)   Maintenance agreements for all common sewer lines, common area, parking, open space, etc.


Section III E - Fees

         An addition $10 is due – Fees are based on $100 plus $10 for each lot.  Since there are five lots planned including the common area, the correct fee is $150.


Section X    C. Required Public Improvements

2.      Streets – Need to request waiver if so desired.

3.      Storm Drains – storm water damage should to be addressed CC&Rs

5.   Driveways –McArthur access – please see “Access Proposal” on last page

6-7    Water & Sewer – Please note that developer is working only with city personnel, not city engineers, concerning city utilities, and all modifications made meet Idaho State code requirements, with evidence of their approval submitted with final application.

9.      Greenbelt – Please see “Access Proposal” on last page

11.  Bike path – Need to request waiver is so desired.

12.  Public Utilities – Need to also address sewer modification, addition of       backflow valve as required by Idaho State Standards

 14.  Guarantee of Completion – Need to request waiver if so desired

 16.  Streets – City accepts waiver as requested, but the following signs must be installed at the developers expense:  2 “Stop”, 1 “Dead End Street”, 1 “No Left Turn”, 1 “One-Way Only”, 1 “No Access to Salmon River Town Homes”

 18.  Water Distribution – Final Plat should show more detail on individual water lines and hookups

19.    Building Setback – Need to address, request waiver if NA

20.    Side & Rear Clearance – Need to address, request waiver if NA


Planned Unit of Condominium Subdivisions

Item B6 Parking –Must have sufficient parking and turn around space with no backing out on public streets required 

         Item B7 Open Space – Please see “Access Proposal” on last page

         Item C – Private Street - Need to request waive if NA

         Item D – Homeowners Association – CC&Rs must address issues listed


Other Items listed in Letter:

   (2) Access to Lot B – Request McGowan’s consideration of  “Access Proposal” detailed above


    (3) Garbage Receptacles – Should be located on common area, constructed for garbage truck access from Dalton Street


Other:  Survey:  Upon the completion of the survey, all fences bordering Dalton and McArthur Streets should be moved to the actual property line.  All other property lines should be clearly identified, and any fencing found to be located on adjoining property should be relocated upon the request of the property owner.


Voting yea on the motion for the subdivision’s conditional approval and the requests for waivers, subject to the items listed above were Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nays.  A letter of this conditional approval will be written and the Access Proposal will be presented to McGowan.


At this time the Sewer Facility Plan comments were reviewed.  Several corrections were noted and will be forwarded to JUB.  Charlie Amell suggested that the Council tour the treatment plant to acquaint themselves with the facility to better understand its operation.  A tour of the plant was set up for 2:00pm, later this afternoon.  Amell also suggested that the Council invite Tom Moore, from DEQ, to a meeting to offer their input on the study, sludge management, as well as new regulations which may be coming up for sewage treatment.  A tentative date for that meeting was set for Thursday, May 10th at 2:00pm, if Moore would be available.


A meeting with John Austin, PAC, was also scheduled for 5:00pm, May 14th prior to the URA meeting, to discuss project financing, bonds, etc. 


There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.




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