April 12, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.

City Hall

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Wilson, Friend, and Miller.  Councilor Akins was delayed. 

Guests:  Jessaca Austad, Sheriff Doug Giddings, Under Sheriff Jim Gorges, Scott Carnes, Brian Hoffman and Clayton (Lake Shore Disposal)

Staff: Susan Hollenbeak, John Pottenger, and Ross Campbell

MARCH MINUTES:  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes of both the regular and special meeting.  Motion was made by Wilson to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT and BILLS FOR PAYMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $4,083.51 paid after the March meeting, bringing the total March disbursements to $48,381.17.  Bills in the amount of $31,997.06 were then presented for payment. Motion was made by Miller to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Friend, Wilson and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

IDA-LEW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL:  Jessaca Austad, Economic Development Specialist, addressed the Council regarding the grant she is applying for to fund her position in 2018; she needs a letter of intent from the City for a portion of the $16,000 match.  Jessaca also requested a representative from Riggins for their Board; this would qualify for an in-kind donation for the grant.  Jessaca went on to describe the workshop being presented May 9th at the Riggins Community Center; focus is on value marketing, websites, and Google optimization; in order to hold the workshop, there has to be at least 6 people signed up.  She stated this presentation was requested by Councilor Akins and his idea to market the “Riggins Experience”.  Motion was made by Friend to send a Letter of Intent for the grant to provide $500 in membership fees; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

IDAHO COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT CONTRACT:  Sheriff Giddings addressed the Council stating the contract would not be renewed.  Giddings stated the cost of an officer is $80,000 per year, including wages, benefits, vehicle and other associated costs, and that the current $15,000 annual contract would cover the cost of insurance only.  He wanted to address the rumors in the community and stated the department provides 24-hour coverage which they have never done before; a deputy is always ready to respond; expectations are different with the size of the County and not having a deputy in the City.  He stated the department would continue to cover special events; VIN inspections will be done in Grangeville now.  Concerns with fighting and drug related crimes were brought up; Giddings stated things are no different now with the drug problems than they were when he was a Deputy in the area, and that people will fight no matter if there is a Deputy here or not.  Discussed enforcement of State Statutes which will continue, but noted that City Ordinances will not be enforced by the department; Sheriff Giddings recommended the City Council consider hiring a City Code Enforcer.  He noted that the City of Grangeville has such a position.  It was also noted the City of Kooskia is moving away from contracting with the department.  Giddings also referenced the City of Cottonwood’s Police Chief that receives backup from the Sheriff’s Department as needed. Giddings indicated by not filling the current vacant position the County will save money.  Undersheriff Gorges recommended the City consult with their insurance carrier as well as the City Attorney.

LAKE SHORE DISPOSAL CONTRACT:  Scott Carnes, Manager of the McCall office, introduced Brian Hoffman, District Manager for Idaho and Montana, and Clayton (Driver for Riggins pickup).  Scott provided a breakdown of the Quarterly tonnage for 2016 (1st = 92.35; 2nd = 108.05; 3rd = 118; 4th = 90.02) for a total of 408.42 tons.  The 1st Quarter of 2017 had 84.61 tons; to date total is 95.15 tons.  Scott indicated they were not looking for an increase in the contract.  He also mentioned their willingness to support community events and to donate the use of a container for events such as the Jet Boat Races BBQ; requested a location to store a dumpster for special events throughout the summer season to save on transportation.  Scott also discussed the switching out of broken carts, and storing a replacement supply of carts at the Treatment Plant for Public Works staff to access.  The Council thanked the Lake Shore representatives for their time and indicated they would discuss the matter and advise Scott of their decision.

AMENDMENT TO AGENDA:  Mayor McClure requested an amendment to the agenda to include the Cammack Medical Billing Agreement; the agreement was received yesterday without time to get on the agenda.  Motion was made by Wilson to add the Cammack Medical Billing agreement to the agenda; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Wilson, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

CAMMACK MEDICAL BILLING AGREEMENT:  The City is currently paying Cammack Medical Billing, Inc. 7% of the amount collected for ambulance and medical transportation billing services.  Cammack is proposing an increase to 7.5% effective April 1, 2017.  The additional .5% is to cover the cost of phone calls and time spent in collecting past due accounts.  Susan recommended the Council approve the increase indicating the service is valuable and necessary.  After reviewing FY16 data, it was determined this would be a minimal increase.  Motion was made by Miller to approve the agreement for the Mayor’s signature; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.


EMS – no report

FIRE – no report

LIBRARY – no report 

WASTEWATER – John reported:

Ø  No violations in March.

Ø  Problems with the Salsnes touch screen; consulted Jerry Brown with Challenger. Jason placed an order for parts which will be installed by a programmer when received.

Ø  Dr. Pipeline – discussed the clean/camera of sewer lines; reviewed the City’s responsibilities and what preparation needs to be done before the work begins.  The project is tentatively scheduled for mid-May, but will depend on Public Works preparations.  Residents and businesses affected will need to be notified in advance; Dr. Pipeline has provided such a notice. 

WATER/STREET/PARK –Ross provided a written report:

1)  IRRIGATION: Crew is making good progress.  The first stage will be turned in on the 17th.

2)  RIGGINS MANOR: meter replacement project discussed; cost estimated at $1,200 for meter; an adjustment is needed on the water billing due to faulty meter.  Discussed Knight’s separation/hookup; the Council determined it is the Riggins Manor owners responsibility to reach an agreement with Knight or continue as is.

3)  DEQ SANITARY SURVEY completed: reviewed the results of the March 8th Sanitary Survey on the public drinking water system; no significant deficiencies were found. 

4)  GIS MAPPING of the Water lines: field work has been done with Tui (IRWA); hoping to put it all together next week.  This mapping will give us the ability to document specifics of the water lines and system.

5)  BACKFLOW ASSEMBLY TESTING: Tui with IRWA completed BF Assembly tests on City equipment.  Information will be put on the City’s website and Facebook page on testing requirements and IRWA’s discount fee of $40 for City residents/businesses.  Discussed BF Assembly Testing needed at the high school for the sprinkling system; Ross will check with maintenance staff.

6)  RCC CURB STOPS: curb stops have been installed.

7)  PARK: two trees have been removed near the stage; lawn has been plugged and fertilized. 

8)  INSURANCE CLAIM: A claim report for the Park restroom partitions that were damaged in January was filed and approved for payment by ICRMP; new partitions have been ordered and will be installed.

9)  DITCH FLUME: have met with a metal specialist regarding the failing glu-lam on the flume; it was determined the flume is in good shape for this year.  An estimate for repair is being prepared.

HIGHWAY 95 – HIGH RISK AREA:  Ross requested the City Council consider sending a letter to the Idaho Transportation Department to call attention to the high risk area on the curve across from Boggan’s.  Given the recent tragedy that occurred there, along with other traffic accidents and fatalities in the past, Ross hoped ITD could install concrete barricades on that curve.  Clerk will draft a letter for the Mayor’s signature.


LAKE SHORE DISPOSAL CONTRACT RENEWAL:  The Council discussed renewing the 4-year contract with Lake Shore or going out for bid.  Motion was made by Wilson to propose renewal of the contract with no increase over the 4 years; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Akins, Wilson, Miller and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

IDAHO COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT CONTRACT RENEWAL:  Given Sheriff Giddings comments, there will be no contract renewal.  Discussed the office space being used by the Sheriff’s Department at City Hall; Sheriff Giddings will be contacted about renting the office space. 

GENERAL OBLIGATION BOND – EXTRA PAYMENT:  After discussion, a motion was made by Akins to make an extra interest payment of $20,916 in April on the GO Bond; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

VENDOR ORDINANCE #201 AMENDMENT:  Reviewed amendments to Ordinance #201 related to the Local Option Tax ordinance that became effective 2/1/17.  Motion was made by Wilson to suspend further reading of Ordinance #201; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Miller, Akins and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.  At this time, a motion was made by Friend to accept Ordinance 201; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, Wilson and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

RESORT TAX – ORDINANCE AMENDMENT:  Clerk reported that numerous entities have contacted the City about remitting Resort Tax (soft drink vending company, Isagenix, Sprint, Staples, Quill) in accordance with Ordinance 220.  Discussed the intent of the ordinance which was local businesses, not online sales, etc. 

Discussed amending the Resort Tax ordinance to exempt the following:

1)    Any sales under court order.

2)    Traveling salespersons, commercial travelers or the like who exclusively or primarily sell to, or solicit orders for future delivery, from local retailers, local businesses, local governments, local schools, or local wholesale firms.

3)    The sale of farm or garden products.

4)    The sale of a newspaper subscription.

5)    Fundraising sales, or sales events sponsored by the school or student groups, non-profit groups or local service clubs including, but not limited to the Chamber of Commerce, ASK, American Legion, Churches, Fire Department, EMS, Cowboys Association, CCC’s, etc.

6)    Sales of household and personal products, including, but not limited to Avon, Watkins, Mary Kay, Schwan’s, made by way of phone solicitation, parties or door-to-door sales. 

7)    Garage, yard, or similar sales by individuals at their residence or place of business per City of Riggins Ordinance #201.

8)    Online sales.

9)    Utility company services including, but not limited to telephone, cell phone, propane, electrical, and all equipment leased or purchased with service. 

10)  Any organization exempt from taxation as provided by 26 USC 501 and meeting all the requirements for the exemptions provided by 26 USC 503.

Motion was made by Friend to approve amending Ordinance #220 to include the exceptions above; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Wilson and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  The Clerk will draft amended ordinance in consultation with City Attorney.  This will be on the May City Council agenda for approval.    

CITY CREDIT CARD REWARDS PROGRAM: Clerk reported that the City’s credit card has a Rewards Program with a total of 50,194 points.  Discussed options including getting cash back on the credit card account ($500).  Motion was made by Akins to put the cash back on the credit card account; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins, Friend and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.


a)   Budgeted $350 for the purchase of tables for the upper level; Mayor McClure will followup.

b)   Discussed the installation of acoustics in the upper level.

c)    Discussed the use of the lift is exclusive to handicapped people.  Councilor Miller requested that the key for the lift be checked out at City Hall similar to the facility key.  Instructions on the operation of the lift will be provided to those requiring its use.  This will alleviate misuse of the lift and problems with operating the lift.

d)   Upper level restroom was discussed; Mayor McClure reported that when there are a large number of people using the facility, one restroom upstairs is not adequate.  In cases where a large number of people are expected, renting a porta-potty is advisable.

VOLUNTEER OF THE QUARTER:  The recycling volunteers were chosen to be featured in the May City newsletter.  It was suggested that groups be focused on over the next year. 

CITY CLEANUP DAY:  Monday, May 8th.



RCC Chairs (100) and Tables (6) – September 3, 2017 for wedding at Salmon Rapids Lodge.


Riggins Manor – discussed the break in Alan Knight’s waterline, and the faulty meter.  Motion was made by Miller to adjust the water billing for the period to what the billing was last year in the same period; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Miller, Akins, Wilson and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

Kittell/Price - #2-291: Reviewed letter from Price requesting a waiver on their property; vacation rental downstairs, main living area and room for yoga/massage.  The March billing was increased with the EU schedule.  Price requested the garbage billing be reversed due to their limited commercial use.  In terms of the sewer EU, the healing room has clients 3 days a week averaging 3 clients per day; the vacation rental sleeps 4 people and they hope to average 5 nights a month.  Price stated she felt this was a very low use on the city sewer system and requested a waiver since the commercial uses are in the same room.  Clerk will forward a waiver request for Lake Shore Disposal to consider.  The waiver request on the sewer EU was denied. 

Fessenden - #1-17: Request to waive Irrigation billing for 2017 season from Lenard Hansen on behalf of Fessenden.  Motion was made by Akins to waive Fessenden’s irrigation billing for the year; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins, Miller and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

DAM BREACHING:  Councilor Akins stated that Gary Lane requested that Council members consider signing a letter to Senator Risch in support of breaching the dams to benefit the Riggins economy.  If Council members would like to sign the letter, please contact Gary.

DEER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: Councilor Miller reported that 20 deer were harvested and distributed through the food pantry.  Miller requested $75 in reimbursement for the packaging costs.  He also requested that the individuals helping with the program be provided with a $50 gift certificate to Hook, Line and Sinker to compensate them for the cost of bullets.  Motion was made by Friend to approve Miller’s reimbursement for the packaging cost and gift certificates for those individuals who helped; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and Wilson.  Miller abstained.  No nays; motion carried.

IDAHO COUNTY DISASTER MANAGEMENT:  Clerk reported that Jerry Zumalt with Idaho County Disaster Management made arrangements for the installation of a mobile radio vehicle repeater/extender for the Riggins Ambulance using funds from a grant awarded to Idaho County. 

At 9:50 p.m., Mayor McClure requested an Executive Session per Idaho Code 67-2345(b) to discuss a personnel issue; seconded by Akins.  Mayor McClure conducted a roll call vote – voting yea, Akins, Friend, Miller and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.

At 10:30 p.m., Councilor Friend made a motion to end the Executive Session and resume regular business; seconded by Wilson.  Mayor McClure conducted a roll call vote – voting yea, Akins, Friend, Miller and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried. 

No motion was made as a result of the Executive Session.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Tilley, City Clerk-Treasurer