Council Meeting Minutes



March 9, 2015 – 7:00 p.m.

City Hall


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Akins, Wilson, and Miller. Councilor Friend was absent.  Guests: Clyde and Mary Lou Hirst, Ross Campbell, and Susan Hollenbeak.

FEBRUARY MINUTES:  February meeting minutes were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Motion was made by Wilson to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins and Miller.  No nays; motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $7,075.22 paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February disbursements to $44,391.54.  Bills in the amount of $21,613.72 were then presented for payment.  Motion was made by Akins to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Miller. Voting yea, Wilson, Miller, and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.



1.    The Idaho Bureau of Licensing investigation into the Rapid River Water & Sewer District allegations has been dropped due to false accusations.

2.    Ross and John recently attended a beneficial training in Grangeville sponsored by DEQ that focused on O&M manuals for water.

3.    Recently found that Jonny Wilson’s property on South Main has a sewer line that services two properties; this has been grandfathered in and is now documented.

4.    Silt pond at the head gate has been cleaned out.

5.    Irrigation ditch cleanout is making good progress with the addition of Ellen Johnson; with the recent warm weather, will try to get this completed as quickly as possible.

6.    Irrigation ditch rock cut still has a horse carcass blocking the ditch.  Ross will attempt to burn the carcass to clear out the ditch.  There is still one sheep above the rock cut; will try to get it removed.

7.    Wilson suggested pouring some concrete in the ditch by the NRA office on the south end of town as it’s his understanding there is a lot of water lost in the ditch there; Ross will research.  Ross suggested the ditch into Chukar Lane and near Bullington’s also have concrete applied.

8.    Miller stated he has been hired by the property owner to clean out the main ditch behind the Riggins Motel; this will improve the flow through that area.

9.    Grangeville Public Works Department has declared a sewage grinder (Muffin Monster) they no longer use surplus; since they upgraded their plant, don’t need this piece of equipment.  The grinder can be used to clear the screen which will save labor time, and bring more BOD into the plant.  The grinder is approximately $70,000 new.  Ross proposed offering $150 for the grinder.  After discussion, motion was made by Wilson to offer $150 for the surplus grinder; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Akins and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.

10. A stop sign was hit at the junction of South Street and Highway 95 on March 8th.  The South Street sign was taken.  Ross will file a report with the Sheriff’s Department.

11. Discussed the Arbor Day Grant application; Ross indicated he would like to plant more trees in the Park.  The grant does have a $75 match.  It was agreed to complete the application.

SEWER – Ross reported in John Pottenger absence:

a)   99% removal at the plant

b)  The manhole cover at the Sterger/Underwood property on Berger Street was located in a flower bed; there was concern that an addition had been built on the home that covered the manhole; John was able to inspect the manhole and no problems were found.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Jeff Joyce absent.

EMS REPORT:  Curt Brimacomb absent.

Susan Hollenbeak reported she passed the Clinical Exam for becoming an EMT. 



DEER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM:  Gary Miller reported 20 deer in total were removed; program is finished for the time being. 


PROPOSED CITY PARK IMPROVEMENT PLAN:  Clyde and Mary Lou Hirst reviewed a proposal to build an addition to the stage area at the City Park; the structure would be removed leaving the concrete; more concrete would be poured east of the current concrete enlarging the stage area; storage rooms would also be built to benefit performers.  Clyde stated that Wayne Hunsucker has donated his design and architecture expertise to the project. Russ Mutchler with Salmon River Builders is willing to donate the glue lam beams.  Clyde is willing to approach local building supply vendors for donations or discounts on building materials for the project.  Mayor McClure reported that she contacted the Idaho Transportation Department regarding the proposal; after review, they approved the project.  Clyde requested the Council’s permission to proceed with the project.  After discussion, motion was made by Akins to approve the proposal to build an addition to the stage area at the City Park; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Akins and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.  

CITY PARK APPEARANCE:  Mary Lou Hirst complimented Connie Kennedy’s efforts to improve the park’s appearance with cleaning the hill, etc.  Everyone agreed the park looks great.

SCHOOL DISTRICT – ASK BUILDING:  Susan Hollenbeak reported the School Board is considering leasing the ASK building to Dennis Frederickson with Salmon River Challenge from May 1st through September 15th.  Frederickson plans to offer a retail store in one section of the building, and a history display of the Salmon River in another section.  If approved, renovations will start which will include paint, windows and bathroom repair.

IRRIGATION ORDINANCE:  Draft revision was reviewed.  Discussed defining what the size of a lot is; it was suggested to designate a lot as up to 5,000 square feet, rather than the dimensions of 50’ x 100’.  Over 5,000 square feet would be considered an acre.  List the breakdown in the ordinance as follows:  Lot (up to 5,000 square feet) - $50; Acre - $70; 1.1 Acre to 2 Acres - $140; 2.1 Acres to 3 Acres - $210.  Discussed Section 4-C regarding owners using pumps and equipment at their own risk; Mayor McClure suggested adding “their” in the statement.  Discussed concerns with property owners outside of City limits using water from the ditch free of charge.  The City crew is providing maintenance of the ditch outside of City limits.  Need to research the water rights for the Irrigation Ditch.  Wilson stated he has contacted the Mapping Department at Idaho County; they will be providing him with a map of the properties in Riggins that can be used to determine property size, etc. in relation to the Irrigation Ditch.  Clerk was directed to make revisions to the draft ordinance for the Council to review before forwarding to City Attorney. 

ADDITIONAL HOOKUP ISSUE:  Mr. Slichter was absent.

LETTER OF SUPPORT – SYRINGA HOSPITAL HELIPAD:  Reviewed the information on the Syringa Hospital Helipad proposal.  Motion was made by Miller to provide a Letter of Support for the project; seconded by Wilson.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins and Miller.  No nays; motion carried.

HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN REVISION – IDAHO COUNTY:  The Clerk explained the purpose and intent of the Plan; there is no funding tied to the Plan; listing a project makes the City eligible for FEMA funds in the event of a disaster, or can increase the likelihood of being approved for grants for specific projects.  The plan is updated every five years.  Discussed the 5-day power outage that occurred in the late 90’s and the challenges posed during that event.  Three issues were identified for the Plan: 1) installing a culvert in the rock cut section of the Irrigation Ditch, 2) construction of an EMS/Fire Bay building, 3) providing for a backup fuel supply for City generators in the event of a power outage.  The Clerk will forward the information to Jerry Zumalt with Idaho County.  

FIREARMS ORDINANCE – REVISION:  The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance contacted the City after reviewing Municipal Codes and Ordinances on the City website.  Their concern was that the Municipal Codes 6-5-2 Concealed Weapon should be rewritten as cities are not allowed to regulate the carrying of concealed weapons.  Code 6-5-3 Discharge of Firearms Prohibited should be amended to include “self-defense” as an exception.  In addition, the Alliance wanted to remind the City Council that the preemption law prohibits cities from posting signs that ban the carrying or discharge of firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes in parks and other city owned property.  The Clerk was directed to research other City’s firearms ordinances.  The issue will be addressed at the April City Council meeting.

JANITORIAL – SUMMER COVERAGE:  Ellen Johnson has been hired to work part-time on the Irrigation Ditch.  Ellen will also be covering janitorial duties during Connie Kennedy’s absence over the summer. 

SPECIAL EVENTS:  The Clerk reported packets will be going out to temporary vendors in the near future.  Discussed the empty lot between ETC. and Salmon River Inn, and if the new owner would allow vendors and portable restrooms on the property; the Clerk was directed to contact John Llewelyn at the Riggins Whitewater Market to determine.  The parking area on Berger Street is another option.    

PAST DUE WSG BILLING:  Reviewed by Council.  



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Brenda Tilley

City Clerk-Treasurer