City Hall



The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Akins, Miller, Friend and McClure.  Susan Hollenbeak was Deputy Clerk in the absence of June Whitten.  Guests present included Charlie Amell, Curt Brimacomb, John Pottenger, Ross Campbell and Jack Kappas, Jonny Wilson.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions but the following correction was made.  “Bills in the amount of $22510.79  $22,510.79 were then presented for payment”.  A motion was made by McClure, seconded by Akins, to accept the minutes with the correction.  Voting yea Akins, Friend, McClure and Miller.  No nays, motion carried.


The financial statement was read detailing $1,587.83 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February disbursements to $41,147.32.  Bills in the amount of $21,308.35 were then presented for payment.  After review of the bills for payment, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Akins, to approve the financial report and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, Miller and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


Jack Kappas visited with the Council about making Riggins more bike friendly.  He would like to have the new road up the Salmon River advertised as a bike route for scenic trips.  He would like the City Council and Chamber of Commerce to embrace this project, with someone selling bike parts and inner tubes.  He is concerned about speeding  and would like someone (Federal Highways, Debco, City or Chamber) put up big bicycle traffic signs.  He would like to put on a biking event such as a race or bike fest.  Jack would like the city to support putting up the signs and would also like a bike rack put up at the City Park and Post Office.  

Councilor Akins indicated the Big Water Blowout would possibly donate the bike racks and may have local welder Doug Dennis weld some to keep the money local.


Deputy Jon Wilson stated there were 17 city calls and 51 for the area. 


Jon Wilson reported that the CCC would like to turn over the speed indicator signs to the city.  Mayor Crump advised that a letter would need to be written to the Council requesting this, however, he has concerns that the signs may stop working again when the weather gets hotter.


Charlie Amell gave the following report: 

Irrigation Ditch—

1.       The cliff face opposite the storage sheds south of town has dropped more rock this spring. The smaller rock has been broken up and removed but the larger will be difficult to break up by hand.  Cost to remove about $100.00.  He would like Kern Construction to clear.

2.       The silt pond below the head gate needs to be dug out as well.  Cost is about $400.00.

3.       The goal is to have the ditch ready by the middle of April with opening around the first of May.

4.       Charlie stated the ditch crew will be needing help from John and Ross. 

Well Street Generator—

1.       Challenger is preparing site and pouring concrete today.  Schedule is to install new generator Monday, March 19th.

2.       The PLC at the well-house is currently programmed to drop the lag pump when using generator power and running one pump only.  D.C. Engineering will probably have to reprogram this, although we will have them check some programming at the plant at the same time.

3.       Jerry Brown with DC Engineering would like the city to fill the diesel tank on the generator and deduct the total from his final bill.


                Charlie would like to retrofit LED heads in the existing street lights and possibly start with the non working street light in front of the medical clinic.

                Ross and John are taking chlorination and distribution classes through the IRWA to qualify for the water test and get licensed through IBOL.


Curt Brimacomb had the following EMS reports:

1.       He would like to send out a survey on city letterhead to the past EMT’s and drivers to find out why they have stopped working with the EMS.  Mayor Crump stated that would be fine.

2.       EMS Personnel are down by 5.  One retired, one quit, one fired, one out of town and one staying home with children.

3.       The new extrication vehicle will not arrive until late April to late May, and will need a place to park it.

4.       Curt would like to consider purchasing a portable radio repeater for the EMS to use for special events such as Jet Boat, the price would be approximately $2700.00.

5.       A basic EMT class will be offered, not sure of the timing as Curt will be recertified in April and Stef will be in the summer.

6.       More EMT personnel is needed for the Jet Boat races.  Several of the local EMT’s will be on safety boats.


Councilor Akin reported he had visited with Marty Stolberg about the Berger Street parking curb stops.  She did not realize the Council had to discuss the options.  The Council would like to authorize Marty to put in curb stops at her cost.  Possibly put jersey barriers instead of small curb stops.


At this time the JUB contract was discussed and the Mayor stated he wants JUB to supply a contract for the Council’s review. 


Council suggested putting the “Bike Friendly Town” idea in the newsletter and ask for any suggestions or safety concerns.


The Council discussed the Fireworks Prohibition Code.  After discussion it was decided to allow Safe & Sane Fireworks in the city for sale and use, however no fireworks allowed on any city property. Mayor Crump will look at rather a resolution or just a waiver to allow the fireworks.


The surplus dive team van located at the Brundage  Whitewater lot was discussed.  Councilor Akins stated a title could not be found and was wondering if a title search should be done.


The Arbor Day Proclamation was read and motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend to proclaim Arbor Day as April 30th.  A presentation will be at the Riggins City Park at 10am.  Charlie will purchase evergreens to plant at the sewer plant.  A grant will be applied for $300.00 from         .

The Council would like this to be included in the newsletter.


A motion was made by McClure , seconded by Akins to add the Chamber of Commerce request for park improvements to the agenda.  Voting yea, McClure, Friend, Akins, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.

The Chamber of Commerce, submitted a letter of intent, requesting they be allowed to make improvements to the cook shack currently in the City Park. 

Motion was made by Akins, seconded by Miller to allow the Chamber to make the improvements to the cook shack, after approval from ITD has been received.  Voting yea, Akins, Miller, Friend and McClure.   No nays, motion carried.


City of Riggins Resolution #12-03, The Fair Housing Resolution, was read.  Motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to pass Resolution #12-03 and authorize the mayor to sign. Voting yea, Akins, Miller, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried. A copy of Resolution #12-03 is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


Mayor Crump reported he will be attending the Economic Development meeting in Moscow on March 26th to represent  the City.


Application was received from Rick and Deborah Frei, dba The Rodeo Club for an ABL for draft, canned, bottled beer, wine by the drink, and packaged wine to be consumed on premises.   McClure made a motion to approve the license upon meeting of the State and County licensing requirements and payment of fees, Akins seconded.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, McClure, Miller.  No nays, motion carried


A Waiver of Ordinance #53 was discussed for the 4 events, Rodeo, Jet Boat, Hot Summer Nights and Big Water Blowout.  The Council would like the barriers be set up and properly marked.  Inside the fog line in front of the bars and edge of sidewalk between bars.  Motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure to approve the waiver of Ordinance #53 with the proper barriers being placed.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, McClure, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.


The Council gave approval for Kyla Sawyer to use the city’s garbage cans for the jet boat banquet.  They need to be stenciled as City property.


A motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend to authorize the new Councilor Gary Miller’s signature on the city bank accounts.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, McClure, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.


Two park reservation applications were reviewed:

1.       Salmon River Chamber of Commerce for Hot Summer Nights July, 26-29, with alcohol planned.

2.       Jon Wilson Wedding August 25 with alcohol planned.

McClure made a motion, Friend seconded  to approve the applications with proof of insurance and payment of deposit. Voting yea, McClure, Friend, Akins, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.


Skyler Swinford requests that his water bill be credited back to $25.00 for the over usage estimation in September as he is not living there and did not use water.  Motion was made by McClure, seconded by Miller to approve the credit.  Voting yea, McClure, Miller, Friend, Akins.  No nays, motion carried.


At 9:40 pm McClure moved to go into Executive Session per Code IC 67-2345B to discuss a personnel matter, Friend seconded.  Voting yea, McClure, Akins, Friend, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.     


McClure made a motion to come out of executive session, Friend seconded. Out of Executive Session at  10:27pm.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend, McClure, Miller.  No nays, motion carried.


No action taken as a result of the executive session.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


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