City Hall


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  Guests present included Shelly Dumas, Margaret and Mike Myers, Janie Fluharty, Clyde and Mary Lou Hirst, Ben from China Cafe, Jay Mentzer, Judy Watkins, Joy Warner, Richard and Linda Hieter, John Pyle, Curt Brimacomb, Richelle Barger, Charlie Amell and Paul Stevens.

The Public Hearing on the proposed changes to the Vendor Ordinance was held. The ordinance proposal includes a new fee of $10 for Junior Local Vendor, increases the Temporary Vendor Fee from $25 to $50, changes the residency requirements of the Permanent Local Vendor as well as expanding the list of regulation exceptions and requiring written permission for vending on private property. The proposed changes were reviewed with the guests and the hearing was open for public comment.  Clyde and Mary Lou Hirst requested that the ordinance also exempt all yard sales.  They felt that sales like their Memorial Day flea market/yard sale bring business into town.  Ben, from China Café, requested that forms be provided for use in obtaining property owner’s written permission.  The Clerk reported that there were no written comments on the proposed changes, with only verbal comments received prior to the meeting, all expressing no problem with the proposed changes. Since there was no further public comment, the hearing was closed.

The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes. There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes accepted. 

The financial statement was read detailing $18,003.54 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February disbursements to $39,028.21.  Bills in the amount of $31,881.99 were then presented for payment.  After review of the bills for payment, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by McClure, to approve the financial report and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

Shelly Dumas, Janie Fluharty, Mike and Margaret Myers visited with the Council about Idaho County Recycling.  Shelly Dumas gave a power point presentation on the program and Janie Fluharty talked about their current operation and desire to include Riggins.  They do not have the resources at this time, operating mostly with volunteers monitoring the bins.  Fenn is the closest recycling site to Riggins at this time, which is open every third Saturday.  They hope to have some weekdays open soon.  She also reported that White Bird has a collection system for their community, with Tony Carlson being the Coordinator.

Jay Mentzer, Joy Warner and Judy Watkins from Treasure Valley Transit, visited with the Council requesting a letter of support for TVT’s ITD grant for 2012 operational revenue to continue the present service in Riggins. He explained that Riggins was in Idaho’s District II area, but the boundaries had changed, and Riggins is now in District III.  Since the ITD grants are allocated by District, this boundary change had put TVT and CABS in direct competition for grant funding. They indicated that without the City’s support, TVT may not be able to continue service to Riggins.  They requested a letter of support for TVT and their grant application, stating that funding for TVT operation would be considered in the City’s next budget process.  The Council indicated that they would take the request under consideration later in the meeting.

Clyde Hirst visited with the Council about supporting their quest to get Boise channels in Riggins.  Presently, Idaho County is in the Spokane DMA, so satellite companies cannot legally provide Boise channels to Riggins viewers. Because there is a new 2010 law that may allow a change in this rule, citizens letters and petitions are being prepared to request that Riggins be allowed to receive Boise channels as their “local” network, rather than Spokane, which is located in another state and time zone.  He requested that the Council write a letter of City’s support to accompany their request for this change.  The Council indicated that they would take the request under consideration later in the meeting.

Linda Hieter, from CABS, visited with the Council also requesting support for their 2010 ITD operational revenue grant also requesting a letter of intent to state the City’s commitment of grant match and that funding for CABS operation would be considered in the City’s next budget process.  The Council indicated that they would take the request under consideration later in the meeting. 

John Pyle, from Dirt Pyle Excavation, visited with the Council about his work done in 2009 on behalf of the City and Labrums Apartments during the apartment’s water and sewer connection.  The unpaid bill includes the installation of a manhole at the request of the City, as well as water and sewer line installation to Labrum Apartments.  At the request of the Clerk, Pyle had separated the cost of the manhole installation, which totaled $512.35, leaving the remaining $4875 as costs related directly to the apartment’s utility connection.  The Mayor and Council explained that all costs associated with the utility hookup are the responsibility of the property owners, not the City.  Pyle explained that he was originally hired by Labrum, but that City PWD Charlie Amell had taken over the supervision of his work, so he thought he was working for the City.  He reported that the unpaid portion of the bill was for work done within the street right-of-way under Amell’s direction.  Due to this confusion and the unsuccessful attempts to collect from Labrum, Pyle requested that the Council consider payment of this long overdue bill.  The Council indicated that they would take the request under consideration later in the meeting. 

Paul Stevens, from JUB, visited with the Council about the Pump Replacement Project.  Well #1 had been camera’ed and the well casing looks good.  He presented several project change orders requests for the Council’s consideration: 

$5250 - Estimated CO for Pressure Transducer to monitor water levels in wells,                                                                                                       as requested by Charlie.

$4656 – Estimated CO for second soft start

$4592 -  Estimated CO for additional piping from Well #1 to the main line

$3400 – Estimated JUB increase for CO review and submittal

These proposed changes total an estimated $18,000.  The Clerk reported that there is approximately $6,000 grant revenue being requested for transfer from the City Hall lighting project to the Pump Replacement project, so the net City increase would be only approximately $12,000.  If approved, this cost combined with original contract bid, would increase the amount of Resort Tax required for the project from $45,000 to nearly $60,000.  After discussion of the need for change orders of additional equipment and work, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by McClure, to proceed with the proposals, increasing the contribution from Resort Tax funds to $60,000.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion carried.    It was also suggested that the grant contract be extended until June 30th to allow for project completion.

At this time Curt Brimacomb presented the following EMS report:

(1)    A report detailing the 2010 and year to-date ambulance runs

(2)    The Idaho EMS Equipment Grant is due May 31st, but no decision for equipment request has been made at this time.

(3)    The 911 machine, blood pressure monitor needs to be replaced at a cost of $3000

(4)    He requested approval to purchase the 2010 American Heart Association DVD guidelines for instructors at a cost of $95.  Motion to authorize the purchase was made by McClure and seconded by Barnard.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

(5)    The ambulance needs new tires at an estimated cost of $1200 – but those costs have been included in the budget

(6)    They are currently holding First Responder classes, with 8 students, six of which are from White Bird and two from Riggins.

Charlie Amell gave the following project report:

(1)   Irrigation Ditch:

Maintenance:  The removal of rock in the ditch south of Squaw Creek has been discussed with a contractor.  An ITD right-of-way permit will be required to access the ditch, so work will be scheduled upon permit receipt.

Flume Replacement:  It is estimated that the City can replace the flume using erector-type steel construction and new smooth flow culvert for approximately $12,000. This would include the price of materials, cutting, welding and drilling of the steel, painting and the cost of equipment to remove existing culvert and placing new beams & pipe.  It was suggested that the old culvert be salvaged for use in the rock fall area south of Squaw Creek. 

The OER grant application for $203,000 and City resolution to provide $101,500 grant match for the flume replacement project was reviewed.  Since the City does not have the match funds required, and it is estimated that the flume can be replaced for approximately $12,000 in-house, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Akins, to decline the $203,000 project and OER grant application.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

(2)   City Hall Lighting:  The project has been completed.  Since the T12 replacement bulbs will not be available after 2012, Amell indicated that the Council should consider replacing the lights at the Heritage Center and Sewer Plant also.

The Clerk reported that there was approximately $6800 grant funds unused in the City Hall Lighting portion of the EECBG Grant, and suggested that the Council consider requesting transfer of those unused funds to the Pump Replacement portion of the grant, as well as to request extension of the grant from the current April 30th expiration to June 30, 2011.  After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Akins, to request that the grant funds unused in the City Hall lighting portion of the grant, estimated to be $6800, be transferred to the Pump Replacement portion of the grant, and that the grant contract be extended until June 30, 2011.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

(3)   The street light near the medical clinic needs repair, with ballast replacement estimated to cost $300-$400.  After discussion, it was suggested that the Council consider turning off the lights some of the time to save lighting costs. 

(4)   John Pyle’s bills were discussed.  Amell indicated that he understood Pyle’s confusion as to who he was working for on this project, as he had directed the work in question.  It was agreed that $512.35 for the manhole installation was the City’s responsibility and that the $4875 was expense for work done in connection with the Labrum Apartment hookup.  After review of the bills, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Friend, to pay the $512.35 city bill.  Also to pay the $4875.00 costs incurred in connection with Labrum Apartments, and to bill Labrum for those costs, with 60 days to pay.  If payment for this $4875, plus the costs previously billed for the asphalt repair is not paid within that 60 days, to attach a lien to the apartment complex property, now being offered for sale. Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

The Mayor called for a special meeting to be held Tuesday, March 22nd, for discussion of a Resort Tax issue and other business.  The Council agreed, and the meeting was scheduled for March 22nd at 10:00am.

A written police report was given to the Council for their review.

Mayor Crump reminded the Council of the White Water Park Agency meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th at 1:00-5:00pm at the City Hall and the Town Deer Information Meeting scheduled for April 4th, at 7:00pm, at the Heritage Center.  He encouraged all members to attend if possible.  The Clerk was requested to send Richelle the City Newsletter and to put up posters about the Deer Information meeting.

At this time, the comments from the Vendor Ordinance Public Hearing were reviewed.

After discussion, the Council declined Hirst’s request to add all yard sales and private flea market sales to the exception list. Options offered for those events were that each seller obtain an individual Temporary Vendor/Resort Tax permit or that the event promoter get the $50 Temporary Vendor Permit for the entire event and record and remit Resort Tax for any or all food sale items. 

After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Barnard, to suspend with the rules requiring reading of the ordinance on three separate days.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure. No nays, motion carried.  Motion was then made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to pass and approve the Vendor Ordinance #201 under suspension of the rules.  Voting yea, motion carried.

The Council then revisited the three requests for City support letters:

(1)   TVT – Letter of support for their ITD 2012 Grant for operation costs, with the statement that the City would consider financial support in their 2012 budget process.

(2)   CABS – Letter of intent to commit match for their ITD 2012 Grant for operation costs, with the statement that the City would consider financial support in their 2012 budget process.

(3)   Clyde Hirst – Letter of support to allow the broadcast of the Boise network channels in Riggins, rather than Spokane’s.

After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to write the letters of support indicating the City’s consideration of TVT funding during the budget process; the letter of intent to provide in-kind match at a value of $500 per month for CABS as well as to indicate the City’s consideration of CABS funding during the budget process; and to support the community efforts to bring the Boise local channels to Riggins.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

It was reported that Gary Miller’s meter was apparently working improperly during the winter, causing a $12.45 overbill.  The meter seems to be working correctly now, but did indicate that excessive water went through the meter during a time when Millers were gone for the winter.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by Akins, to credit Miller’s account $12.45, refunding them the amount billed over the minimum.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

The $25 rent collected for each Vendor operating on Carlson’s property was discussed.  Carlsons have suggested that they will donate those fees back to the City, if the City would keep the area mowed.  In recent years, the grass on the property has grown high and become a fire hazard and concern for neighboring properties.  After discussion, the Council agreed that this could be done.

The Clerk presented $800 of unused prior year’s Temporary Vendor’s Resort Tax deposits on hand.  The deposits were paid by Vendors who have never reported their income and tax due, nor claimed any remaining deposit, as required by the Local Option Tax Ordinance#174.  The ordinance states that the deposits will be forfeited if the Vendor fails to report, as required.  Since the deposits date back to 2007, the Council agreed that if the Vendor failed to report the income and tax due, as required, the deposits held should be forfeited, as indicated in the ordinance, and the funds transferred as Resort Tax revenue.

June Whitten reported that there is an abandoned well on her property, which was formally used to water their property and the Lorang orchard.  She requested permission to install a pump into the well for irrigation use.  After discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Akins, to allow the use of the well for irrigation only , provided that there would be no connection to the city water system.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.

It was reported that State and Federal tax forms have been made available at the Library for the community use, but the State forms are no longer being provided to the Library for distribution and are not being mailed to individuals.  Taxpayers are now required to get them from the Internet.  The City had previously not charged for copying the few special forms that taxpayers needed, but since the State no longer provides forms to individuals or the Library,  the number of  forms printed by the City has increased dramatically. After discussion, due to the high cost of printing, the Council agreed that regular copying charges should apply for tax forms also.

Mayor Crump reported that the County is planning to put a dumpster site on the Walters property just east of the new Little Salmon River bridge.  However, Walco is balking at the cost of the fence enclosure being required, so nothing has been done at this time.

Mayor Crump declared April 6th as “Heather Mason Sharfeddin Day”.  She is a former local resident who has authored four books and will be in Riggins that day, visiting the school, hosting a book signing at the Library and will be the featured guest at the Evening of Memories that night.

Councilor Roy Akins reported that the Dive Team had received a $3000 grant from the Wildlife License Plate Fund, for the purchase of diving masks with radios.  He reported that this equipment will provide a much safer diving experience for dive team members.

Richelle Barger reported that the City website was in great need of updating, and offered to take new pictures of the Council.  The Council agreed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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City Hall


A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure. 

The special meeting was called to discuss the following items:  (1) the White Water Park, (2) Purchase of a vacuum/blower, and (3) purchase a new computer for the Clerk’s office.

Mayor Crump reported on the recent agency meeting held in response to the public hearing comments on the Joint 404 Application submitted to IDWR and Corps of Engrs.  He reported that WWP Chairman Devon Barker was as disappointed as the Council with the results of that meeting.  Considering the seriousness of the concerns received and expressed by the agencies at the meeting, the Mayor and Council had the following comments:

(1)    The studies being required may be overwhelming to complete

(2)    Maybe the City did not do the homework required

(3)    There may be the possibility of lawsuits in the future – damage to fish, property, etc.

(4)    Agencies did not appear to be in support of the project

(5)    Liability of the failure of the WWP – effect on fish, maintenance, adjacent property, etc.

(6)    The agencies seem to be open to most alternatives such as trails, handicap access, nature trails, community center, parking, natural waves with no construction in the river

Mayor Crump reported that Browns Industries officials are waiting to hear the Council’s ideas on how to proceed, that we need to meet with them in a brainstorming session.

Gary Lacy, REP, joined the meeting at 10:50 via speaker phone.  When Mayor Crump indicated that the cost of further studies was too high, estimated to be over $100,000, combined with the fact that the permit may never be approved, Lacy had the following comments:


(1)   When the City tried to get the agency’s feelings on the permit, they seemed to indicate they needed more information, rather than saying no.

(2)   Permitting can continue, but the Council needs to consider the amount of money required

(3)   Considerable amount of analysis is being required and it would be very expensive to continue

(4)   It is not possible to respond within 30 days, as required in the letter.  If the Council wants to continue with the project, he recommended that they (A) respond with the easy things being asked, to finish out the current grant budget and (B) ask for one year to respond to the other studies to keep the permit active in case funding is received in the future.

(5)   He expressed frustration about the comments received.  He reported that the project is designed for bank stabilization, and most projects of this nature are funded and maintained by small communities.  He indicated that we needed to research other projects for their liability and maintenance issues.

Mayor Crump thanked Lacy for his work on the project and indicated that the Council would take his recommendations under consideration.  The speaker phone conference was then ended.

The Council discussed the cost and liability of continuing the project as well as the possibility of alternative park development along the river, as suggested by the agencies.  After discussion, motion was made to withdraw the 404 Joint Permit Application because the City could not spend tax dollars for further studies being required for the permit, with no assurance of ever getting project approval.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.  A letter will be written to Dept of Water Resources, Corps of Engineers with copies to REP, Browns Industries, Devon Barker and all the agencies.

It was agreed that a brainstorming session will be scheduled with Browns Industries and the WWP Committee after the U of I presentation of the adjacent park amenities they have designed.

Mayor Crump also brought up the disposition of the rocks that were donated by DEBCO for the River Park, which are now piled on Browns Industries properties.  After discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk should talk to the auditor to see if the City can issue a receipt for the rocks, as planned, now that the project is being discontinued.  The Mayor will then talk to Browns Industries and DEBCO about how to proceed.

Mayor Crump reported that Robert Ader would like the City to purchase a vacuum/blower for maintenance and cleaning of the sidewalk, park, etc,  The Council agreed to the purchase, if under $500, and Amell reported that there was one advertised at the upcoming auction he would check on.

The Clerk reported that the computer used for the City’s books and utility system is beginning to fail, and HIT Industries have recommended that it be replaced immediately, due to its age and recent glitches.  The Clerk indicated that the computer will have to be individually constructed, to include the floppy and zip drives, with dot-matrix printer accessibility to be compatible with the bookkeeping program in place.  HIT Industries have indicated they can build the computer with the necessary hardware, and transfer the software for approximately $1500.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to authorize the purchase of the new computer for the estimated $1500.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.  The Clerk indicated that there may be additional costs when HIT Industries comes up to install the computer and transfer the software, files, etc. updating to the new system.

In other business, Charlie Amell reported that Well #1 had been camera’ed and the casing seems to be in good shape, but some area of the water slots need to be cleaned and cleared of debris buildup.  JUB has recommended cleaning the casing slots, as a more efficient pump may increase velocity and cause sand debris to prematurely wear the pumps.  Charlie will get with Paul Stevens for cost estimates and find out if the entire casing would have to be done.

There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.

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