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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Robert Crump.  Other Councilors present were Akins, Barnard and Friend and McClure. Susan Hollenbeak was acting clerk in the absence of June Whitten.  Guests present included Jon Wilson, Charlie Amell, Curt Brimacomb, Stan Autry, and Pim Hoogland.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes. There were no additions or corrections offered.  Motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Friend, to approve the minutes as presented.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays. Motion carried. 


The financial statement was read detailing $25,167.90 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February disbursements to $50,139.24.  Bills in the amount of $26,790.39 were then presented for payment. After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Akins, to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


The Council was made aware of the following items after the original posting of the preliminary agenda:


(1)    4-wheelers

(2)    Park Permit Reservation

(3)    Ordinance waiver for Drinking on the street

(4)    EPA letter


After review, motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to add the listed items to the agenda.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


Pim Hoogland visited with the Council about the library carpet.  He gave several options for repair and maintenance of the carpet.  The Council decided they would discuss later.


Stan Autrey was concerned that the fire hydrant on Cemetery Hill had not been repaired.  What happens in the case of a fire?  What is the Cityís liability?  Charlie will have the hydrant ready tomorrow 3/9 to be repaired and will have the work done as soon as possible.  He also had questions about the repair and replacement of the current water lines on Cemetery Hill.  Charlie said we need to do a title search for the easements and that funding is an issue right now.  Charlie recommended putting the title search on the April agenda.


Curt Brimacomb reported on EMS.  He is looking into ambulance insurance for city patrons.  Where they would pay a fee per year to use the ambulance.  He will look into this further.  Curt reported that he has an EMS grant due by June 1st for a vehicle for extrication and equipment.  Also another grant for a 6 wheel Polaris Ranger through RJ Reynolds.  For events such as rodeo, etc.  A new EMT Basic class has 3 students.


Charlie Amell gave the following project report:

1.      Irrigation Ditch

Ditch crew has finished digging sod from motel to flume gulch.  This section has not been thoroughly cleaned in a number of years and had a lot of sod in it.  Ditch from head gate to flume gulch has been burnt and cleaned with the exception of the rock cut south of Squaw Creek.


2.      Park Restrooms Robert has been cleaning and painting in preparation for opening this spring.  The walls and partitions needed painting in the menís and womenís this year in addition to the floors.  When these are open the walls and floor in the handicap restroom will be painted.  In addition 2 faucets that were worn beyond practical repair were replaced.  The heater in the womenís restroom was not working.  Scott Medley found a diode that was burnt out.  He has ordered the part and also repaired 3 lights.  Robert has repaired and adjusted the lights in the menís and womenís.  The bolts that hold the sensors in place would not stay tight and they would not stay focused on the door.  These have been fixed.  In addition, the sensor is adjustable.  These have been reset so that when the lights are turned on they stay on for 18 minutes.  Robert says they work well and stay on while he is painting.


3.      Other Reports

a.       The Blower sent to Power Systems for repair is back and moved into place in the building.  Bolts remain to be tightened and the unit will be placed into service. The mechanic who repaired the unit stated the bearing on the drive side was worn.  The clearances were all checked and are still within factory tolerance.

b.      The tire wall that was on City property has been moved and this project is complete.

  1. The Brine Pump on the MIOX System that provides chlorine to the wells was sent to the factory for repair, rebuild.  Factory states that the pump can no longer be repaired.  MIOX system operates by pumping a saline solution (sodium chloride) through an electrolytic plate that uses a 24volt current to break down the sodium chloride into chlorine.  The Brine Pump is controlled by a computer that varies the pump speed and the volume of saline solution being pumped through the plate to produce a stable chlorine solution.  Brine Pumps generally need to be rebuilt every 1 Ĺ to 2 years and the city has 2 on hand, one always being on hand as replacement.  These pumps have a very specific application and alternative pumps not specified for this use could damage the MIOX System and computer.


The final bill for the moving of the Church wall has not come in yet from Frank Mignerey Jr. 


The Council recommended to Charlie to buy what they will need for work from the Hardware store before it closes, such as bolts, zone marking paint, brushes, and power tools.


The Council discussed the replacement of the Brine pump.  Friend made a motion for Charlie to purchase the new Brine Pump for $1650.00, McClure seconds.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure. No nays. Motion carried.


Police Report given by Jon Wilson at this time.  18 tickets in area. 1 DUI, 1 no insurance, 1 expired license.

3 disorderly conduct, 5 medical and a runaway juvenile.  20 total calls for city. 41 for in area.


The council reviewed the payment request for JC Constructors in the amount of $70,965.00.  McClure made a motion to approve the payment request and Barnard seconded.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure. No nays.  Motion carried.


The proposed sign ordinance review will be postponed until the April meeting.


The Final Design Contract for Recreation Engineering and Planning on the Whitewater Park was reviewed.  Barnard made a motion to accept REPís Contract Element #5 the for permit application $4,500.00 and miscellaneous expenses of $69.00 for a total invoice #3 of $4569.00. Akins seconded.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion carried.


Resolution #10-002 for the service line resolution was reviewed.  Barnard made a motion to accept the resolution with Juneís additions as noted.  McClure seconds.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion carried. Copy of the resolution is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


Water/Sewer Ordinance review was moved to the April meeting.


The Council reviewed Pim Hoogland proposal for the maintenance and repair of the library carpet.  After much discussion they decided to go with option #5 of $375.00 per cleaning on the proposal of every six months cleaning the carpet and doing any gluing or needle repairs possible.  The Council agreed to One year and then they will review the issue and see if they would like to continue.  The Council also asked that Pim will use discretion on cleaning, if carpet starts having further issues he will stop, as to cause no further damage.


The Council reviewed the Arbor Day grant information and declined to apply this year.


The Council did decide the city wide spring clean up day will be May 3rd.  The City Council would like to paint the fire hydrants for a project.  Akins will talk to Fire Chief Dan Catherman about the count and colors we can paint.  We need to find out what supplies we need to paint, wire brushes, paint brushes, etc.

The Council is interested in getting T-shirts to wear such as weíre working for you or some logo showing that they are City employees.  Susan will check with Seeley Daniels at the school on prices.


The Council reviewed the MOA w/Idaho Department of Lands between the Idaho Department of Lands and the Riggins Fire Department to share equipment and accessories tools, etc.  Our previous agreement had expired.  Barnard made a motion that we sign the agreement and Akins seconds.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion carried.


The Historical site survey for the energy grants will be given to Mayor Crump to complete.  Councilor Barnard will get the GPS coordinates.


A park reservation request for the American Legion on June 13, 2010 was reviewed.  No alcohol will be served.  McClure made a motion to approve the application and Friend seconds.  Voting yea, Akins, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.   Motion carried.


There is some concern that the bar crowd overflow on the street is happening on larger events such as the Fish Dance.  Maybe we need to have bar owners apply for a waiver for drinking on the street for these events as well as the ones already waived.  Possibly a list of events that can be modified when new dates come up.



The Council requested that the flags at City Hall be replaced and make sure the lights are fixed on the outside of City Hall and the Heritage Center.


The City Council requested June contact Adam Green and see what can be done about 4 wheelers being able to run on Main Street in Riggins.


The EPA report of the sewer treatment plant inspection was received and reviewed by the Council and Mayor Crump.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





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