City Hall



The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Robert Crump.  Councilors present were Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  Guests present included Paul Stevens, Lenae Sohrakoff, Linda Hieter, Everette Arter and Chris Carey from Lake Shore Disposal, Jon Wilson, Doug Giddings, and Fred Carey.

The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  The Council were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $ 5,416.43  bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February bills to $32,025.15.  Bills in the amount of $17,379.24 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  No nays. A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

 Lenae Sohrakoff, manager of Summerville’s American Bar request a waiver of Ordinance #53 allowing alcohol on the sidewalks in designated areas for Jet Boat Races April 17 at 5pm to April 19 at 7pm and Riggins Rodeo May 1 at 5pm to May 3 at 7pm.  After discussion Barnard made a motion to pass resolution #09-02 to waive ordinance #53 for the dates listed and Anderson seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  No nays. A copy of Resolution #09-02 is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

Everette M. Arter and Chris Carey of Lake Shore Disposal visited with the City Council.  They have been working on their trucks to make them more efficient and no hydraulic fluid leaks.  They are working on having the smaller trucks come here each week.  Council wondered if we could reverse order of pickup and do green carts first before commercial dumpsters to get the carts off the sidewalk earlier.  Mayor Crump suggested we put in the City newsletter to have people put out the carts in the morning rather than the night before.  We also need to remind patrons of Holiday—Saturday pickup.

Linda Hieter visited with the Council about the grants she is currently writing.  She is requesting the City write a letter of support as the fiscal sponsor of the Canyon Communities Coalition for each of the 3 grants:  Crafter’s Fair $2,500.00, Canyon Communities Coalition $3,800.00 and the CABS program $5,000.00.  McClure makes a motion to write the letter of support and Barnard seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  No nays.

Doug Giddings, Idaho County Sheriff talked to the Council about the upcoming Jet Boat Races and Riggins Rodeo.  The Council stated the sidewalks would be roped off again according to the waiver of ordinance #53.  Idaho County Sheriff’s Dept. will have 6 deputies plus the 4 that already are in the community at Jet Boat Races and will have 8 deputies plus the 4 at Rodeo.  The City Council requested a police presence at the events in the park such as Big Water Blowout, Hot Summer Nights, etc…

Sherriff Giddings reported that the department has made some changes and there have been several drug busts in Idaho county.  There are 3 new deputies in our area:  Justin Scuka, Mark Bell and Fred Carey.

Sheriff Giddings requested $3,000.00 to be in the 2010 budget from the city to replace the intoxilizer machine.  The intoxilizer that used to be in the Riggins Sherriff’s  office is broken and there currently is not one here.

Jon Wilson gave the following CCC report:

(1)     Light the Courts – We now have the lights and poles.  They are being mounted.  About 2 months more work and the project will be complete.

(2)   Gun Club – Cannot use the existing location on Fuzi Road, due to nearby landowner complaints.  No alternate location found.

Wilson then gave the February Police Report:  2009 Year to Date calls for Riggins is 115 calls which is the same number as 2008 Year to date calls. For February there were 40 calls for the area.

Paul Stevens with JUB Engineers gave the following report:

(1)   DEQ in Lewiston approved the water line design for the top of Cemetery Road.

(2)   The city needs to do a title search on properties in that area to move the line.  Mignerey’s property to Brimacomb’s

(3)   The city needs to make a preventative maintenance plan for the televised sewer line maintenance.

(4)   Phase 1 of the sewer plant project  is 70% complete.

(5)   We need to make the clarifier as an alternate bid item.

(6)   Sludge drains & Geosack building (pole building will be cheapest).

(7)   Accretion ground can be approved to satisfy our funding requirements.

(8)   The structural design will take about 4 weeks to get done.

(9)   Electrical Design will be done when everything else is together.

(10)                       Project should go out for bid if design is completed by April 15th.

(11)                       Bids should be received by mid-June.

(12)                       Estimates for project $1,131,900 total.

(13)                       The Salmon River Road Bridge should be evaluated for estimates on repair and establish the annual maintenance budget.  Paul suggested the city check with the county on bridge inspections.

Charlie Amell gave the following project report:

(1)     An application for the stimulus money to seal coat North St., Ace’s Place and Well Street as well as rework of asphalt has been sent in.

(2)     Charlie would like to set up a maintenance schedule to have the sewer lines cleaned.

(3)     A cost of $3,000.00 is estimated to repair the root wad hole in the line near Stinnett’s property.

(4)     City needs to contact all adjoining land owners to the accreation land.

(5)     City needs to contact Western Federal Lands about plans for the new bridge.  Can the city write a letter requesting these plans and the impact this will have on the city.

(6)     At the current Sewer Facility the City crew is powerholing lines to save $.  The crew is taking down fences, shed and hedges and will cut up the old tank for scrap metal to get ready for construction of the new plant.  Charlie would like to hire a local contractor to remove the footings in back.

Mayor Crump requested a copy of the sign ordinance be emailed to all City Council Members for review.

The City needs to apply for the sign permit for the Welcome To Riggins signs being put in by the Salmon River Chamber of Commerce.

The vacation of the easement on the Chukar Point Estates was discussed.  LaVar Murdock agreed to pay all costs associated with this.  June recommended we advertise and have the public hearing on April 13th at our regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  Anderson made a motion with have the public hearing on April 13th and Barnard seconded.  Voting yea, Barnard, Anderson, Friend, McClure.  No nays.

At this time the City Attorney was discussed.  McClure made a motion we hire Joe Wright to be the Civil Lawyer for the City until the next budget year when this would be visited again.  Barnard seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  No nays.  Mayor Crump will be attending the meeting with the Idaho County Commissioners to discuss the county taking over prosecution of crimes in Riggins.

Ace Barton would like the city to write a letter of support for him to continue the Riggins Food Bank.

The fire hydrant behind Crump’s Chevron was discussed.  The fire hydrant is standing alone now that the fence has been taken down.  Charlie will be notified that it needs to be protected somehow.

Library Business:

(1)   The Library Board President was discussed.  The Library Board met and asked Frances Ford to take over as President of the Library Board, to replace Jeannette Tate.  McClure made a motion for Frances to be the President and Barnard seconded.  A letter will be sent to Frances confirming and welcoming her.

(2)   The city council recommended putting in the budget each year for new computers for the library.

(3)   Motion was made by Barnard and seconded by McClure to dispose of the old or broken computers and printers from the back room.  Voting yea, Barnard, McClure, Friend, Anderson.  No nays.  Susan will proceed with this process.

CEDA requested a $500 contribution.  It was not in the current budget year.  Council suggested putting it on list to be budgeted for FY2010.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

 __________________________________         _________________________________

Robert Crump, Mayor                                                 Susan Long, Deputy City Clerk



Salmon River Heritage Center


 Special  Meeting of the Riggins City Council was held to discuss:

1        Disaster Declaration

2        Fire Department use of city laptop

3        City Attorney

4        Catering/liquor license application from Mike Gradian

5        Accreation Land

6        Rural Water bill

Present:  Friend, Barnard, Anderson and Mayor Crump.  McClure was absent. 

Guests:  Charlie Amell

The City Attorney was discussed.  Adam Green agreed to work for the city @ $125.00 an hour including civil at this time, no retainer.  Barnard makes a motion to rescind and make null and void the previous motion made by the City Council on Monday March 9, 2009 to hire Joe Wright as the city attorney to handle civil matters.  Anderson seconds.  Voting yea, Barnard, Anderson, Friend, McClure.  No nays.

Barnard then made a motion we hire Adam Green to represent the City of Riggins on civil and criminal matters @ $125.00 until the beginning of the next fiscal year.  Friend seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend, McClure.  No nays.

The use of the city laptop was discussed and Dan Catherman the fire chief would like to use the laptop for the fire department.  Anderson made a motion that  we sign the computer out to Dan and allow him to use the computer.  Barnard seconds.  Voting yea, Barnard, Anderson, McClure, Friend.  No nays.

Robert Ader’s water license was discussed.  The City Council and Mayor would like to have this done as soon as possible.  Charlie will talk to Robert about this again.

The new ATV use on highways rules were discussed.  The County and State would like to ban all ATV use on public roads.  The Mayor would like to have a resolution made to allow ATV’s to cross @ all intersections and crosswalks.  The ATV’s would need to be equipped with brake lights, head lights, electric horns.  They would need to have $25,000 liability insurance and be licensed.  Mayor Crump will work on writing this resolution for the next regular meeting.

The catering permit request for Jet Boat Races and Riggins Rodeo to sell hard liquor out of the Salmon River Inn site was discussed.  Is he having a band?  Does he have a health permit? Will the utilities be paid?  City  Council will get more information and will table action on this request until the March 24th special meeting.

Charlie discussed the accreation land application to obtain land near sewer plant. He needs a check for $300.00 to be sent in with the application.  Total cost will be $600.00.  Barnard made a motion to pay the $300.00 to the Department of Lands.  Anderson seconds.  Voting yea, Barnard, Anderson, McClure, Friend.  No nays.

The mercury spill at city hall was discussed.  An insurance claim has been filed with ICRMP.  Jerry Zumalt requested that the city do a disaster declaration.  Barnard made a motion for Mayor Crump to handle the disaster incident and make the declaration if necessary.  Anderson seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, McClure and Friend.  No nays.

There is currently a House Bill on the floor that would strike the clause that says if city services are connected to property outside of the city limits, the property can be annexed in.  This needs to be written and recorded for property to be annexed before city services can be hooked up.  The City needs to change their city ordinance to reflect this change.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

________________________________                    ____________________________________

Robert Crump, Mayor                                                 Susan D. Long, Deputy City Clerk






Riggins City Hall


 Special  Meeting of the Riggins City Council was held to discuss:

1        Catering License by Mike Gradian

2        Replacement of Carpet from Mercury Spill

3        Library Carpet coming apart

4        Tim McGowan complaint against Chuck Wunsch

Council Members present:  Mayor Bob Crump, Friend, McClure, Anderson.  Council Member Barnard was absent.

Guests present:  Mike & Melissa Blimka and Lenae Sohrakoff.

Mike Gradian had requested a liquor license to sell hard alcohol from the Salmon River Inn premises for Jet Boat and Rodeo weekends.  A lengthy discussion on the pros and cons followed.  Motion was made by Anderson to deny the liquor license, Friend seconds.  Voting yea, Anderson and Friend.  McClure abstains from voting.  No nays.

Replacement of the carpet that was damaged in the mercury spill was discussed.  Decision was made to contact Mildred at ICRMP to see what is covered on the insurance policy.  City Council decided to replace all carpet in the City Council chambers and the hallway.

The carpet in the library that was replaced in September is coming apart at the seams.  Council recommended we contact PIM’s to make a recommendation on our options to minimize the damage.  Friend makes a motion to have Pim’s look at the carpet and make their recommendation, Anderson seconds.  Voting yea, Friend, Anderson and McClure.  No nays.

Tim McGowan has complained to Mayor Crump of the activities on the Wunsch property.  He would like the City officials to talk to Chuck Wunsch about attending the fire when he is burning brush.  Mayor Crump will talk to Mr. Wunsch.

Meeting adjourned.

_________________________________                  ____________________________________

Robert Crump, Mayor                                                 Susan D. Long, Deputy City Clerk