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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Council President Glenna McClure in the absence of Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  Deputy Clerk Susan Long was also present recording the minutes, in the absence of June Whitten.  Guests present included Richelle Barger, Curt Brimacomb, Jonny Wilson, Jen Kozlowski, and Charlie Amell.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes of the previous meeting.  There were no additions or corrections, and the minutes were approved as presented.


The financial statement was read detailing $16,850.92 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February 2008 disbursements to $70,798.88.  Bills in the amount of $49,964.45 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  A copy of the financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


Council President McClure thanked all the guests for coming.


Richelle Barger visited with the Council about the surplus playground equipment, the Lewis-Clark Early Childhood program is getting rid of.  She would like the Council to revisit their decision and look into the liability insurance and a possible place to put it.  The Council will revisit this discussion at the end of the meeting.


Idaho County Deputy Jonny Wilson gave the following police report for February 2008:  There were 7 citations in the city and 12 in the area; 51 calls in the Riggins office, 21 of those within the City.  There were 7 accidents, 2 threats, 2 thefts, 1 death, 1 domestic and 4 medical emergencies.


At this time Charlie Amell gave the following project reports:

(1) The skidsteer the City ordered was delivered today.

(2) Mike and Connie Kennedy will be leaving April 1st and Charlie would  like to hire Kelly Hinkley in their place.  The Council approved.

(3) Water will be turned in to the ditch the end of April or the first of May.

(4) JUB engineers will be visiting Wednesday March 12th w/Charlie.


Jonny Wilson and Curt Brimacomb gave the following CCC reports:

(1)  CRATE—working on view of solid waste issue and an implementation plan.

(2) CCGC(Gun Club)—they have developed a land team to locate land for this project.  They have a possible location on the Old Pollock Road on Dave and Aaron Wilson’s property, currently being used as a gravel pit by DEBCO.

(3) CABS—they are submitting the grant on Friday by 5pm for a new bus.  The total amount they are asking for is $67,605.00.  Bus, radio, EDS system.  The CABS board will be working on training for drivers.

(4) CCC—has partnered with the school district to revamp the basketball courts, located on Main Street at the Grade school.  Getting new lights, the lines painted, etc.  They are currently getting estimates for the repairs.

(5) 704 (Fourth of July)—the fire Marshall has denied fireworks for the celebration.  They are planning a boat parade, rubber duck race, strong man competition, pie baking contest, water balloon toss, rock-climbing wall, Jacob’s ladder, slide.

(6) Farmer’s Market—will be meeting in the grass at the Confluence on March 17th.




The deputy clerk read the Excessive Force Policy, Resolution No. 08-02.  Barnard made a motion to pass and approve the resolution and Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend, McClure.  No nays.


Arbor Day—Councilor McClure read the Arbor Day proclamation.  Arbor Day will be Monday May 5th.  Anderson made a motion to accept the proclamation, Barnard seconded.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend, McClure.  No nays.  Charlie will consult the recent tree study for suggested species of trees to plant.  Councilor Barnard will check with the Reggar Tree Farm to see if they will donate any trees.


Deputy City Clerk Susan Long brought up the current mileage reimbursement for the city is only 20 cents a mile.  The current state reimbursement is 50.5 cents.  Anderson made a motion to raise the mileage reimbursement to 40 cents a mile and the Council will revisit this in one year.  Barnard seconded.  Voting yea, Barnard, Anderson, Friend, McClure.  No nays.  This will take effect March 11, 2008.


The Council discussed taking over the Food Bank as the fiscal agent.  Ace Barton will continue to distribute the food.  The Council will revisit this request at the April 2008 meeting.


The Council discussed if they would like to implement Councilor Barnard’s Riggins Beautification Project proposal.  The project would be for 6 months and would have a sign that would be moved monthly to the property or business that had won for that month.  A committee would have to be formed to judge the houses, property and businesses and choose.  Council decided to present this project to the Chamber of Commerce and revisit it at the April 2008 meeting.


Jack Kappas is doing a Spring river cleanup on April 5th.


The Council discussed getting new chairs for the Council Chambers as 2 of theirs have been broken recently.  Glenna will be getting bids on chairs, and color, types, fabric etc… Discussion will be continued at the April 2008 meeting.


Councilor Anderson had the prices for the speed signs.  $5,850.00 for the sign with the digital display that the message can be changed including the pole, solar panel and batteries.  It is approximately $1500.00 less for the other sign without the solar panel.  Discussion will be continued at the April 2008 meeting.


Councilor Anderson reported that Tucker Construction stayed within their boundaries and did a great job on fixing the storage area in the Emergency Services Building.


Staff Reports:

Charlie Amell reported that the Chamber of Commerce snowflake lights were currently being stored in the City building.  Charlie would like to approach the Chamber about putting up a building to house their lights and signs on the City property.  Currently things are being stored in more than one location.  Charlie has a location to construct the building.  This will be put on the agenda for April 2008 meeting.


At this time the Council revisited the request from Richelle Barger on the playground equipment.  They will get measurements, and more information on moving this equipment for the April 2008 meeting.  Barnard made a motion to continue discussion at the April 2008 meeting and Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Barnard, Friend, Anderson, McClure.  No nays.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



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