City Hall
7:00 pm
The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Council President Suzann Underwood. Councilors Tom Anderson, Glenna McClure and Bob Harper were present at the meeting. Mayor Crump was absent. Susan Long served as Clerk in the absence of June Whitten. Guests present included Rachelle Barger, Norm Klobetanz, Charlie Amell and Ray Payton.
The Council was polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes. Since there were no corrections or alterations, the minutes were approved as presented. The financial statement was read detailing $13,452.43 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the February total disbursements to $ 42,982.71. Bills in the amount of $ 113,869.30, were presented for payment. Motion was made by Councilor McClure and seconded by Councilor Harper to approve the financial statement and allow the bills. Voting Yea—Harper, Anderson, McClure and Underwood. No Nays. A copy of the financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record
Norm Klobetanz reported that the Dive Team has received a grant from the Idaho Tourism for purchase of equipment. He requested that the City Council issue a check on the Dive Team’s behalf to to pay for Dive Team equipment. The City would then be reimbursed by the Idaho Tourism Commission. The total amount was $3,599.05.
Councilor Harper made a motion and Councilor McClure seconded for the city to write the check and be reimbursed for it from the grant money. Voting Yea, Councilor Underwood, Councilor Anderson, Councilor Harper and Councilor McClure. No nays.
Norm also reported a grant received $1,400.00 to train new dive team members.
Idaho County Deputy Ray Payton reported 30 citations with 16 in the city, 9 for speeding. 51 calls for service with 21 of those in the city.
Deputy Payton also reported on the fire that damaged a tree belonging to the city, near the sewer plant. The suspects were apprehended and cited and will be going to court. Charlie Amell doesn’t think the tree has been killed. Councilor Anderson recommended that the suspects do community service, trash pickup behind town on the river bank. Payton reported there have been three fires in trash cans at the high school.. Councilor Harper asked if we could put an article in the Current about proper fire care.
Deputy Payton also talked about the City Park bathrooms being vandalized. One of the kids causing the trouble has moved. Payton is going to talk to the parents about possible repercussions. Councilor Underwood thought we should put up a camera to film kids in and around the bathrooms. Charlie questioned that the police patrol the park more frequently. Payton stated that it is patrolled 6 to 8 times each shift. Councilor Anderson suggested we should put up a camera and put up a sign that states you are under surveillance to deter activity. Rachelle Barger said she would possibly put an article in the Current.
Deputy Payton also inquired about the city constructing dog kennels for dogs at large. The Council has not made plans for this at this time.
Deputy Payton suggested Council discuss open campus change with the new school board. City Council discussed and will see what new policies are. Councilor Underwood suggested more police checking at lunch time on the Shorts Bar and Salmon River Road.
Charlie Amell reported on the following:
1. The ditch crew started the first week of March and will be to Squaw Creek by the end of the week.
2. The sewer facility study will be out the first part of April. The water study should be done shortly.
Councilor Harper asked for recommendations of well & pumps. Charlie recommended bringing Tom Moore from DEQ to discuss this with the Council. DEQ will review the water and facility study.
3. Charlie was approached about Cemetery Hill maintenance again and who will be responsible to gravel. Who would clean the water bars? People want to know if the city will take this over. Hart owns road and question was raised will he deed the road to the city? It will be discussed at the next meeting.
4. The garbage cans are now up Cemetery Hill.
5. Street Cleaning will be Wednesday March 13th @ 3 am.
6. Tim McGowan’s Subdivision plans indicated the use of McArthur Street for their new subdivision access. Charlie brought a picture of the Street and McArthur runs on the adjoining owners property. Council suggested one way exit on to Mc Arthur but use Highway 95 as entrance.
7. A meeting will be scheduled with JUB/Brown Industries and URA & Council about the water and sewer study. Also Charlie will schedule an April meeting with DEQ. Charlie will check with JUB on the progress of the study.
Urban Renewal was approved by State Tax Commission for the 2006 tax year.
Annexation was also approved by the State Tax Commission effective 1/1/2007.
Rachelle Barger reported the Chamber of Commerce has a grant for a River Access sign. It will be carved by Trick Wood and will be at the park for fishermen to take pictures in front of with their catch.
The Council was wondering if they could use the old Riggins sign.
Rachelle requested City Council put in extra money for the sign, it was discussed and decided this is a Chamber issue.
Decorative sign toppers for the city street signs were discussed. Mr. Brown at the High School might be able to do these for an agriculture project. It was suggested to have a contest to pick out the decoration. It was stated that Eddie had drawings for sign toppers before.
Rachelle also stated that the Art Guild is making a planter to be placed in front of the ASK Building.
Huber Action Freight requested the use of the park. The Council approved Councilor Harper made motion and Councilor McClure seconded. Voting Yea, Underwood, Anderson, McClure and Harper. No nays.
Councilor Harper made motion to adjourn and Councilor Anderson seconded. Voting Yea, Underwood, Anderson, McClure and Harper. No nays.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
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Susan D. Long, Deputy Clerk                                            Suzann Underwood, Council President

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