February 10, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

City Hall

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Glenna McClure.  Councilors present were Wilson, Akins and Miller.  Councilor Friend was absent.  Guests: Ross Campbell, John Pottenger, Jeff Joyce, Susan Hollenbeak, Janie Fluharty, LeeRoy & Chris Perry, Don Smith, & Rocke Wilson.

JANUARY MINUTES:  January meeting minutes were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Miller indicated there was a correction necessary to the January 13th minutes under the City Projects Water Report (d) Water line was replaced at Tilton’s; 200 psi pipe was installed from meter to above break; section from there to mainline will need to be replaced in the future. Motion was made by Wilson to accept the minutes with the correction stated; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Wilson, Akins, and Miller.  No nays; motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $1,481.76 paid after the January meeting, bringing the total January disbursements to $45,603.79.  Bills in the amount of $20,266.84 were then presented for payment.  Motion was made by Miller to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Akins. Voting yea, Miller, Wilson and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

IDAHO COUNTY RECYCLING:  Representatives from the ID County Recycling program (Janie Fluharty, Chairperson; LeeRoy and Chris Perry, Committee Members) presented information on the success of the program, and their willingness to assist in getting a program here in Riggins.  The first necessary piece is a Site; preferably in town; approximately 100’ long by 50’ wide; traffic access.  A volunteer is also required to man the site during the time it’s open for drop off.  LeeRoy stated there has been a cost savings of $75,000 per year in tipping fees alone.  Fluharty indicated that while they are a County organization, Idaho County only provides insurance and no other financial assistance.  LeeRoy stated that Cloninger’s is in the Idaho County Recycling “loop” with their cardboard unit.  He described the problems surrounding “single stream” recycling where all items go into the same bin which contaminates the materials, or makes them “dirty” so they can only be turned into garbage.  DEQ has identified Idaho County Recycling as a “premier program” with clean recyclables.  Recyclables are aluminum/metal (cans), newspaper (all paper, magazines, and phone books), plastics and cardboard.  E-cycling is for electronics which are currently accepted only in Grangeville; however no monitors or televisions are accepted.  Discussed possible locations including the shed across from the rodeo grounds; Rocke Wilson indicated he believes Brown’s were supportive of recycling.  LeeRoy stated either an individual or group in the Riggins community needs to head up the program here.  Grants are the majority of revenue and Idaho County Recycling will write all grants.  Any revenue from the recyclables goes toward transportation costs.  Idaho County currently contracts with Simmons Sanitation; they have been very supportive and are looking towards future needs such as incorporating recycling with solid waste.  LeeRoy stated anyone interested in a tour of the facility in Lewiston should contact him and he would arrange it.  He also urged folks to checkout their Facebook page showing information and locations.  Mayor McClure thanked the representatives for their presentation indicating the Council would discuss further and would let them know if the decision.


EMS REPORT:  No report

FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT:  Fire Chief, Jeff Joyce.

  •  The Pride and Ownership class attended February 8th was great; good information.
  •  Radio problems with Davis Communication.  Keith Rospanton from Moscow comes through this area once a month; Jeff will check with him about problem solving the radio issue.
  • Jeff has cleaned a few chimneys in town; feels this is a good public relations opportunity.
  • The Clearwater Fire Academy is scheduled for mid-March.  Jeff requested that he, Randy Spickelmire and Roger Rashok attend; cost is $50 per person, plus lodging; approved. 
  • Accountability Tags – Jeff explained the purpose of these tags which are attached to a firefighters helmet or coat when going into a building/situation, and allows tracking of who and when entered. 
  • Foam Truck – Jeff described how the flat hose has to be pulled completely out before its operational which uses up a lot of area (around wreck, on road, etc.).  He would like to use the red line hose that can be pulled off in small sections.  He requested approval to purchase a new nozzle to fit this hose at a cost of $245; request approved.
  • Jet Boat Races Fireworks – the Jet Boat Race Committee is in charge of contracting with the vendor.  Discussed cash donations the City received for fireworks.  The Clerk will draft a check for $849.88 to the Race Committee. 
  • Coats – Jeff requested approval to purchase 7 coats at a cost of $50 per coat; he felt a nice coat would go a long ways in representing the Riggins Fire Department.
  • Department of Transportation billing; Jeff has $1,900 worth of billing needing completed.  Susan Hollenbeak will assist in getting these completed. 


WATER/PARKS – Ross reported the following:

a)     Cherry Lane – As a result of repairs necessary to the water line, an asphalt patch will be done in the future.

b)     Ross and John attended Wastewater Treatment Maintenance and Operations training in McCall.

c)     RCC – handicap parking sign was run over so has been removed; the pavement will be painted for handicapped parking in the near future.

d)     Cemetery Hill Project

1)     Easement documents have been mailed out to Chuck Boyd and the Cemetery Association. 

2)     Tentative date for the project is mid April. 

3)     IRWA recommends implementing a backflow and cross-connection requirement in Water Ordinance; requires homeowners to install a thermal expansion tank to prevent backflow.  Discussed the need to educate homeowners on Cemetery Hill; possibly hold a meeting with property owners. 

e)     North Riggins Culvert Replacement Project – will need completed prior to turning in the irrigation ditch.  Involves replacing two culverts from removal to completion.  Received two bids – Cook and Sons Construction $5800, and Kern Construction $3,950 plus 171 square feet of hot mix at a cost of $7.30 per square foot - $1,248.30 for a total of $5,198.30. 

f)      Backup Metering Pump – there is a 10% discount on this until February 20th bringing the cost to $598 plus shipping; approved.

g)     Well Street Lift Station – Honey Dippers quoted $250 to pump; proceed.

SEWER - John reported the following:

a)     Plant is operating well and tests have come back in good range.

b)     Advanced Control Systems is scheduled to do a free review of lift stations, etc.  They are interested in providing a quote on connecting the city’s plant and systems trouble alerts to Ross and John’s phones which will immediately notify whoever is on call of a problem.

CLARIFIER:  Mayor McClure reported that there was a meeting earlier today with Jim Cox of JC Constructors who happened to be traveling through the area and requested a meeting.  Mayor McClure, Council Member Miller, Clerk, Pottenger, Campbell, and Jason Wereley via phone attended.  Cox stated the lack of redundancy at the plant is a mystery to him, and how the project was approved without it.  JC Constructors is willing to provide all the equipment necessary.  The city’s main issue is manpower to cover the plant during the project.  Cox felt it would take 3-4 weeks to complete the project. Wereley indicated the best time of the year is the fall when processes at the plant will be reduced.  Mayor McClure indicated she wanted to discuss the issue with Jason Wereley before making decision. 

RIGGINS COMMUNITY CENTER:  Councilor Miller reported Phase 2 is complete and we can begin work on the closeout.  An instruction sheet is necessary for operation of the lift.  Wilson indicated he is interested in looking at acoustics for the upper level.  It was agreed that a quality sound system will make a big difference upstairs.  OPEN HOUSE – tabled until March meeting. 

STORM DRAIN – RIGGINS ONE STOP:  Discussed the need to develop a vault maintenance schedule (twice a year).  City Attorney, Adam Green, has suggested contacting property owners about the possibility of granting a storm drain easement before he starts the legal paperwork.  Mayor McClure and Clerk will draft those letters.     

DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN:  Councilor Akins reported the following: 

Cody Wilson, State Trapper, may be interested in harvesting the deer; he is checking with his superiors regarding a potential conflict. 


IDAHO COUNTY RECYCLING:  Discussed the earlier presentation.  Judd DeBoer, Brown’s Industries, owns the drying sheds across from the rodeo grounds.  Akins suggested holding a special meeting at the RCC to see what interest there is in the community; invite DeBoer, Idaho County Recycling, and the community.  It was agreed that the Clerk will contact representatives from Idaho County Recycling and Judd DeBoer regarding a possible date for the community meeting.

RECREATION DEPARTMENT – EQUIPMENT AND FUNDS:  Discussed the transfer of Recreation Department equipment and funds to the new administrator.  Sara Allen is to complete an inventory of the equipment, which will then be donated to the new organization.  Motion was made by Wilson to transfer funds and equipment to the new administrating organization, seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Akins, Miller and Wilson.  No nays; motion carried.

2014 ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LICENSE RENEWALS:  Clerk reported that upon review of the State AB licenses, it was determined that the Crump Chevron and Mountain River Outfitters City AB Licenses needed revised to include packaged wine at an additional $25.  Clerk will notify vendors and collect the additional license fee.

STREET LIGHT #3:  Idaho Power has suggested that the street light at Salmon River Motel be considered for LED.  The last LED light installed was at a cost of $1,200.  Another LED is in the budget for this year; approved.  Ross and Susan will do some research on pricing.  

RODEO CLUB – COTTONWOOD CREDIT UNION:  Clerk was contacted by Jim Remacle with CCU who indicated he did not realize the city was continuing to charge for utilities on the property.  He proposed paying a portion of the past due utility bill and would like to negotiate that amount with the City Council.  After discussion, motion was made by Akins to deny the request to negotiate with the Cottonwood Credit Union and to notify Remacle that full payment is expected; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Wilson, Miller and Akins.  No nays; motion carried. 

PAST DUE WSG BILLING:  Reviewed by Council. 


City Park – application received from Keppinger for a 7/12/14 wedding reception; alcohol will be served.  A liquor liability certificate is required.  Clerk will notify of that requirement.

RCC – Connie Miller submitted an application for a class reunion breakfast on 7/26.

Motion was made by Wilson to approve both applications contingent on Keppinger submitting a liquor liability certificate; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea Miller, Wilson and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.