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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Council President Glenna McClure, presiding in the absence of Mayor Crump.  Other Councilors present were Anderson, Friend and Barnard.  Guests present included Paul Christenson and Dave Cadwallader from the Idaho Fish & Game, Greg Felton, Jessica Helsley, and Jon Wilson.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  The Council were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $18,158.54 bills paid after the January meeting, bringing the total January bills to $47,265.23.  Bills in the amount of $26,608.72 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend , McClure and Barnard.  No nays.


Paul Christenson, Idaho F&G introduced supervisor, Dave Cadwallader, for a presentation on the proposed Fish and Game license increase.  Cadwallader explained that the F&G operates on license and fees, with the help of federal grant dollars.  The increases proposed, which included lowering of the kids mentor license, no change in fishing and hunting combo, a slight increase in resident fishing, and increases in both non-resident mentor and hunting tags, were necessary to continue the current department operations.  No salary increases were planned.   At the conclusion of the presentation, Cadwallader left packets of information for the Councilís review, and requested the Cityís support of the proposed fees.  They requested a letter of support be written to accompany their proposal when it is presented to the Idaho State Legislature.


Greg Felton visited with the Council about his sewer hookup.  Felton indicated that he had planned to build a residence on the backside of his property, and purchased a sewer hookup when the original sewer capacity study indicated that future hookups may be limited by the current sewer facility.  The Clerk reported that the sewer hookup fee paid was $1075.00.  Felton reported that he is financially unable to construct the residence, and has not installed any additional sewer lines or hookup on the property.  He inquired if the hookup could be sold, and transferred to another person, or if the City would consider purchasing the hookup back at the current higher hookup rate plus the $5 monthly fee he has been paying for the unused connection.  During discussion, it was reported that the current sewer connection ordinance states that hookup fees will not be refunded, however, due to the limited number of hookups that may be available, the Council has previously refunded the fees paid, when the hookup construction plans changed.  The Clerk reported that the Council has previously denied all requests to allow the sale or transfer of hookups to another person or property.  The sewer hookup is approved for a specific parcel of property, and to allow their private sale or transfer would make the limited number of hookups a very valuable marketable commodity.  After discussion, the Council agreed to take his request under consideration.

Jon Wilson gave the following CCC report:

(1)   CABS Ė Ridership is up, and CABS is in full operation, with a bingo fundraiser being planned in March.

(2)   Farmers Market Ė No activity at this time.

(3)   Skate Park Ė No activity at this time

(4)   Light the Courts Ė Project is ready to go, waiting for warmer weather.  FFA may help with the project, and it was reported that project funding is approximately $500 short.

(5)   Gun Club Ė Cannot use the existing location on Fuzi Road, due to nearby landowner complaints.  No alternate location found.

(6)   CCC Scholarship Ė CCCs desire to create a Community Service Scholarship, and will be working on this project in the near future.


Wilson then gave the January Police Report:  January 2009, there were 13 City calls with 15 citations, compared to January 2008 with 27 calls and 8 citations.  For the Riggins area, January 2009 saw 68 calls and 22 citations compared to 2008 with 64 calls and 11 citations.


At this time, Mayor Crump joined the Council meeting via speaker phone teleconference, and the response from the City Atty RFP were reviewed:

(1)    Greg FitzMaurice Ė Verbally declined stating he was too busy to take on the City.

(2)    Kirk McGregor Ė Declined both civil and criminal, too busy for civil and cannot be available on Tuesday court days, due to County Commissioners meetings.

(3)    Joe Wright Ė Would do Civil on As-Needed basis for $125 per hour, but declined criminal, as he is often working out of town and may not be available for court days.

(4)    Adam Greene Ė Would do Criminal for $600 monthly retainer, with $125 per hour for those hours above 6 per month, but declined civil work. After verbal communication with Greene, the Clerk reported that he would also do civil on an As-Needed basis for $125 per hour.


After discussion, the Council agreed that the search for city representation should expand, as the $600 retainer fee seemed too high in comparison with the work involved.  (A review of City Atty Albers billing from June 2007 to Sept 2008 indicated only 6.8 hours spent in criminal work.)  The Clerk was requested to contact other area attorneys including Daren Falen and Dan Johnson from Nezperce.  It was also suggested that the City-County Police Contract be reviewed, and Sheriff Giddings be contacted about the possibility of the County taking on all prosecution of city violations.  It was agreed that a special meeting may be scheduled for further discussion.  Mayor Crump requested that Tuesdays and Fridays be avoided when setting those special meeting dates.


(1)    The speakerphone teleconference with Mayor Crump continued with review of the Salmon River Road Project documents and agenda provided for review prior to the phone conference scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 10th with Fed Highways, Idaho County, Bill Spickelmire, Judd DeBoer, the Forest Service and the City.  The telephone conference had been scheduled to review the agreements and plans for the water and sewer lines to be placed on the new bridge crossing the Little Salmon, as proposed by developers Spickelmire and DeBoer.  Review of the Project Agreement Proposed Addendum Draft indicated that the City of Riggins would be responsible for the maintenance of the Salmon River Road within the city limits, that the City would provide $XXXX amount of dollars, upfront, for the design and installation of the water and sewer lines proposed on the bridge, as well as any funds that exceed the money deposited upfront.  The agreement draft also indicated that the City would provide inspection of the construction as it pertained to the water-sewer line construction.  After review, the Mayor and Council agreed that the City had never been consulted about the agreement addendum, and that they felt that the City had no responsibility in the design, construction or maintenance of the SR Road, Bridge or water-sewer line installation. Upon their completion and approval, the ownership and future maintenance of the water and sewer lines may be turned over to the City.  The water and sewer lines are being proposed by Developers Spickelmire and DeBoer, to be added to the bridge, installed before the highway improvements are complete and the area paved.  There have been no requests for water or sewer service made at this time - the developers were proposing that the lines be added to the bridge and installed during the original construction only for cost savings, avoiding highway and asphalt cuts after the project is completed.  Any costs incurred in this installation and construction are those of the developers, not the Cityís.  Charlie Amell reported that he did have JUB Engineers review the preliminary design and elevations of the proposed water-sewer lines, to be sure that they were compatible with the Cityís existing lines.  It was also pointed out that while the Council supports the concept of the line installation, as requested by the developers for a cost saving measure, the City cannot provide water and sewer service to the property at this time.  DEQ has notified the City that, prior to their approval of any plan to provide water service to additional development, the City must conduct a Water Facility Study to insure that there is sufficient supply and system capacity to adequately serve the development.  In addition, further Sewer Studies must be completed on the South Sewer Lift Station and collection system, before the City can commit to additional sewer service in that area.  Amell reported that the lift station is currently sized to accommodate 50 residential hookups, and is currently serving approximately 30 at this time.  After discussion, it was agreed that this information will be shared during the scheduled telephone conference with Fed Highways on Tuesday, and all parties will be advised that the City only maintains dedicated city streets, not County Road or US Highways that are located within town, and that all costs associated with the water-sewer line design, inspection and construction will be the responsibility of the developer, not the City.  The telephone conference is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 10th at 4:00pm, and Amell, the Clerk and as many of the Council that are available will plan to participate in the call.


Charlie Amell gave the following project report:

   (1)  The survey is complete at the sewer plant property.

(2)    The City needs to ascertain the owner of the property contained in the Cemetery Hill waterline right-of-way, so that a signed easement agreement can be obtained.  The Clerk will do further research on the property.

(3)    Amell is rebuilding the bearing housing on the RAS sewer pump and the Council needs to plan to replace it in the next budget year, at a cost of several thousand dollars.  He also indicated that funds should be budgeted each year as we plan to make those major sewer repairs.

(4)    Mike Kennedy is working on the old Fire Jeep, and it is almost ready to paint.  This renovation has been a project item in the current budget.

(5)    In regards to the sewer renovation project, Charlie requested the Councilís decision on the following items: 

(A)  Brett Converse has recommended that the Salsenes SF-2000 be installed, rather than the SF-1000.  The cost would be $30,000 more, but the larger unit is recommended.  If cost becomes an issue, the smaller SF-1000 could be specíed also as an alternate.

(B)   The headworks will be enclosed in an open-faced block building, and Amell requested the Council color preference, WBP 25 (Reddish brown) or WBP 13 (Greenish).

(C)   A coverall facility similar to the ITD fabric shed in New Meadows is being considered at a cost of $30,000.  Amell reported that a 50X50X12 pole frame building is estimated to cost $24,000-$30,000, and he requested the Councilís construction preference.

(D)  Amell reported that the geo-tubes seem to be working well at the plant, and requested the Councilís decision and recommendation for the preferred sludge removal process.


After discussion of the items listed above, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to proceed with (1) the SF-2000 Salsenes as recommended by JUB Engrs, (2) to go with WBP 13 open faced block, (3) to recommend the pole frame building, rather than the fabric cover, and (4) to recommend the installation of the geo-tubes for sludge removal.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

(6)    In regards to the proposed water and sewer line installation on the Salmon River Road Bridge, Charlie presented a packet of information on the proposalís history.  Preliminary design was completed by DJ&A Engrs, (the engineering firm designing the SRR Project) and Charlie had submitted them to JUB Engineers for their review for capability to the City system.  JUBís response was included in the packet of material. The design must be certified and stamped by a licensed Idaho engineer prior to being submitted to DEQ for their approval.


Charlie recommended that the Council contact the property owners involved and enter into a written agreement with them, detailing city requirements.  He indicated that the City should not proceed with any agreement until the property owners understand that the City system may not be capable of providing water or handling sewage at this time.  He expressed concern about the Lift Station at Fitchís, which is approved for 50 residential hookups, and already serving approximately 30 at this time, as well as the 8Ē collection line, which may have to be enlarged.  An additional sewer study should be done on those facilities to determine if the present system is adequate.  In regards to the water service Ė Amell reported that JUB estimates that a 10Ē line would supply adequate fire protection.  However, we may not have adequate distribution system or supply to provide water to the development.  Also DEQ has advised the City that a complete Water Facility Study would have to be completed prior to their approval of any additional development.  After discussion, the Council agreed that a letter should be written to both Spickelmire and DeBoer stating the Cityís position.


At this time the proposal for a sign ordinance was brought up.  The Clerk gave each Councilor a copy of Larry Barnardís recommendations and comments as well as the Grangeville ordinance with Mayor Crumpís comments.  Due to the length of the meeting, the information will be reviewed by the Council for discussion at the next meeting.


It was reported that the Chamber of Commerce may have the Welcome to Riggins signs ready to install.  ITD reported that the City must get the permit for the right-of-way installation, and Councilor Friend will have Chamber President Vicky Lowe contact the Clerk with the information about the permit.


At this time Resolution #09-01, adopting the Riggins Identity Theft Regulation, was read.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Friend, to adopt and approve Resolution #09-01, adopting the Riggins Identity Theft Regulation.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


The subject of the Firemen Training Bonus was brought up at this time.  The Clerk reported that the Burnout Fund Committee had been contacted about using a portion (estimated $2500) of that funding to pay the proposed training bonus ($20 per fireman, per training session) to encourage fire training attendance.  The members contacted agreed that training attendance was down, and were not opposed to using the funds for the bonus, however reported that the fund was for the Salmon River Canyon, not limited to the City.  It was suggested that the Rural Fire Department be included in the proposal.  After discussion, Councilor Anderson offered to visit with Fire Chiefs Dan Catherman and Dennis McCollugh about combined training.


At this time the Council re-visited Idaho Dept Fish & Gameís request for a letter of support for their proposed fee increase.  After discussion, it was agreed that the City Council should maintain a neutral position in the matter, since the Council had no way of knowing the communityís opinion on the proposal, and the citizens may be divided on the issue.  No letter of support was authorized.


The Council then re-visited Greg Feltonís requests for (1) refund of his sewer hookup fee at the current rate plus the $5 per month unused connection charge, or (2) the Councilís authorization to allow him to sell and transfer the hookup to another individual.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to allow only the refund of the $1075 sewer hookup fee originally paid by Felton.  The motion denied the request for refund of $5 monthly fee paid for the unused connection and the request for Felton to be allowed to sell or transfer the hookup to another individual. Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.    The Council stated that the decision to refund the hookup fee would free up the capacity for future use.  Also, limiting the refund to the original fee paid and not allowing for the private sale or transfer to another person, will prevent the sewer hookups from becoming valuable marketable commodities purchased for speculation.


The Clerk brought up the $100 Resort Tax Deposit required for Vendors.  Larry Barnard, has purchased a Vendor License for ChooChoo BBQ for three consecutive years.  Since Barnard is a local resident, has submitted his tax returns timely, and demonstrated his ability and willingness to comply with the regulation during the previous two years, she requested that the Council consider waiver of the $100 deposit, and allow Barnard to pay the Resort Tax due monthly (or quarterly), the same as other City Resort Tax permittees.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Friend, to waive the $100 Resort Tax Deposit for ChooChoo BBQ, beginning in 2009, allowing Barnard to pay the tax due monthly (or quarterly) the same as other resident Resort Tax permittees.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend and McClure.  Councilor Barnard abstained.  No nays.


The Clerk reported that the $2480 URD funds transferred to the City for the WhiteWater Park grant match were deposited into the General Fund account.  Since the payment for the WWP study was paid from the Recreation Fund, she requested the Councilís authorization to transfer the $2480 from the 01-General Fund account to 06-Recreation Fund.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to allow for the transfer as requested.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


The Clerk reported that the Resort (Local Option) Tax collection during FY 2007-2008 exceeded the budgeted tax amount by $8821.86.  Since Idaho Code requires that any local-option tax collected in excess of the amount budgeted must be set aside in a Property Tax Relief Fund, she requested the Councilís authorization to establish the Resort Tax Property Relief Fund in the amount of $8821.86.  She requested that those funds, in addition to $18,475.96 Resort Tax, $47,300 Sewer Hookups, $3000 Sewer Depreciation Fund, and $5000 URD Sewer Obligation Reserve ($1300 January, plus $1700 Feb) be transferred to the State Treasurers Local Government Investment Pool.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by Anderson, to establish the Resort Tax Property Tax Relief Fund in the amount of $8,821.86, as required by IC, and to transfer the funds as stated to the St Treasurer Investment account.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


At this time the WhiteWater Park Project was discussed.  The Clerk reported that the City was required to go through the Request for Proposal process prior to contracting with an engineer for the design of the WWP.  Since that process takes some time for advertising and their response and selection, it had been suggested that the Council begin that process at this time.  Then, if funds are located for the design and construction, the City would be prepared to begin.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by Anderson, to authorize the Clerk to prepare the Engineer RFP and begin advertising.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


The Council agreed to the Clerkís vacation, March 6 thru March 26!


Three requests for waiver of Non-Transport Ambulance Fees were read from Jacob Denison, Josh Denison and Russell Scott.  Jacob and Josh Denison were in an auto accident involving several patients.  They indicated they were uninjured, and the EMTs on scene agreed that they did not need transport.  They signed non-transport run sheets, and the injured patients were taken by ambulance to the hospital. They each received $75 Non-Transport Ambulance bills and requested that they be waived, as they did not require any emergency treatment.   Russell Scott indicated he was in the grocery store asking about medical facilities for an injury he had received, and the storekeeper called for an EMT.  An EMT responded and provided an ice pack for his injury. He received a non-transport ambulance bill in the amount of $75.  He sent $25 to cover the cost of the ice pack, but requested that the remaining $50 be waived, since the ambulance was not involved.  After consideration of the requests, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to waive the fees as requested.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  It was suggested that since the completion of the run sheet automatically generates the billing, that the EMTs or Curt Brimacomb mark those sheets as ďDo Not BillĒ, if billing is not intended.


It was reported that recently several businesses were putting signs and other items in the sidewalks, blocking pedestrian and ADA traffic.  After discussion, it was agreed that the ordinance will be reviewed about the regulations for keeping the sidewalks unobstructed and an article will be placed in the upcoming newsletter.


At this time JUBís first payment request in the amount of $48,990 for 30% completion, was reviewed.  It was reported that PWD Charlie Amell had reviewed and approved the document.  After consideration, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to approve the payment request, authorize Council President Glenna McClure to sign it on behalf of the City and forward it on to CEDA to be processed for grant payment.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


The Clerk reported that Idaho Power has notified the City that one of the street light meter boxes is not wired correctly.  They have requested that the City have their electrician contact them to arrange for the necessary repairs.  The Council agreed and requested that the Clerk contact Medley Electric to complete the repairs as requested by Idaho Power.


CEDA requested that the City delegate the Riggins CEDA Representatives.  The Council designated Mayor Crump as the Riggins Representative, with Councilor Barnard serving as the alternate.


Councilor Barnard relayed a constituent complaint about Lake Shore Disposal.  The blue garbage truck leaks hydraulic fluid each time a cart is dumped.  The leaking is making a mess around town and hydraulic fluid destroys asphalt.  After discussion, the Clerk was requested to contact Lake Shore about the problem.


Barnard also reported that he had been in contact with DEQ about the operator certification required for water and sewer operations.  He said he visited with them about the requirements and the possibility of obtaining waivers or extensions of time.  He indicated that they would be sending a packet of information about the regulation.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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City Hall






A telephone conference was held to discuss the Salmon River Road Project, the Little Salmon River Bridge and the water and sewer lines proposed to be included on the bridge.   Identified individuals taking part in the conference call included the following:

            Western Federal Highways (WFLHD)Ė Greg Gifford, Jack Duesey

            ITD - Ken Helm, and one other individual

            Idaho County Commissioners Ė Jim Rehder, Skip Brandt, Jim Rockwell (?)

   City of Riggins Ė Councilors Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure,

     PWD Charlie Amell and City Clerk June Whitten

Developers Ė Bill Spickelmire, Judd DeBoer, Brian OíMorrow

USFS Ė Mike Cook, Joe Bond


The project scope of work and timeline were reviewed.  It was indicated that they would like to see the bridge constructed during the winter and the connecting road to Shorts Creek constructed after the Main River Road project is complete.


Greg Gifford indicated that the draft of the SRR Agreement Addendum, which had been sent out previously for review, had been prepared by WFLHD and had not been reviewed by any of the agencies listed.  He indicated that after earlier discussion with City of Riggins representatives, it was clear that portions of the agreement would have to be corrected. 


When addressing maintenance, the Addendum Draft stated that the City of Riggins would be responsible for maintenance of the sections of the project located within the city limits.  The only portion of the project located within the City is a small section of road, and since it is a county road, not a dedicated city street, it was agreed that the County is responsible for its maintenance, rather than the City.  The County officials confirmed their responsibility for road maintenance and the Agreement Draft will be changed to reflect that.


ITD was assigned the responsibility of the Westside Approach, but it was unclear exactly which agency, ITD, Idaho County or the Forest Service, is responsible for the bridge maintenance.  Further research will be done on that issue.


In regards to the utility lines proposed to be included in the bridge construction, the Agreement Draft indicated that the City would be responsible for the cost of the design, construction and construction engineering of the lines being extended from US#95 across the Little Salmon River bridge with the funds transferred to WFLHD prior to June 1, 2009.  It stated that the City would also be responsible for the increased costs for contract modification and overruns during construction.  In addition, the Agreement Draft indicated that the City may be asked to provide assistance with monitoring environmental commitments, project inspection and testing.  


 To correct and clarify the responsibilities of the City of Riggins, it was agreed by the City Council, and developers Judd DeBoer and Bill Spickelmire, that all costs associated with the installation of the utility lines on the bridge were the responsibility of the private developers, not the City of Riggins. Upon their design, approval by DEQ, construction and acceptance, the utility lines may, in the future, be turned over to the City of Riggins as public lines.  It was also pointed out that the City cannot extend water and sewer service to the lines at this time.  The lines can be constructed, but water and sewer service cannot be offered to the properties until (1) a Water Facility Study (as required by DEQ) is completed and it is determined that there is sufficient water supply and distribution lines in place to adequately serve the property and (2) Additional Sewer Studies are complete on the South Sewer Lift Station to insure that that facility and sewer collection lines are adequate to handle the additional flow.


To clarify the responsibility of the costs associated with the utility lines, it was agreed that the Spickelmire Groupís ROW Agreement included the addition of pipe hangers for the water and sewer lines placed on the bridge, at no cost, as a part of the ROW acquisition.  The funds, which are required to be deposited with the WFLHD by June 1st for the utility line construction, would come from the Developers.  Since WFLHD may not be able to contract directly with the private developers, the funds may have to be transferred through a government agency - either the City or the County.  Developer Spickelmire inquired about the deposited funds being placed in an interest bearing account and the option to bid the utility line construction as a separate item, as a cost saving measure.  Those issues will be worked out directly with WFLHD and the Developer.  The only responsibility the transferring government agency would have would be the actual transfer of funds.




It was agreed that a separate agreement should be made between the City and the Developers outlining the responsibilities required of each, regarding the utility line extension and service.  PWD Charlie Amell advised WFLHD and the Developer that the design plans for the utility line construction must be certified and stamped by an Idaho licensed engineer and submitted to DEQ for their approval prior to construction.  He indicated that DEQ approval may take up to four to six weeks.    Gregg Gifford indicated that he will work with the Developers to get the correct information to DEQ for their approval, but that the utility line construction may be done as a separate contract.  Amell indicated that he had sent the preliminary design to the Cityís engineer, JUB, and would forward their comments to Spickelmire, DeBoer and Gifford.


ITD officials indicated that they had no funds at this time for the turn lane construction.  The funds were obligated last year, and paid, but were returned to ITD by WFLHD and have spent elsewhere. 


It was also indicated that upon the completion of the new Little Salmon River Bridge, the ownership of the old bridge was scheduled to be transferred from the Forest Service to the City. WFLHD Gifford indicated that that agreement may need to be included in the SRR Agreement Addendum.


At the conclusion of the conference call, City of Riggins PWD Charlie Amell expressed his concern about the City accepting the old bridge in its present condition.  He had a transportation engineer look at it briefly, and the engineer indicated that it may presently have maintenance issues.  He cautioned the City Council about accepting the bridge without first having a complete unbiased engineering inspection, citing maintenance issues and liability concerns.    





                                                                        June Whitten, City Clerk-Treasurer