City Hall


7:00 pm




The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors Anderson and McClure were present at the meeting.  Councilor Bob Harper was standing by available by telephone conference, and Councilor Underwood was absent.  Guests present included Tim McGowan, Joe Roener, Susan Long, Ray Payton, Richelle Barger, and Charlie Amell.


The Council was polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes.  Since there were no corrections or alterations, the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $22,952.46 bills paid after the January meeting, bringing the January total disbursements to $55,153.13.  The Clerk noted that the disbursements shown on the financial statement did not reflect Check #6537 in the amount of $1884.16, which was voided, and that the correction would be made on the February financial report.  Bills in the amount of $29,530.28, which included bills presented and approved at the Feb 8th special meeting as well as those received since, were presented for payment.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Discussion and record of the vote will be taken at the end of the meeting when Councilor Harper can be included by telephone conference using the speakerphone.


                                    McGOWAN SUBDIVISION REQUEST


Tim McGowan, along with his real estate agent Joe Roener, visited with the Council concerning a change in use of his present Riverview Motel properties.  He would like to discontinue the motel, converting the motel units into four townhouses, retaining the motel office as his personal residence.  Roener explained the difference between condo and townhouse development, reporting that a condo includes only the space in the unit and partial ownership of any common area, but does not include “dirt” or overhead space.  The townhouse includes the “dirt” and the space overhead, and can also be a co-owner of any common area.  They reported that McGowan’s plan is townhouse development, in that each unit would include the land and overhead space, but the condo laws apply because of the co-ownership in the common area planned for driveway, parking and riverfront.  Roener reported that the Condominium Property Act law is found in IC 55-15, and is included in the City Subdivision Ordinance.  McGowan and Roener requested that the Council waive the City’s Subdivision Ordinance #139, which includes regulation that normally applies to the development of vacant property, rather than the subdividing of existing buildings and facilities.  They requested that, in regards to the development being planned, they be required to comply with the condo laws only, as are found in IC 55-15 and the City Subdivision Ordinance, waiving the remaining portion of Ordinance #139.  In addition, Roener requested that the Council allow that the payment of water hookup fees, which will be required for the four new individual hookups, be made upon the sale of the individual properties, collected as a part of the closing costs.  It was re-affirmed that there would be no increase in Sewer EUs, so no additional sewer hookup fees would be required for the development. 


Charlie Amell recommended that each unit should have individual water hookups, separate meters and individual service lines.  If a common line served all units, it would be considered “public” and new construction laws require that it be a 3” line, designed by a certified engineer and approved by DEQ.  He reported that there was a 6” main line on Dalton Street, which could be tapped for four individual hookups.  In addition to the water hookup fees, all costs incurred by the City in connection with the hookup, including the meter, valves, saddles, meter boxes, backhoe charges and asphalt replacement, etc, must be reimbursed by the property owner.  It was reported that the hookup application is normally required to be accompanied by the hookup fees, and the hookup connection costs are billed after the installation is complete and those expenses are compiled.  After discussion, McGowan indicated that, with the Council’s approval, he would remit the hookup fees at the time the actual hookup installation began, and again asked for the waiver of the Subdivision Ordinance #139.  He indicated that he did not want to proceed with the project development, if there would be some regulation that would prevent its completion.


After discussion, the Council noted that there was not a quorum present to formally act on any request, but agreed that those present had no objection to the development as presented.  They indicated that they could not waive Ordinance #139 in its entirety.  They understood that some parts of the ordinance did not apply, but some of the regulation and provisions for easements, access, utility line maintenance agreements, etc., should be included.  The Council advised McGowan that they would review the Ordinance and respond to his request for waiver after that review.  The Council agreed that the water hookup fees could be paid when the City started the actual hookup installation.


                                    RIVERPATH RIGHT-OF-WAY PROPOSAL


Richelle Barger inquired if the Council had thought about that, as properties are sold along the river, requiring or requesting that an easement or right-of-way be dedicated for a river path.  She cited the unsafe and hazardous conditions for kids and bikes traveling from North Riggins.  She said that the residents currently owning riverfront property could continue to deny the public access, if they chose, but as properties are sold, the new owners would be required to provide that public easement.  There was much discussion on the subject, but no action taken.


                                                       POLICE REPORT


Idaho County Deputy Ray Payton gave his monthly police report.  There were 49 calls to the Riggins office in January, with 27 being City calls.  There were 18 citations written in town, with the most (4) being for disorderly conduct, mostly fights.  He reported that for four weekends in a row, there were bar fights, and that there are about 5-6 young men who are routinely involved, and all are over-intoxicated.  He indicated that he had talked to the bartenders about over-intoxication and over-service, and suggested that the bartenders may need to take the classes offered by St Liquor to try to stop the over-service.  He reported that the fighting and disorderly conduct was becoming a real problem.


                                         HERITAGE CENTER USE REQUEST


Richelle Barger requested the use of the Heritage Center on March 13, 4:00-5:30pm for a yoga class.  The calendar was checked and the Council approved the use, with the payment of the $25 cleaning deposit and $10 rental fee.









Charlie Amell reported on the following projects:

(1)    Ormsby has completed the work on the irrigation head gate, installing riprap, moving large boulders and cleaning the silt pond behind the head gate.  His bill for $2100 was included in the bills for payment.

(2)    He reported on the available off-street parking, there are 34 spaces at the Heritage Center, 32 at the park and 9 on Berger Street, for a total of 75.  He reported that two spaces were being used for long term storage on Berger Street, one with a Cadillac and the other with a trailer.  Councilor Anderson will see that they are moved.




At this time Amell inquired about the Council’s consideration of the Upper Clearwater Transportation Plan after review of the information provided at the last meeting.  Mayor Crump reported that he had reviewed the information and had several comments, but no problem with the material presented.  After discussion, upon Amell’s recommendation, the Council requested that an ordinance be prepared to adopt the Plan, by title, for presentation at the April meeting.


                                    EASEMENT ENCROACHMENT


The sewer easement encroachment at the RiverVillage RV Park was discussed, and a response letter from Folwell was read.  Folwell indicated that George Calvin has placed the trailer on the property and he did not know a specific date Calvin planned to move it.  But he said that it could be moved quickly if needed in an emergency.   Since the trailer is set on blocks, and now skirted, the Council requested that a follow-up letter be written, to advise Folwell that a specific removal schedule was needed, and to request the date it would be removed.


                                    VENDOR LICENSE ORDINANCE


At this time the Vendor License Ordinance was discussed.  The changed areas were reviewed and found acceptable.  It was noted that Councilor Underwood questioned the need for the ordinance, but it was the general agreement of the Council present that the law was long overdue, and would provide some regulation and funds to compensate for the Vendors cleanup, garbage removal, policing, etc. The Council confirmed their desire to enact the regulation.   Ordinance No 175 was then read:


Action on the Ordinance will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting, during the speakerphone conference.


The Clerk reported that the TV Cable Franchise had been reviewed.  It is a twenty-year franchise, originating in 2000, and requires that any changes and/or transfers of the franchise be approved by City Resolution.  Elk River Cable Company had been contracted to provide a letter from Rapid Communication, the holder of the franchise, acknowledging the sale and the need for the franchise transfer.  Elk River Cable reported that actually Rapid Communication had sold the Riggins system to Country Cable, and then one month later Elk River Cable purchased it from them.  Letters documenting these sales are being faxed to the City to provide the basis for the franchise transfer request.  A Resolution to transfer the TV cable franchise was read.   Action on the Resolution will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting, during the speakerphone conference.


Mayor Crump, with the consent of the Council, proclaimed Monday, May 7th, to be Riggins Arbor Day and Spring Clean-up Day.   May 7th is Monday after the Rodeo, and community-wide cleanup will be necessary.  There will be cleanup scheduled in the morning, with an Arbor Day Celebration and planting following in the Park.  And, upon Charlie Amell’s recommendation of the need, the Council authorized the application for $150 Arbor Day Tree Grant, for the purchase of three trees to plant in the park.  Amell reported that we had lost some smaller young trees to the deer this year.

                                    25 MPH SPEED LIMIT EXTENSION

A request has been received to extend the 25 mph speed zone to the new city limits, which is Squaw Creek in the south and SRE/Blimka at the north.  Previously ITD had indicated that the property on both sides of the highway had to be in the City before the speed limit could be lowered.  It was reported that both ends of town were hazardous – narrow roadways with turning traffic, congestion and limited line of site on the south end.  Mayor Crump reported that he had been verbally advised that US#95 was now considered “controlled access” and was exempt from the regulation that allows cities to establish the speed limits within their jurisdiction, but due to the hazardous, dangerous conditions of these areas, the Council agreed that a letter should be written to ITD requesting that the 25 mph speed limit be extended to the new city limits.  It was suggested that ITD be advised that the Council was concerned with the liability issues of the higher speeds on the highway, considering the expansion of the city, the existing dangerous conditions and the impending development which may double our size.  It was suggested also, to request the State Statute that exempted the controlled access highways.  Mayor Crump also requested that 4 or 5 speed signs indicating “25 MPH Unless Otherwise Posted” be ordered with the new sign project.


Requests have been received to paint “No Parking” near the residential driveways at the Pine Tree Credit Union and in front of the Salmon River Medical Clinic, to provide safe access and exit from these areas, and to accommodate patient transfers.  The Council agreed, and the curb painting will be scheduled when the weather warms.




An updated technical service agreement has been received from Idaho Power for maintenance of the city streetlights, containing a 3% increase.  After review, the Council agreed, and the agreement was signed and authorized by the Mayor.  Mayor Crump also wanted Idaho Power to be notified that the Christmas Snowflakes had been turned off February 11, as promised.  The fixtures are still on the poles, and Idaho Power will be contacted to see if they can be left there, or if they will require them to be removed.


Notice had been received that Bob and Bonnie Lym were now operating a commercial Bed & Breakfast business at their new residence, Account 2-350.  An inquiry was sent to establish the commercial use, in regards to the sewer capacity issue, utility hookup fees, monthly service rates and need for a resort tax permit.  However, in their response, Lyms signed a certification stating that there were no commercial operations being conducted at that site, that it was their private residence only.  Since they have formally certified that no commercial activity is being conducted and that it is their private residence only, the certification will be filed, with no further action.

                                                     JUB WATER STUDY                                  

At this time the engineering study of the water system was discussed.  JUB has indicated that a short study to determine if additional wells would be required to provide sufficient water capacity for Brown’s estimated 200-300 unit development, would cost approximately $1,000.  Brian O’Morrow has indicated that Browns Industries would be willing to pay for the study, with the reimbursement agreement from the URA.  After discussion, the Council present agreed that the study should be done, but formal action concerning the study will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting, during the speakerphone conference.

                                                FIRE DEPT SNUFFER GRANT

It was reported that the Fire Department has received a $40,000 grant from FEMA Assistance to Firefighters for the purchase of a snuffer unit, turnouts, radios and hose.  The grant did not include funding for a vehicle to carry it, so one will have to be purchased separately thru city and community funding.  The possibility of trading the surplus ambulance for a truck was discussed.   Since the City has also received a grant for additional extrication equipment, it was suggested that the snuffer truck be equipped with the extrication equipment and dispatched on every accident run.  It was agreed that all the firemen should be trained on the extrication equipment to free up the EMTs for medical service.  Councilor Anderson will visit with Ann Wilson about the Council’s desire to see both Ambulance and Fire Department personnel trained on the equipment, and both units responding to accidents.  Idaho County will also be formally advised to dispatch both units to accident scenes.

                                                LONG PERSONNEL ACTION

Mayor Crump thanked Susan Long for her work helping the Fire Department begin the on-line reporting.  He and Fire Chief Dan Catherman are very appreciative of her help.

At this time, the Clerk reported that Susan’s 90-day probation was over in February.  She reported that Susan was an excellent employee, doing a very good job, and had completed all the on-line courses offered by the Idaho State Library.  Susan indicated that she liked her new job and would like to stay.  The Clerk then recommended that the Council approve her probation period, with a pay increase, as offered at the time of her employment.  The Council agreed, and after discussion, agreed to raise her salary to $10 per hour, effective February 1st.  Formal action on the probation and pay increase will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting during the speakerphone conference.


An ambulance bill was presented for the Council’s consideration for write-off.  All billings for the $766.20 run made for Jeremy Hamilton have been returned as undeliverable.  Apparently the man faked a heart attack, visited the Salmon River Medical Clinic, and the ambulance was called to transport him to McCall.  The address and phone number listed on the run sheet are not valid.  Apparently, the man had also done the same in Cottonwood and Grangeville, and all bills for his medical service at these facilities as well as McCall Hospital and the Salmon River Clinic have all been returned and are uncollectible.  Susan reported that she had researched his name, and the given address and phone number on the Internet, but found nothing valid. The Council present agreed that the bill should be written off, but formal action on the bill will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting during the speakerphone conference.


The Clerk reported that a $1700 grant for extrication equipment hoses and adapters has been received from Traffic Safety.  The EMTs have agreed to provide the cash match of $500 from the EMT Equipment fund.  After discussion, the Council present agreed to authorize the Clerk to sign the MOU as Grant Manager/Contracting Officer in the absence of the Mayor, but more formal action will be taken after review with Councilor Harper, later in the meeting during the speakerphone conference.

                                         HARPER TELEPHONE CONFERENCE

At this time, Councilor Harper was called and placed on speakerphone and the following items of business were reviewed:

(1)    The financial statement and bills were reviewed, and Councilor Harper confirmed that he had reviewed a copy of the statement.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nays. A copy of the financial statement is hereby attached and made a part of this record.

(2)    The Vendor Ordinance License was reviewed, and Councilor Harper confirmed that he had reviewed a copy of the ordinance as presented at the meeting.  After review, with no further discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to suspend with the rules requiring reading on three separate days.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nays.  Motion was then made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to pass and approve Ordinance #175, for Vendor Licensing, under suspension of the rules.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nays.

(3)    The Resolution to transfer the TV Cable franchise from Rapid Communication, to Country Cable and then on to Elk River Cable was reviewed with Councilor Harper.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to pass and approve Resolution 07-01 transferring the TV Franchise to Elk River Cable Company upon the receipt of the letters from Rapid Communication and Country Cable.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  No nays.  A copy of Resolution 07-01 is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

(4)    JUB’s proposal for a $1,000 water study was reviewed with Councilor Harper. He confirmed that he had heard the discussion at prior meetings, and agreed it should be done.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to authorize the $1,000 study by JUB, paid by Browns Industries with a reimbursement agreement through the URA funds. Voting yea, Anderson, McClure and Harper.  No nays.

(5)    Concerning Susan Long’s completion of probation and proposed $1 per hour raise, Councilor Harper agreed with the Council.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure to acknowledge Longs successful completion of her probationary period and offer her $10 per hour, effective February 1st.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  No nays.

(6)    In regards to the request to write-off the uncollectible ambulance bill for Jeremy Hamilton, Councilor Harper agreed.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure to write off the $766.20 bill for ambulance services as uncollectible.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nays.

(7)    And in regards to the Traffic Safety Grant for extrication equipment, Councilor Harper agreed with the Council.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to authorize the Clerk to sign the MOU and Contracting Officer/Grant Manager in the absence of the Mayor.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  No nays.

The Mayor and Council thanked Councilor Harper for his dedicated service in staying by the phone, making himself available for the telephone conference.  Everyone present wished him well and a speedy recovery, and the telephone conference was ended.

                                                MARCH COUNCIL MEETING


Councilor Underwood has requested that she not be required to return home for the March meeting, and suggested canceling the meeting.  The Council agreed that Underwood should not return from her vacation for one day, just to attend a Council meeting.  Since Councilor Harper may not be available for the meeting, due to medical reasons, and there would not be a quorum, the Mayor and Council authorized and requested that the payment of the payroll and regular bills be made as usual.  Mayor Crump will be absent from the meeting, but Councilors Anderson and McClure will conduct the regular meeting as scheduled, and will teleconference with Councilor Harper, if possible.  If Harper is not available, they will take public input at the meeting, but will not take legal action until a quorum is present.  It was also suggested that if Councilor Harper is available sometime during the week of the regularly scheduled meeting, the meeting may be rescheduled so that he could be present, if there is sufficient time for the legal 48-hour notice.  Mayor Crump will contact Councilor Underwood about the meeting plans and let her know that she does not have to return.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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