January 14, 2013 – 7:00 p.m.

City Hall


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Akins, McClure and Friend.  Guests present included Jim Kern, John Pottenger, Ross Campbell, June Whitten, Jonny Wilson, Curt Brimacomb, Jeff Joyce, Larry Duff, and Charlie Amell.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Mayor Crump noted in the City Projects report, Cemetery Hill Water line – add statement that this needs engineered again due to the time that has lapsed.  Friend made a motion to accept the minutes with the addition; McClure seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $1,276.00 paid after the December meeting, bringing the total December disbursements to $39,643.68.  Bills in the amount of $35,248.12 were then presented for payment.  Mayor Crump inquired as to how the Cammack Billing is figured; they bill the City 7% of the ambulance billings they process (processed $1,117.99 and billed City $78.26). After review, motion was made by McClure and seconded by Akins to approve the financial report and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record. 


At this point, Friend made a motion to add two items to the agenda:

1) JC Constructors – Clarifier Paint; and 2) Forest Service transfer of Pedestrian Bridge to City; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure. 


COMMUNITY CENTER COMPLAINT:  Jim Kern shared a concern he had about how the removal and dumping of 60-70 yards of dirt from the Community Center was handled; he felt the location the dirt was dumped at benefited Councilor Miller in that it was near the driveway approach to Miller’s property.  Mayor Crump informed Kern that the issue would be discussed and he would be advised as to the outcome.



EMS REPORT:  Curt Brimacomb distributed an incident report for 2012 containing a comparison of data over the last 8 years.  We have received notice that Medicare is in the process of paying outstanding ambulance billings.  Curt also distributed notes he compiled from the Multi-Casualty Incident training last week at Island Bar, commenting that Rocke Wilson was very helpful in coordinating the exercise. 

Curt reviewed a list of repairs needed:

1) Ambulance A – cracked windshield; requested approval to replace; Clerk will verify insurance coverage;

2) during training exercise, ambulance sustained some damage; requested repair on the tire chain arm that was bent; Rocke will check and may repair; if not, may need to have person come down from Lewiston ($150 travel);

3) requested added steps to the Extrication Vehicle (both sides) and Ambulance A (side door); difficult for some folks to get in without steps; cost is approximately $66 for the 3 steps;

4) requested studded snow tires for the Extrication Vehicle; Chevron quoted $220 each for a total cost of $900;

5) Ambulance Drivers Course has been postponed; will occur in February;

6) Janeen Eggebrecht had an accident on vacation injuring her shoulder; will be out of service for few months;

7) Roof leaking in ambulance building; Ross and John applied blackjack to the seams; will continue to monitor;

8) Carpets need cleaned in the training room; Jeff Joyce is willing to use his personal cleaning machine in will take care of this in the next couple weeks;

9) Urinal is not working; apparently, it was running continually so the valve was shut off;

10) Need to schedule cleaning for the training room.  The Council will discuss and Clerk will inform Curt of their decisions.


SHERIFF’S DEPT REPORT:  Jon Wilson reported that there were 51 calls in the area; 10 calls in the City with one citation in December.  He reviewed data from 2012 which showed that calls have increased:  Area – 22 DUI’s and 22 thefts; in the City – 246 calls; 15 DUI’s; 26 speeding citations for a total of 70 citations citywide.  The Clergy Assistance Fund form has been revised with the help of Pastor Scheline.  Wilson noted that the Bureau of Homeland Security sponsored the training exercise last week and should reimburse the City for damages to ambulance.

5kw GENERATOR BIDS:  Three bids were received for the surplus generator: 1) Buzz Hardy-$200; 2) Pat Baker-$76.34; and Larry Duff-$826.  McClure made a motion accept Larry Duff’s bid; Akins seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  Mr. Duff will bring a check to City Hall in the morning, and will make arrangements for pickup when the weather permits.  He also indicated he would be interested in bidding on the other lift station generator at the well house.



a)    MIOX – while attending a recent training in Lewiston, Ross and John met with specialist about the MIOX; for such a small plant, MIOX is very technical and expensive to maintain.  IRWA recommended replacing the MIOX with a chlorination system; cost would be $700 to setup (replumbing and purchase of new chlorination pump).  The City would then be able to use the current pump as a backup if necessary.  DEQ has no objection to implementing.

b)    Wellhouse #2 Heater – in budget to replace; Medley Electric will be contacted.

c)     Ann Wilson donated a Snow Plow attachment for City’s 4-wheeler.  Some modification works needs done to make it operational.

d)    Bullington Ditch – Jim Bullington has agreed to pay ½ the concrete cost; total cost for concrete will be approximately $600.  McClure made a motion to accept Bullington’s offer of $300 towards the cost to repair the ditch; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  Mayor Crump will notify Jim Bullington of the decision.

e)    Heritage Center –retrofit of the lights is in the budget; Medley Electric will proceed with the work.

f)     Consultant Agreement – will be discussed in Executive Session.

g)    Flume Project – Gale Larson has given the City permission to access the flume for the project.  JUB Engineers will need to look at the plan; considering “Howe Truss” design.  For projects in excess of $50,000, a Public Works License is required.  When project put out for bid, need to consider all options for replacement of the flume.

h)    Sewer Plant Heater – Medley Electric has quoted a price of $700; was not budgeted for.  McClure made a motion to proceed with Medley Electric installing a new heater in the Sewer Plant office at a cost of $700; seconded by Akins.  Voting yea, McClure, Akins, and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.



1.      Jeff Joyce reported the department responded to two calls: 1) fire at NRA office, and 2) possible fuel spill as result of wreck.

2.      An inspection was completed at Head Start. 

3.      Jeff has been working with the State Fire Marshall, and would like to start inspecting and mapping local businesses to be prepared in the event of an emergency; would also update contact names and phone numbers. 

4.      The Multi-Casualty Incident training went very well; is a good recruiting tool for both Fire and EMS.

5.      Discussed combining the Fire/EMS departments; Jeff stated it is standard practice to them combined. 

6.      Discussed fire trucks; truck donated from New Meadows may be a detriment causing the department to not be able to get better vehicles.  The old Ford has a blown seal; this is quite a valuable and collectible model.

7.      Discussed Forest Service criteria for working on fires; Jeff stated the City must pursue the Forest Service with what the department has available to assist with, for example the Foam Truck.  Jeff is working to get on the Forest Service list.  Will be an item for future budget discussions.

8.      McCall Fire Department provides certified trainings every month along with online training with Boise covering various subjects.  McCall has stated they would like to train with Riggins Fire Department.

9.      Foam Truck – requested approval to repair broken hinges on truck boxes; also would like to have shelves installed in truck boxes.

10.    Requested approval to purchase flashlights and absorbent mats.

11.    Need to bill Trailway Bus Company for the time, personnel and supplies used in the fuel spill cleanup a few months ago. 

12.    Fee schedule for fire personnel, dispatching of vehicles, etc. needs located for Jeff.

13.    Dive Team “Cascade” system for filling air bottles needs valve repairs; system needs maintenance evaluation and hydrostatic tests; leaking and losing pressure.  Dave Olson and Mark Hollon were involved in the purchase and setup, and may have some idea of how to proceed.





McClure made a motion to approve the following requests, and to deny the purchase of studded tires at this time; Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.


ü Urinal – approved; Gary Miller will repair when returns from vacation.

ü Carpet Cleaning – approved; city will pay for supplies; Jeff Joyce will use his equipment.

ü Ambulance A Windshield – approved with the suggestion of waiting until spring when gravel is off roads, then proceed with replacement.

ü Repair bent arm/tire chain mechanism – approved; bill the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security since damaged occurred during the MCI training.

ü Steps on Extrication Vehicle – approved.

Studded Tires on Extrication Vehicle – denied; add to next budget cycle.


CLEANING REQUEST:  Discussed cleaning of the Ambulance Bay and Training Room, Heritage Center, Riggins Community Center (upon completion), Park restrooms, and City Hall.  Also discussed purchasing all paper products for city’s facilities from one vendor such as Sysco or Blue Ribbon.  Issue will be on the February Council Meeting agenda.



Akins made a motion to approve the following requests; Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.

ü Cascade System air tank repair – request that Dave Olson check the system out; get an idea of what the problem is and cost to repair.  Consult with Roy Akins when cost determined; possibly split repair cost with Dive Team. 

ü Truck Boxes – hinge repair and shelves – approved.

ü Flashlights and Absorbent Mats – approved.


SNOWPLOW:  Proceed with having Buzz Hardy modify for use on 4-wheeler.  Mayor Crump requested that a thank you letter be sent to Ann Wilson.


SURPLUS GENERATOR – WELL HOUSE #2:  Discussed putting the generator out for bid.  Akins made a motion to advertise in the City News for bids for the generator at Well House #2, including removal, and to accept bids until 5 p.m. on Monday, February 11th; McClure seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried. 


McClure made a motion to table the discussion of the Riggins Community Center policies on fee structure, deposits, etc., and the Ambulance Building until the February 11th meeting; Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.


CLARIFIER PAINT – JC CONSTRUCTORS:  Reviewed recent e-mails and negotiations on project costs.


LITTLE SALMON PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE:  Forest Service contacted Mayor Crump about transferring the bridge to the City.  Mayor Crump stated that the last inspection was done May 2010, and is now past due.  He referenced the list of criteria that must be met before the transfer can occur. 



NUCKOLS – SEWER CONNECTION BILLING:  Rob Nuckols is disputing the billing; reviewed the Ordinance which specifies that repair time and materials are to be paid by the property owner.  The Council agreed that the bill was correct.


FLUME PROJECT:  discussed putting the project out for Public Works bids and see what options are offered; there are several ways to complete the project with various price ranges.  Project was included in the budget for $50,000 out of Resort Tax.  Akins stressed the need to cut costs to maintain the irrigation ditch since receipts don’t come close to covering the cost.  Discussed utilizing the Inmate Program with the Idaho Sheriff’s Department for cleaning the ditch.  Mayor Crump will contact Paul Stevens at JUB Engineering with three alternatives.

CHUKAR LANE – STREET SIGN:  Murdock’s requesting a street sign.  Discussed ownership of the street; since the City does not own the street, it is the developer’s responsibility to post signage.


FIREWORKS – JETBOAT RACES:  The Jetboat Races Committee is proposing fireworks for the Friday night Boat Show.  The Fire Chief is responsible for approving or denying such requests.  Issue will be tabled until the February 11th City Council meeting when Jeff Joyce will be in attendance.

DEQ ANNUAL ASSESSMENT FEE:  Mayor Crump reported that the Parma City Council has contacted the City regarding this fee, stating they feel the tax is unjust and a burden to citizens.  In addition, one of the Parma Council members had contacted their State Representative and Senator who are looking into the tax and are willing to write a bill to abolish it.  The Clerk will research how the fee is determined (based on number of water meters) and how current their information is, and what the benefit is to the City.  Discuss further at the February 11th City Council Meeting.


2013 ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LICENSE:  Requirements for renewal of 2013 City of Riggins ABL – must have State and County licenses.  Discussed including a requirement that Resort Taxes must be current.  The City ABL does state that approval is dependent upon the Licensee’s compliance with all State, County and City Ordinances.  McClure made a motion to authorize the Clerk to approve the 2013 Alcohol Beverage License renewals upon proper application and payment of fees, including having a current Resort Tax status; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


COMMUNITY REVIEW:  Mayor Crump met with Melisa Bryant of the Ida-Lew Economic Development Council recently regarding the benefits of conducting a 3-day Community Review the Fall of 2013.  Cost would be $1,200; Melisa felt Idaho Power would be willing to cover a portion of the cost.  Council discussed the process; declined the offer.


COMPLIANCE COORDINATOR APPOINTMENT:  The Clerk reported on a recent meeting with CEDA staff regarding compliance resolutions and documents needing to be updated.  Friend made a motion to appoint Brenda Tilley as the Compliance Coordinator for the City including ADA Coordinator, Citizen Review Committee, Grievance and Non-Discrimination Manager; McClure seconded.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.  Clerk will review list of deficiencies and correct for discussion at the February 11th meeting.


AMBULANCE BILLING ADJUSTMENTS:  Auditor requested that billings FY2005 and prior be transferred out of the current billing; total amount is $24,687.47.  Friend made a motion to move the FY05 and prior ambulance billings in the amount of $24,687.47 as per auditor’s request; seconded by McClure.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


AMBULANCE BILLING – REQUEST FOR ADJUSTMENT:  Mayor Crump received another request to adjust the Gail Travis ambulance bill; Embree’s held a fundraiser recently resulting in $300 they would like to apply to the account and request that the balance be forgiven.  Following discussion, Akins made a motion to request that Ms. Travis continue to make monthly payments, and to use the $300 however she sees fit; McClure seconded the motion.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


SURFACE WATER ORDINANCE:  Clerk will send copies of the Ordinance to Fire Chief and EMS Director.


At 11:15 p.m. motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure to go into Executive Session per Idaho Code 67-2345c to discuss a labor negotiation issue.  Voting yea, Akins, McClure and Friend.  No nays, motion carried.  At 11:30 p.m., motion was made by Akins, seconded by Friend, to end this Executive Session.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


At 11:31 p.m., motion was made by Friend, seconded by Akins, to go into Executive Session per Idaho Code 67-2345d to discuss records exempt from disclosure.  Voting yea, Akins, McClure and Friend.  No nays, motion carried.  At 12:00 a.m., motion was made by Akins, seconded by Friend, to end this Executive Session.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


At 12:01 a.m., motion was made by McClure, seconded by Akins, to go into Executive Session per Idaho Code 67-2345i to discuss a potential claim.  Voting yea, Akins, McClure and Friend.  No nays, motion carried.  At 12:38 a.m., motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to end this Executive Session and resume regular business.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays, motion carried.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 a.m.


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