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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Anderson, Friend, McClure and Barnard.  Guests present included Adam Greene and Marcus Schiebe.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  The Council were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $23,749.61 bills paid after the December meeting, bringing the total December bills to $44,168.12.  Bills in the amount of $20,418.51were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend ,McClure and Barnard.  No nays.


Adam Greene visited with the Council indicating that he had purchased City Atty Dennis Albers’s business.  He had taken over the Deputy Prosecutor position and the City of Grangeville, and wanted to introduce himself to the Council as a potential City Atty. The Council visited with him about his education and experience.  Greene indicated that he was representing Bruce Long in a civil matter, so that may be a conflict with Deputy Clerk Susan Long.  If so, he would recommend the Grangeville attorneys Joe Wright or Kirk McGregor.


Marcus Schiebe, School Superintendent, visited with the Council about snow removal and sanding of Ace’s Place.  With the recent weather, it has been impossible to get the buses and school traffic up the street.  He had previously contacted the County Road Department, and they had plowed and sanded the street, but indicated that since it was a city street, the City should be contacted.  Charlie Amell reported that the City has no gravel truck or plow, and they have to haul and spread it by hand, all manual labor.  Since it takes the City crew several hours to do what the County Road Dept can do in 15 minutes, he had also asked the County for assistance.  After discussion, it was agreed that the Council should consider purchasing a 4-wheeler for plowing and sanding the street.  In the interim, the Clerk was requested to contact Gene Meinen, Idaho County Road Dept and Idaho County Commissioners to contract with them to plow and gravel as needed for the remainder of the year.  In addition to Ace’s Place, Cemetery Hill and the North Riggins approach was also discussed as areas that may need gravel.


For information purposes, Schiebe reported that, contrary to current rumors, the ASK building has not been condemned.  However, he indicated that the building’s basement is no longer useable or suitable to rent.


There was no police report made for the month of December.


Charlie Amell reported on the following:

(1)    The survey of the sewer plant property should be completed and a corrected deed prepared to include the property to the high water line.  He thought that JUB could do that without any additional charge.

(2)    The 30% design completion meeting went well and JUB is proceeding with the project. 

(3)    Brett Converse reported that they were trying to move the sewer project schedule up one month to take advantage of the number of contractors available.

(4)    Letters of Intent will be submitted to DEQ for grant funding for the Water Study.


There was no formal CCC report, however it was reported that the CABS ridership had increased 350% in the last month, with three special trips to McCall planned to take in the Winter Carnival.


The sign ordinance review was discussed.  It was agreed that Larry Barnard would e-mail his proposal to the Council for their review at the next meeting.


The Identity Theft Regulation, which has been modified for Riggins and reviewed by the Council, will be on the February meeting agenda for formal action, by either resolution or ordinance, since it is required to be in place by March.


The Clerk reported that delivery companies were complaining about the house numbering system assigned to Chukkar Point Subdivision. The subdivision had previously been designated as 1331 S., with each lot number following.  UPS indicated that lot numbers or apartment numbers are frequently left off addresses, making delivery to these areas difficult.  After discussion, it was agreed that the lots should be numbered individually, as consistent with the rest of the city.  It was suggested that the Clerk contact Idaho Power and the phone company about the changes being considered.


After further discussion about the need to find a replacement for City Atty Dennis Albers, it was agreed that letters should be written to Kirk McGregor, Greg FitzMaurice, Joe Wright and Adam Greene to determine their interest in contracting with the City. The Council asked that they provide information about their fee structure, hourly basis or retainer, with responses requested for the February meeting.


At this time the 2009 Alcohol Beverage License renewals were discussed.  The 2008 licenses expire the end of January.   After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to approved the 2009 renewals upon their proper application and payment of fees.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, and Friend.  Councilor McClure abstained from voting.  No nays.


At this time, Mayor Crump reported that the terms of two URA Board members, Tom Anderson and Larry Barnard, expired in January.  Upon the recommendation of the URA, Mayor Crump re-appointed Tom Anderson and Larry Barnard for four-year terms, expiring in January 2013.  Motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to confirm the URA appointments.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


The Clerk reported that Idaho Power had requested that a work order be signed, along with the payment for service, before the electric power could be installed and delivered to the Dive Team Building.  After discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to authorize the Dive Team building work, and Councilor Tom Anderson to sign any authorization necessary.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


It was reported that Travis Hollon inquired about splitting his Aces Place property into two parcels.  If the properties were split, the Council agreed that the water and sewer service would have to be separated, and Hollon should discuss it in advance with PWD Charlie Amell.  In discussing hookup fees, it was agreed that since the sewer hookup fees paid previously by Hollon had been based on the property current EUs, there would be no additional sewer hookup fees required.  However, hookup fees for the additional water service were questionable.  The Council requested that the Clerk look into previous property splits to see how it had been handled in the past.  In any case, the Council agreed that Hollon would be responsible for any material and labor costs the City incurred in connection with changing the water and sewer hookups.


Councilor Anderson reported that recent Fire Dept meetings and training sessions were not well attended.  He suggested that the Council consider a Fire Dept bonus, similar to the EMS on-call bonus, for attendance at training meetings.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to pay $20 per fireman, per training attended, to be paid in December as a bonus, and to consider the paying of standby in future budgets.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays. It was suggested that the Firemen Burnout Fund be used to fund the bonus, and the Clerk was requested to contact the Burnout Fund committee about that possibility.  It was also suggested that the Council consider paying standby, on-call for firemen, in the upcoming budget process.


At this time, Letters of Interest forms for DEQ loan and grants were reviewed.  Paul Stevens, from JUB, had provided the forms and information for filing.  He had recommended that the Council submit Letters of Interest for Water Planning, additional Wastewater Planning, and both water and sewer project loans.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to submit Letters of Interest in DEQ’s Drinking Water Planning Grant, Drinking Water Project Loan, Wastewater Planning Grant and Wastewater Project Loan programs.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Since Riggins is in the Lewiston DEQ district, the Council requested that Tom Moore, of Lewiston DEQ, be contacted about the submittals also.


It was reported that Robert Ader and Mike Cornforth had taken the Rural Water training offered recently in Riggins.  Robert Ader will plan to take the Water Certification test offered in February.  It was suggested that the Council inquire about possible waiver of the certification requirements, and Councilor Barnard will check into the regulation.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.






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