City Hall



The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, McClure and Barnard. 

Councilor Underwood was absent.  Guests present included Council-Elect Carolyn Friend, Jim and Margaret Medley, Jim Birdsall, Dick Gardner,

Richelle Barger, Jonny Wilson, Lorry Harper, Ann Wilson, Susan Long and Charlie Amell.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  The Council were individually polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes

of the previous meeting.  The Mayor noted the following correction to the garbage bids:  4-Yard:  Lakeshore $119.65 and Walco $185.40;

6-Yard: Lakeshore $153.49 and Walco $278.10.  The minutes were then approved as corrected.


The financial statement was read detailing $15,949.85 bills paid after the December meeting, bringing the total December 2007 disbursements

to $43,126.59.  Bills in the amount of $40,313.38 were then presented for payment. After review, motion was made by McClure, seconded

by Anderson, to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard and McClure.  No nays. A copy of the

financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


The subject of Walco’s final payment was brought up.  It was reported that Walco removed the garbage carts from Riggins on December 27,

and their service ended on that day.  Lakeshore disbursed their garbage receptacles on December 27th, and provided all garbage service during

the period December 28-31.  After discussion, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, to pro-rate the December garbage

collections, paying Walco for the period December 1-27, and Lakeshore Disposal for the period December 28-31.  Voting yea, Anderson,

Barnard and McClure.  No nays.


At this time Mayor Crump addressed the Council and guests present, listing the many accomplishments of the previous two years: 

(1)   Accepted the Dive Team into the Riggins Fire Department – indicating that this organization came well trained, well equipped

as a wonderful addition to the City and have proven not to be a burden to the City taxpayers.

(2)   Annexation of the mill site, Cemetery Hill properties as well as areas to the south and west, all properties served by city utilities.

(3)   Completion of the Sewer Facility Plan.

(4)   Designated Riggins as a Resort City and approval of the 2% Resort Tax.

(5)   Created the Riggins Urban Renewal District, appointed the URA Board, developed and provided administration for the URA Plan.

(6)   Completed a water study to define system needs for future development.

(7)   As a result of needs identified in the Sewer Facility Study, a sewer plant renovation project for the headworks and dewatering

system was designed and a $1.3 bond election passed in preparation of the repair and major renovation project.  He commended

the Council and community for working together on this issue and thanked the citizens for their vote and trust.

(8)   Authorized a White Water Park Feasibility Study.

(9)   Joined the state retirement program, PERSI, making those benefits available for city employees.

(10)     Selected a new city solid waste contractor - Lake Shore Disposal, from McCall.

(11)     The City also purchased a new ambulance, a snuffer foam fire fighting unit and four computers for the Library.  He thanked

Ann Wilson, Dan Catherman and Susan Long for their efforts in these accomplishments.

Mayor Crump also thanked the Council members for their efforts in making these things possible, indicating that they accomplished this by 
working together for a common goal in the best interest of the City.  

Mayor Crump also expressed his appreciation for the service of outgoing Council member Suzann Underwood and former Councilor Bob Harper.  
On behalf of her late husband, Lorry Harper accepted a Certificate of Appreciation, presented for the many years of Bob’s dedicated service to 
the City and the community.   Although Councilor Underwood was not present at the meeting to accept the award, a Certificate of Appreciation 
commending her for her service to the City was also read.

At this time Council-Elect Carolyn Friend was asked to join the Council, and the Oath of Office was administered to her and newly elected Larry Barnard.  
Mayor Crump presented each with a Certificate of Election. A Certificate of Appointment to the URA Board was also presented to Carolyn Friend.

Mayor Crump then made the following Council Commission appointments: Anderson – Emergency Services, Barnard – Sewer, Friend – 
Water, and McClure – Facilities (City Hall, Library, Recreation, Parks, Sanitation and Streets).

The first order of business for the new City Council was the election of Council President.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, 
to nominate Glenna McClure.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion was then made by Barnard, seconded by Anderson, 
that nominations cease and to elect Glenna McClure as Council President.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  

Mayor Crump then made the following appointments:  Clerk-Treasurer – June Whitten, Public Works Director – Charlie Amell, Fire Chief – Dan Catherman, 
Deputy Clerk/Librarian – Susan Long. City Attorney – Dennis Albers, Emergency Medical Supervisor – Ann Wilson.  Motion was made by Barnard, 
seconded by Friend, to confirm the appointments as made by the Mayor.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

At this time Jim Birdsall and Dick Gardner presented the Wellness Center Feasibility Study to the Council.  They gave the final presentation of the 
study results, providing a architect’s rendition of a facility that contained 200+ seating capacity with tables and chairs, professional medical offices, 
900 sq ft exercise room, physical therapy room, walking track, 50 space parking and an optional three lane outdoor lap pool.  They estimated facility 
construction costs to be $990,000 with furnishings.  They suggested three possibilities for ownership, either the City, a non-profit private group, or the URA.

They outlined grant, loan and funding possibilities for construction and reviewed estimated operation and maintenance revenues and expense.  
Birdsall reported that considering the estimations listed above, the Wellness Center project is not feasible since the costs exceed the funding, 
however they recommended moving forward on the project with low risk, pre-development activity such as the following:  research and 
gathering of more information on membership fees, equipment rental costs, site cost with possible public-private partnership, 
senior center corroboration, construction donations of material and labor.  They also suggested further research into alternate funding such 
as endowment funds, estate donations, alumni solicitation, etc, indicating that these efforts are tipping points that could make the project work.  
Both he and Gardner felt that the Wellness Center was a good project, and a good fit for Riggins, but would actually be a real estate 
development project requiring community support and strong leadership.  They suggested that a Wellness Center Team be established, 
with regular meetings, and task groups formed to work with property owners for site development, to arrange for grant writing and fund 
raising support, to contact the URA and their bond counsel about funding or borrowing the $1M needed for construction, and to solicit 
individual membership fees.  Jim Birdsall also offered to be a part of that team to assist the group, if the Council decides to move forward with the project.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Birdsall also requested an extension of his Wellness Center Feasibility Study contract to January 14, 2008. 
 After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Anderson, to accept the Wellness Center Study as presented and approve the 
contract extension as requested.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  

Mayor Crump thanked Birdsall and Gardner for their work on the study and the thorough presentation made to the Council.

At this time old business resumed, and it was noted that there was no monthly police report made.  

Charlie Amell reported on the progress of the SkidSteer equipment bids.  He had received the quotes from Burk Tractor for a $20,220.13 
Case unit with $9302.33 backhoe attachment and $6430.22 sweeper and one from Bell Equip for a $23,000 John Deere unit with an $8300 
backhoe and $4900 sweeper attachment.  He had also received a quote for a $24,600 Cat unit, with no options or attachments.  
Amell recommended that the Council purchase a unit capable of the sweeper attachment.  However, since the bids were higher than anticipated,
 he suggested that the Council wait to add the sweeper attachment when grant funding may be available to assist with that purchase.  
Since the bids were very similar and Amell was still reviewing the equipment specifications, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by 
Anderson, to authorize Amell to make the selection and purchase the equipment unit best suited to his needs, along with the backhoe 
attachment, with such purchase not to exceed $32,000.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

At this time Jonny Wilson gave the CCC report:

(1)     Economic Development Team – This group is getting started, with their completed mission statement including the promotion of 
Riggins, a resource pool and a mentorship program.  He reported that Team Leader Brad Sawyer would attend the Idaho-Lew 
meeting scheduled in Riggins January 22nd. 

(2)     Gun Club – This group is still trying to find a site for the shooting range.  They are currently working with BLM, and will 
try to send a representative to the shooting range conference scheduled in March in Nevada.

(3)     CRATE – Crate officials have met with Lake Shore Disposal, who seem willing to help pursue the recycle program.  
They will be meeting with Waste Connection officials for further discussion, and it is their vision to make Riggins a proto-type
 for the recycling program. He reported that a member of their committee is also representing Riggins on the Idaho County’s new Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

(4)     Farmers Market – January 28th will be the first meeting of the new year for this committee, with the 2008 Farmers Market opening scheduled in April.

(5)     CAB’s – This group has been the most active, surveying citizens and gathering statistics about the community transportation needs. 
 A used bus, which seats 8 ambulatory passengers and two wheelchairs, has been purchased from Lewiston’s Valley Transit.  
It is currently being refurbished with new CABS logos installed.  He thanked Mark Hollon and Carolyn Friend for their help in getting this done.  
He invited everyone to the “Eat & Scratch” CABs fundraiser scheduled for February 7th, at the SRHS Multipurpose Room.  
There will be a spaghetti dinner, bingo, music and fun for all.  Wilson also indicated that they would be contacting large corporations to help 
with funding operating expenses.

The subject of the sewer easement encroachment at River Village RV was brought up at this time.  The Clerk reported that C&B 
had been contacted about the cost of moving the trailer.  C&B indicated that they had placed the trailer on the property in the location
 indicated by the park manager, and estimated the cost of replacing the axles, moving, and setting the trailer up on the same property 
at about $1700, and $2500 if it had to be moved off the property.  Mayor Crump reported that he had visited the property, but Mr. Folwell 
was not at home, and had not returned his call as requested.  After discussion of the easement encroachment, which had not been 
addressed by Folwells after two years and several City verbal and written requests, motion was made by Barnard, seconded by 
Anderson, to direct City Atty Albers to take the necessary measures, including a court order if necessary, to remove the trailer 
from the easement, with a copy of all correspondence being cc’ed to George Calvin.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays. 

To fill the vacancies on the URA board, which were due to the expiration of positions originally held by Bob Harper and 
Suzann Underwood, Mayor Crump appointed Carolyn Friend and Norm Klobetanz (citizen representative) to serve on the 
Urban Renewal Agency for a term of three years each.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to 
approve and confirm those appointments.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays. 
At this time Emergency Medical Supervisor Ann Wilson visited with the Council about several issues:

(1)      The Salmon River Road Project will dramatically impact ambulance service in the river area, and she had been working 
with DEBCO finalizing an emergency plan for medical services, which will be posted on the Federal Highways website.  
It is planned that the QRU vehicle will be parked at Lake Creek, on the east side of the construction, fully equipped for 
emergency transport.  DEBCO will take care of it with gas, security and will help with patient transport, turning the vehicles 
around, travel through the construction site, etc. She indicated that DEBCO officials had been very cooperative in the plan’s preparation.

(2)      She reported that the 4X4 Quick Response Unit (QRU) is owned and equipped by the SR EMS group for back 
country, off highway rescue.  The vehicle is licensed in their name and Idaho County, who provided the vehicle insurance.  
It has historically been located in Lucile, but since there is no longer sufficient EMT manpower in that area to provide 24/7 
coverage, it was not a qualified unit, and was no longer covered by insurance. Wilson indicated that the EMS group desired 
to give the vehicle to the City to continue its use in connection with the Ambulance Service. After discussion, motion was made 
by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to accept the QRU vehicle as proposed.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.
  No nays.  Wilson indicated that she will contact Idaho County about releasing their name from the title.  Since the vehicle 
is currently without insurance, and its immediate use is planned in connection with the Salmon River Road Project, motion 
was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to officially lease the vehicle to provide insurance until the transfer of ownership
 is complete.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

(3)      Wilson reported that due to Dr. Droge’s retirement, the EMS group is required to select a new Medical Director.  
She explained that the Riggins Ambulance is an advanced unit, and the advanced EMTs must practice under the license 
of a doctor, acting as the group’s Medical Director.  Dr Hall had been approached to work with the group, but declined. 
 The new Payette Lakes Clinic doctor now working in Riggins, Dr. Terri Mucha, has indicated interest in the position, however,
 not as volunteer.  Wilson reported that, in the past, doctors had volunteered their services as EMS Medical Directors, 
but now most were requesting paid contracts, due to the nature of the responsibility and time involved.  Medical Directors 
now are required to be more hands on with the EMT organizations, reviewing ambulance run performance and procedure 
and actually direct the group.  Dr. Mucha proposed a contract of $75 per hour, as actually worked, or $250 per month 
($3,000) per year for the service.  After discussion, since it was unknown the number of hours required, motion was made 
by Anderson, seconded by Barnard, to contract with Dr. Mucha to act as the Riggins Ambulance Medical Director for 
$250 per month, for one year.  At the end of the year, the contract will be reviewed with adjustments as needed.  
Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

(4)      Wilson reported that both ambulances must be plugged in at the ambulance bay, to maintain the batteries.  They are 
now using cords, which are continually broken, and requested authorization to contact an electrician to hardwire the plugs for 
better stability.  The Council agreed.

(5)      Wilson reported that a driving course is needed for all ambulance drivers.  She indicated that driving the ambulance 
is not simply driving a vehicle.  There are many electrical checks to be made, and various procedures that should be done 
everyday by the driver on call, to assure that the vehicle is ready and operable in the event of a call.  She offered to teach the 
course, and feels that it must be required for every driver.  The Council expressed no objection to the requirement.  
Wilson also expressed the need for random drug and alcohol testing for drivers, EMTs and all city personnel.  After discussion,
 it was suggested that she contact the school or River Adventures to visit with them for more information on drug testing.

(6)      Riggins Emergency Plan – She reported that while he was Mayor, Ace Barton created the Riggins Emergency Plan, 
and that she had been reviewing it and updating the information.  She said that every City is required to have an emergency 
plan, with the Mayor and Council responsible for the leadership in the event of a disaster.  She suggested that when the document 
is completely updated, a special meeting should be held to implement the plan, and familiarize everyone with the various 
procedures and responsibilities the plan outlines.  The Council agreed.

On a personal note, Wilson inquired about the leash law and the many dogs that are running at large.  She reported there are
 several female dogs in heat and several dogs were running loose, soiling properties, creating problems for other dog owners.  
The Council agreed to address the problem in the city newsletter, reminding everyone of the leash law and fines for dogs at large.

Wilson also spoke about the increasing speeding traffic, both trucks and cars, and about the use of jake brakes through town, 
especially by the logging trucks.  After discussion, the Council agreed it was a problem and would write letters to JF Morgan Logging 
and Bennett Forest Products.  The companies would be asked to post the notices in their scaling shack, to advise the truck drivers 
against speeding and the use of jake brakes in Riggins.  Councilor Anderson also indicated that he was working on the speed indicator
 sign, and would have that updated information available at the next meeting.  The Council agreed that the speed indicator sign 
would be an excellent way to remind travelers of the reduced speed limit.  ITD will also be contacted again about getting the  
“25 MPH Unless Otherwise Posted” signs.

The renewals for the Alcohol Beverage Licenses, which expire 1/31/08, were discussed.  After discussion, motion was made by Friend, 
seconded by McClure, to approve the 2008 ABL renewals and authorize the Clerk to issue the license upon their proper application 
and payment of fees.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

At this time Ordinance #185, which updated the current garbage regulation, was read:



During discussion, it was noted that the ordinance made the following changes to the current law:  Provision for Additional Services, including dumpsters, carry out, etc., and provision for billing; Eliminating the rounding up of EU fractions if commercial assessment is .5 or lower; Providing a waiver of monthly fee only if the property is vacant the entire billing cycle and the city notified in advance; Eliminating the provision allowing 4EU maximum for one disposal site; and providing EU assessment for long term RV rental.   After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to suspend with the rules requiring reading on three separate days.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  Motion was then made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to pass and approve Ordinance #185 establishing the new garbage regulations under suspension of the rules.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.

City of Riggins Resolution # 08-01 was then read, establishing new garbage rates, to be effective January 1, 2008.  After review, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to pass and approve Resolution #08-01.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.  A complete copy of the resolution is attached and hereby made a part of this record.

The proposed garbage contract with Lake Shore Disposal was reviewed.  It was noted that Lake Shore officials were also reviewing the contract draft, but had not yet responded.  After review, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Friend, to approve the draft as presented and authorize the Mayor to execute it, if approved by Lake Shore officials.  If Lake Shore desired changes to the proposal, the matter would be revisited at the next meeting.  Voting yea, Anderson, Barnard, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


Linda Heiter, who is writing a grant for ASK funding, requested that a letter of support be written on behalf of their grant application.  The Council agreed.

Councilor Anderson reported that Dave Tucker was constructing the shelving and upper storage area in the Emergency Services Building.  It was reported also that LeRoy Shaw had built shelves in the Dive Team Building.

Mayor Crump reported that the City will now have a new electronic service available to citizens.  A separate e-mail address:  rigginsutilities @gmail.com has been set up to be used to receive complaints, address utility problems, and to send out notices and information concerning city activities.  The new address will be advertised in the newsletter, and citizens asked to use it for city utility correspondence.  He reported Susan Long would be monitoring the site, addressing the problems.  Citizens could also notify the City of their e-mail addresses, which can be used to transmit city notices, newsletters, etc. when public notification is needed.  This service will be another way to provide instant information to our community, and provide an avenue of communication outside of the regular business hours.

The Clerk reported that there were loan funds available through DEQ for sewer renovation projects.  Since their interest rate was reported to be 3%, the Council requested that DEQ be contacted for further information on their loan application. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



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