December 12, 2013 1 p.m.

City Hall

A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor McClure.  Councilors present were Akins, and Miller; Councilor Friend was absent.  Guests: Adam Green (City Attorney), Kim Zolman and Thron VanKomen (Riggins One Stop), Charlie Amell, John Pottenger, Ross Campbell, and Roy Chisom (Interstate Petroleum) via telephone.

The purpose of this special meeting was to resolve the storm drain location concern at the Riggins One Stop.  Mayor McClure welcomed those in attendance, and stressed the need to find a solution to the storm drain issue.

Thron VanKomen described several inexpensive, reusable, specialty products and equipment designed to clean up situations such as the diesel spill that occurred in July 2012 (JME Sales, newpig.com, Masseruder in Boise). He stated he had tried to get some of the absorbent products prior to this meeting to share with the City today. He indicated a plug could have been installed to prevent discharge into the river.  Thron expressed concern with the city not having a storm water prevention program in place when the incident occurred. 

Thron stated the One Stop currently has a witches hat in the storm drain which is checked every month as part of their maintenance program.  He also stated they could change the handle on the diesel dispenser to one that only operates when in the upright position, and would not have a lock on the handle.  Thron and Kim stated they would be willing to install and maintain absorbent bags/pillows in the ROS storm drain as part of their monthly maintenance program, and to maintain witches hats in all storm drains on their property. 

Kim and Thron stated they got all approvals required prior to installing the new diesel dispenser.  Thron stated he wished hed been available when the incident occurred to provide his expertise.  He felt Doug Stowers was a resource for pumping waste oils in the future.  EPA should have spill containment plans available online to refer to.

Roy Chisom, Interstate Petroleum, indicated that it would be beneficial to have someone inspect the chamber design.  The chamber should have a discharge outlet pipe in the bottom of the chamber; fuel sits on top of water; this design allows water to be discharged at the bottom leaving the fuel in the top.  It appears the current design discharges from the top.  Roy asked that a drawing of the vault specs be forwarded to him to review.  He is willing to come to Riggins after the holidays to make recommendations. 

At this point, Thron and Kim indicated they would be attending the next City Council meeting, and to bring some of the absorbent materials described.  At this time, they excused themselves from the meeting.

Easement:  There was some discussion if an easement is needed since the Riggins One Stop is willing to install and maintain absorbent bags in the storm drain.  Adam Green believed it would be beneficial to get an easement to allow the City to perform maintenance and upkeep on the storm drain.  Charlie suggested installing absorbent materials in the LDS Church storm drain.  There are three storm drains on private property in the City Riggins One Stop, LDS Church and Pine Tree Credit Union.  An easement is needed from all three of these property owners. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.