December 10, 2012 – 7:00 p.m.

City Hall


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Miller, Akins, McClure and Friend.  Guests present included John Pottenger, Ross Campbell, June Whitten, Jonny Wilson, Paul Stevens and Nicolas Hiebert of J-U-B Engineers.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Friend made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Miller seconded.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $1,358.67 paid after the November meeting, bringing the total November disbursements to $73,018.89.  Bills in the amount of $18,922.63 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by Friend and seconded by Miller to approve the financial report and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record. 


J-U-B ENGINEERS:  Paul Stevens visited with the Council regarding a couple projects.  Specifically, the Clarifier paint issue; project needs to be done prior to May 3, 2013 (rodeo weekend).  Also, the water line on Cemetery Hill needs to be replaced; the section from the road to the top (approximately 125 feet) has plans done and will be addressed in the Spring of 2013.  Lastly, the Flume issue has not been resolved.   Nicolas Hiebert recently passed the Professional Engineer exam, and is looking forward to working with the City.  Nicolas presented information on Water and Sewer System Sustainability and Financial Planning; distributed handout.  Mayor Crump stated that the City deposits monies in a fund as required by the USDA Bond with the goal being that in 30 years, the City will have enough saved to replace the system at that time.  Nicolas stressed the need to plan for the future; long term planning should consider inflation of approximately 3%. 



POLICE REPORT:  Johnny Wilson reported that there were 79 calls in the area, 5 thefts and 17 citations issued.  Within the city, there were 23 calls, 2 thefts and 12 citations.  He stated that the Sheriff’s Department recently did an emphasis patrol for impaired drivers; as a result there were 4 controlled substance and 4 paraphenalia citations issued to out of area drivers.  Wilson reported that Riggins City stickers are now available in paperwork packets to make sure the correct city is credited.  He also stated that the mobile weigh station program has had a funding cut which may contribute to a decrease in revenue.  Lastly, he mentioned that there has been increased patrolling at the park.  


CITY PROJECTS:  Ross Campbell presented the project report:

a)    Bullington Irrigation Ditch – ditch has been cleared out; a sump pump box with a crack and a 3” line was found and could be the cause of water leaking.  When the weather permits, that will be sealed off with concrete.  It appears the ditch has concrete on both ends of the Bullington property, but the middle portion was skipped.  Ross and John propose to work the ditch bank and put in concrete as there is on both ends; the silt that is in the ditch would be spread out along the bank and compacted; from the middle of the ditch up 3’ on the Bullington side of the bank would be formed up, as well as putting a screed in every 10’ to ensure an even 3” from bottom to top.  Then, would order 5 yards of concrete with a 6 bag mix with a bag of micro fiber per yard.  After curing, would mark off every 15 ft. and saw a ¾” deep expansion joint to prevent cracking.  Would need 125 feet of 2x4 for forming (City could keep); concrete cost is approximately $550.  John and Ross could provide the labor, and propose to ask Bullington’s to pay for concrete.  Ross stated that Bullington’s proposal to use a culvert is not a good long-term solution, and the expense is considerably more that what the City is proposing.  Mayor Crump will draft a letter to Jim Bullington outlining the proposal.  Will be discussed at the January 14th Council meeting.

b)    Rock slide south of Squaw Creek; approximately 50’ of the ditch is filled; will need cleaned out before irrigation season. 

c)     Park Restrooms – decision made to close for the winter.

d)    Chlorine Analyzer at Plant – switch has been installed along with a circuit board. 

e)    Floor is peeling at lift station; rusting out.  Charlie wants to put seal kits in both pumps, then the floor will need to be peeled and repainted.  Situation makes for a bad environment; IRWA has offered to help; needs repaired and fixed by Spring.

f)     IRWA has the equipment to help repair the bubbler that is currently blocked with rags.

g)    FLUME – Ross described a plan for a self-supporting structure, aka “Bailey Bridge”; won’t rust.  There is a question about an easement; need approval for access; Barner property borders this.  The owner, Gale Larson, has 2 fruit trees that he does not want damaged.  Mayor Crump will draft a proposal for the Larson’s to review.  Discuss at the January 14th Council meeting.

h)    Surplus Generator – 5kw discussed at last Council meeting; Clerk will advertise for bids in the next City newsletter with a due date of January 14th.  Discuss at the January 14th Council meeting.

i)      Cemetery Hill Water Line – difficult to try to dig and do pipe work with the skid steer; will need to hire someone to do the work.  Engineering plan was done for the upper part (125’), but will need to be engineered again since it’s been so long.  There is another piece down to the highway that needs addressed also.  There is a question of easement; needs researched.

j)     Sanitary Survey – Water:  Charlie has all the information.  Ross and John are not aware of what Charlie’s done.  McClure made a motion to direct Charlie Amell to bring all information on the Sanitary Survey and all other information concerning the City’s water and sewer operations to City Hall for record storage and access; Friend seconded.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried. 

k)    Water Meters – ordered?  Ross stated that Charlie was going to order the meters, but they are not sure if he has.  Ross will order next week if he does not hear otherwise. 


EMS REPORT:  No report


McCall MOU:  Clerk stated that she has not heard back from Curt regarding the need for a signature by the Medical Director.  Discuss and finalize at the January Council meeting.





            QUOTES REVIEWED:  Drywall – three RFQ’s were received: Dave Tucker - $7,850; Eldon Arthur - $6,745; and Christy’s Drywall - $6,800.  Elevator Lift – three RFQ’s received: Able Access - $24,500; Northwest Elevator - $23,901; National Lifts - $41,535 (included a Bid Bond check).  McClure made a motion to accept Northwest Elevator’s quote, and to request evidence of insurance and references from Eldon Arthur and Christy’s Drywall to determine which to award the contract to since they were within $55, and to allow the RCC Committee to make the final decision on the drywall contract; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  Mayor Crump stated that he would not be participating in the committee’s decision due to a possible perception of a conflict of interest.   


AMBULANCE BUILDING:  Miller stated that an appraisal will cost $400; he will check with the School Superintendent on what type of appraisal is required.  Discuss at January 14th meeting.


SURFACE WATER PROTECTION ORDINANCE #207:  At this time, the Riggins Surface Water Protection Ordinance was presented:




Motion to dispense with the rule requiring reading on three separate days was made by McClure, seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.

Motion was then made by McClure, and seconded by Miller to pass, approve and publish by Summary Ordinance #207 under suspension of the rules.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried. 


CROSSWALK PAINTING:  Once the weather is warmer, the City crew will extend the no parking on the west side by 20’, and will leave one parking space in front of the post office. 


CONSULTANT AGREEMENT – CHARLIE AMELL:  Discussed adding a clause to the agreement stating that Charlie will immediately return all City records including manuals, reports, all files, including computer files, to the City Hall for central storage.  McClure made a motion to accept the terms of the agreement with this change, and to allow Mayor Crump to sign the agreement after Charlie turns the materials over; Akins seconded.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried. 


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  No representative; Mayor Crump described what they are requesting with the benches – three locations – 1) by Riggins fish sign at park parking lot; 2) school hill; 3) north of Irwin Center; requesting that the City cover the cost of the cement and to provide the labor to plant the benches; approximate cost is under $500 for 1 yard of cement.  Discussed the need to order the cement with a load, so we’re not charged a short load fee.  Akins made a motion to participate with the Chamber’s bench project; to have Mayor Crump inform the Chamber, and to pay for the cost of the cement; seconded by Miller.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried. 



CABS:  Linda Heiter requested that the Council designate a replacement for Robert Crump on their Board.  Linda also stated that CABS would still like to rent office space at the Riggins Community Center; question is where?  The space would need electricity; CABS would need to take care of all phone installation.  The Council will keep the proposal in mind as the renovation continues. 


CLERK CONSULTANT:  Mayor Crump requested that June Whitten consider developing a consultant agreement for her services with the new City Clerk-Treasurer. 


RESOLUTION 12-10 – HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SPILL POLICY:  purpose is to minimize the likelihood of hazardous materials endangering City residents and employees, entering the City maintained storm water drain system, or entering the surrounding environment; and identifies actions to be taken by City employees in the event of an accidental release of hazardous materials.  McClure made a motion to accept Resolution 12-10; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.  Mayor Crump then signed Resolution 12-10. 


OUTFITTERS GARBAGE:  Clerk received an inquiry about the City Ordinance regarding Outfitters; compiled a list of Outfitters who were on a residential rate.  The Ordinance states: Office – 1 eu; Plus jetboat only/land operation – 1 eu; Plus float or float-jetboat combo – 2 eu; there is some confusion with the intent of “plus”.  Seasonal outfitters are charged garbage May through September.  Specifically, Rubicon (#1-18) is a year round operator; Jason Riggle/Josie Lear (#2-1270) – Akins stated that Lear has a business in Grangeville now; Rapid River Outfitters (#1-50) – Akins stated there is no business or services provided to clients at his home, and that all garbage created in his drift boat is disposed of in cans at boat launch sites.  Whitten stated that an Additional Service Agreement may be completed by Akins requesting a review and approval by Lake Shore Disposal on

keeping the residential rate.  Also, the new store, The Confluence (behind Banana Company) has no water or sewer service, but there is a question as to commercial garbage; Gary’s Smokehouse has a commercial kitchen.  Clerk will follow-up and request they complete an Additional Service Agreement for Lake Shore Disposal if necessary.


DELINQUENT WSG BILLING:  Reviewed list; a lien should be filed on the Rodeo Club. 


BACK EDDY GRILL:  New owner, Michelle, requesting payment of food charge through Clergy Fund.  Clerk stated there was confusion with the request and amount due.  Clerk will follow-up.  Akins made a motion to pay the Back Eddy Grill invoice through the Clergy Assistance Fund when the Clerk has clarified amount; seconded by Miller. Voting yea, Miller, Friend, Akins and McClure.  No nays; motion carried.   Also need to follow-up with new owner on Beer/Wine License and Resort Tax. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 p.m.


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