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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Councilors present were Anderson, Friend and McClure.  Councilor Barnard was absent.  Guests present included Richard Hieter and Jon Wilson.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  The Council were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  There were no additions or corrections offered and the minutes were approved as presented.  The financial statement was read detailing $17,268.92 bills paid after the November meeting, bringing the total November bills to $36,137.65.  Bills in the amount of $20,418.51 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Anderson, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


At this time, under CCC business, Jon Wilson introduced Richard Heiter as the new CABís Project Manager. 


Id Co Deputy Jon Wilson then gave the following police report for November:  There were 54 calls in the office, 19 of those calls were in the City.  There were 17 reports for the office, of which 10 were in the City.  In regards to the cell tower, Wilson also reported that a temporary radio antennae had been installed until spring, when the permanent one will be installed on Salmon Point.


At this time Richard Hieter reported on the CABs activity.

(1)   The wheelchair lift does not have to be inspected by certified inspectors, but has to be ADA compliant.  He will continue to work to see that that is done.

(2)   The Morrison Foundation grant has been increased to $5800, which will cover the ITD grant match required for the new bus.

(3)   CABs has joined IMAP, which will provide help with transportation grants and funding.


Charlie Amell gave the following project report: 

(1)    Rural Water Assoc will hold a water class in Riggins Dec 15-16 at the Heritage Center.

(2)    New licensing regulations require 1600 hours of actual work with a utility before certification can be obtained, with an additional 1600 hours of work in that department required before the operator can advance from a Class 1 to a Class 2 operator.  After discussion, the Council requested that Robert be requested to keep track of hours working directly in the water and sewer departments. It was also reported that Mike Cornforth was also interested in working and becoming a certified operator.

(3)    The Dept of Lands have reviewed the strip of land in question at the treatment plant, determining that it is really the Cityís, and not theirs.  They suggested a new survey and a corrected deed prepared.

(4)    In regards to the Cemetery Hill waterline project, Charlie reported that the fire hydrant had been moved.  The City also needs to research the ownership of the road from Brimacombís to Bagleyís corner in order to get a new easement prepared for the water line reconstruction.

(5)    On December 18th, 2:00pm, a 30% Sewer Renovation Project design meeting will be held at the City Hall, with the City, JUB, DEQ, CEDA and Rural Development.  The meeting will be to review the plans and accept any input the various agencies may have concerning project design to-date.


The Identity Theft Regulation, as modified for Riggins, was reviewed.  The Council was in agreement with the modifications, and an ordinance or resolution will be prepared for formal approval at the January meeting.


Charlie Amell reported that Homedale had just recently opened bids for a water-sewer project, with 39 bidders.  Since so many construction companies are needing work, he recommended that the Council move our project along as quickly as possible to take advantage of the timing.


The Salmon River Road Project was held earlier at Salmon Rapids Lodge, so no report was given at the meeting.


At this time the annual $2500 EMS bonus for on-call time was brought up.  Motion was made by Friend, seconded by McClure, to approve and pay the bonus, as scheduled in the budget.  Voting yea, Anderson, Friend and McClure.  No nays.


Councilor Friend invited the City Council and Staff to the Chamber Christmas party planned for December 10th, 7:00pm, at Salmon Rapids Lodge.


The Clerk reported that simple changes to the Resort Tax regulation wording could be made to address the small business new annual reporting schedule.  It was agreed that the City should continue with quarterly reporting, due to our fiscal year operation. The changes will be done along with the modifications currently being prepared by Dennis Albers.


In regards to the previous question of the City regulating the TV Cable rates, the Clerk reported that the City can, if they are certified by FCC, and follow all the public utility regulations and reporting requirements.  After a review of the certification process and reporting requirement, the Council agreed that Riggins would not pursue certification.


Councilor Anderson reported that Channel 7 in Boise shows McCall weather each day by Skycam.  He felt that a Skycam in Riggins would be a good tool to promote the community and our warmer weather.  After discussion, the Council agreed and Anderson agreed to contact Channel 7 about the idea.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





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