October 14, 2013---7:00 p.m.

City Hall

The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Council Chairperson Roy Akins.  Councilors present were Friend and Crump; Councilor Miller and Mayor McClure were absent.  Guests: Ross Campbell, John Pottenger, Jeff Joyce, Stefanie Brimacomb, and Pim Hoogland.

SEPTEMBER MINUTES:  September meeting minutes were presented.  Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes.  Motion was made by Crump to accept the minutes; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Friend, Akins, and Crump.  No nays; motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  The financial statement was read detailing $3,202.91 paid after the September meeting, bringing the total September disbursements to $56,256.98.  Bills in the amount of $38,673.53 were then presented for payment.  Motion was made by Crump to approve the financial report and allow the bills; seconded by Friend. Voting yea, Crump, Friend, and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.  A copy of the financial report is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


EMS REPORT:  Curt Brimacomb reported to the Council via Skype.  There were 16 runs in September with multiple runs on a couple of days which is unusual.  Reviewed the written report Stefanie distributed:

a)    Difficult covering shifts with number of volunteers we have; we are down to 4 EMT’s; no coverage for Mon-Tues-Wed days; may need to call on McCall EMS more.

b)    Discussed snow tires for Ambulance A and Extrication; Council stressed the need to compare costs.  Reviewed budget which was projected less than actual.  Ambulance A is out of service until tires are replaced.  Motion made by Crump to purchase studded snow tires for Ambulance A and Extrication; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Crump, Akins and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

c)    Ambulance A is continuing to have problems with turbocharger hose.

d)    Will be ordering State EMS grant items; requested using City credit card for these purchases; request approved by Council; Curt will get information to Clerk for ordering. 

e)    Discussed problems with Janeen’s radio; dispatch is unable to hear transmissions from her vehicle.  Approximate cost to replace her radio is $320.  Discussed problems with Sheriff’s Department repeater.  Motion made by Friend to approve the purchase of a new radio for Janeen’s home; seconded by Crump.  Voting yea, Akins, Friend and Crump.  No nays; motion carried.

f)     Curt reviewed a couple items he has for next year’s budget – 1) remount Ambulance A, and 2) two new mobile radios and antenna. 

g)    Stefanie described Federal grant funds that are available to small communities to help cover costs of hiring a full-time EMT. 

h)    EMS/Fire Incident Management Training will be held in Riggins November 7-8.

i)     Extrication – Jeff Joyce stated he will be doing training in November.  SRRFD has old extrication equipment; they are working on equipping their own extrication truck.  Jeff stated that extrication vehicles should be manned by Fire Department personnel.  There was some question as to what billing procedures are for the extrication vehicle; Clerk will research how this is being handled.  A policy change will be necessary.  FY2015 budget will be impacted.  Discussed liability concern since extrication requires fire truck.  Fire Department and EMS will need to coordinate extrication issues.

POLICE REPORT:  No report.


a)    Chili Cook-off was a success---approximately $800 was raised.

b)    Completed inspection at high school; discovered the State does an annual inspection.  Are now getting up to code.  Jeff is coordinating with custodial staff on pre planning.  Provided fire extinguisher training for school staff.  Fire Prevention Week activities held for 67 students in elementary school and pre-school.  Firefighters held a personal protection equipment race which let the kids see why firefighters look the way they do.  SR Rural Fire Department participated in the activities at high school and elementary school.  Hoping to hold a week of activities next year.

c)    Held car fire training last week; SR Rural Fire Department participated.

d)    County is now aware of what extrication equipment Riggins has. 

e)    Letter received from SR Rural Fire Department expressing appreciation for the donation of the vehicle light bar and switch. 

f)     Jeff requested approval to purchase business cards; approximate cost is $30; Council approved.

g)    Red truck needs new tires; requested approval to purchase; Council approved.

h)    Fire Hydrants---Jeff has encountered some problems with landscaping around hydrants making them inaccessible.  Jeff will address this with the property owners.

i)     Councilor Crump expressed his appreciation to Jeff for all his extra work.  The Department is running well due to Jeff’s efforts.


SEWER---John reported the following:

a)    South Lift Station---repairs needed; pump not alternating; wiring needs redone and coded correctly.  Medley Electric will be contacted per Council’s approval.

b)    Need to purchase sand for drying beds; Council approved.

c)    Geo-tube bags---have 8 bags on hand; need polymer to be able to utilize them properly.  Rapid River is using a polymer that is inexpensive and works well.

d)    John requested vacation October 24 to November 3; request approved.

WATER/PARKS---Ross reported the following:

a)    Gen-Set Maintenance---discussed need for maintenance on two gen-sets; there is no maintenance contract.  Western States in Meridian is going to provide a cost/contract estimate.  Gen-Sets should have a load test performed every other year.

b)    Roberts Tree Service will be meeting with property owners the end of October to schedule tree trimming service in November; information will be put in the next newsletter.  Discussed some side streets that are in bad shape with overgrowth; these areas will be addressed in the future.

c)    Curbs and crosswalks have been painted.

d)    Park and Heritage Center lawn are fertilized.

e)    Community Center has been painted and repairs to door completed. 

f)     Community Center---Handicap Parking:  Council needs to determine location of handicapped parking.

g)    Lead and copper analysis reports were received; levels were good.  There are 19 more tests to be completed on the 2013 schedule.

h)    Ross will be attending a training October 24th on street paving grant applications through LHTAC; he will gather information needed for a chip seal project in North Riggins.

i)     Ross and John attended a Source Water Protection workshop recently.  Community input is needed in order to develop a plan.  Ross will provide more information at the next meeting.

j)     Well House #1 Repair Bids:  received two bids---Belton Enterprises for $4,600, and Friend Construction for $4,790.  Motion was made by Crump to accept Belton Enterprises bid for Well House #1 repairs; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Akins, Crump and Friend.  No nays; motion carried.

k)    SCADA---service agreement with DC Engineering; need to research alternatives.  Brenda and Ross will check with Jason Wereley.

STORM DRAIN---RIGGINS ONE STOP:  Ross is researching the possibility of blocking off the pipe from the highway; he feels the City has the power to protect the source water.  There are 4 drains going into the pipe, including the LDS Church.  Ross will check with City Attorney, and discuss with Councilor Miller to come up with a plan.

CLARIFIER:  City Attorney sent correspondence to JC Constructors last week; wait for their response.


DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN:  discuss at November meeting.


HERITAGE CENTER---ODOR ISSUE:  Pim Hoogland presented his findings from inspections done in June and October on the Heritage Center.  A written report was distributed outlining his recommendations:

1)    Air flow needs increased in bldg; open windows and doors regularly.

2)    Replace cold air return filter on regular basis (4 times per year).  Pim provided a new filter to the City which should have been installed.

3)    Open foundation vents in spring and close in the fall (coincide with time change).  There are 2-3 vents that won’t move; these need repaired or replaced. 

4)    Yoga mats should be cleaned and disinfected after use; possibly spray with Febreeze.

5)    Crawl space door on west side needed rebuilt; has been completed.

6)    Inspection completed under building – no standing water, but moisture.  Recommended spraying under the building for mold and mildew; dry the soil in crawl space; install a vapor barrier.  Repairs needed to air handling system so it drains outside.  Need to repair rain gutters and downspouts to direct runoff away from building.  Also, correct the grade of landscaping and soil around the building to drain away from building.

After discussion, it was determined that pipe will need to be added to the rain gutters during the winter; a moisture sensor may be needed, along with a fan, under the building; install vapor barrier.  Also, before spring, have Dave Olson with Alliance Heating provide a bid on repairing the air handling system.  The yoga mat issue will be relayed to Mariah Crump.

FACILITY USE APPLICATIONS:  tabled until November meeting.

TEMPORARY RESORT TAX VENDORS:  Clerk reported that no report has been received from two temporary vendors – Shiznits for Jet Boat Races, and B & B Concessions for Rodeo.  Motion made by Crump to consider their deposits forfeited; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Akins, Crump and Friend.  No nays; motion carried. 

PERSONNEL---MILEAGE/MEAL PER DIEM RATE:  Clerk requested clarification on what the city’s per diem rate is.  Distributed IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2013, and ITD’s FY14 Federal Per Diem Rates for Idaho.  After discussion, Clerk will research what Idaho Travel Council and Idaho Department of Commerce rates are, and report back to Council for their decision.


LITTLE SALMON PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE:  Take off future agenda until response received.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION:  Nominations put in hat; Dave Olson was selected.  Clerk will format article for NovemberCity newsletter. 

PAST DUE WSG BILLING:  Council reviewed.  Discussed Rodeo Club issue; Clerk was directed to file a lien with the County on the property.


Nancy Simonson submitted application for HeritageCenter rental for Women of Hope bible study group; October 2013 through September 2014.  Motion was made by Crump to approve application; seconded by Friend.  Voting yea, Crump, Friend and Akins.  No nays; motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.