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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  Guests present included Ray Payton, Jeff Joyce and Jerry Kooyers.


The Council was individually polled and all confirmed that they had read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Councilor Underwood noted a typo on the spelling of her name in one place in the minutes.  Motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Underwood, to approve the minutes as presented, with the typo correction.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


The financial statement was read detailing $12,113.63 bills paid after the June meeting, bringing the total June 2006 disbursements to $25,630.97.  Bills in the amount of $22,930.19 were then read for payment.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.  A copy of the financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


Idaho County Deputy Ray Payton gave the monthly police report for June 2006.  There were 102 calls in the Riggins area, 46 of those were City.  There were 45 citations issued, with 23 of those in the City.  Payton brought up a problem with vicious dogs in town.  These particular dogs have a history of being vicious and running at large and have mauled and killed other dogs.  The owners are currently out of town, and Payton has four animal-related citations to present to them upon their return.  Payton requested that the Council contact the City Prosecutor, because he has dismissed charges made concerning these dogs in the past.  Payton feels that the animals are dangerous and should be removed from town before they injure another pet, resident or child.  After discussion, the Council agreed that prosecution was needed in this case, and Mayor Crump and Councilman Anderson agreed to contact Albers about the problem.


Payton presented a letter from Sheriff Dasenbrock, requesting a $2,000 increase in the Idaho County Police contract, bringing the total to $34,000 per year.  He cited the costs of providing law enforcement in Riggins, and wanted to increase the contract each year until the City was paying the full costs of one deputy.  The Council took the request under advisement, and will consider it during the budget process.


The draft of the Fire Department Policy and Procedures was reviewed.  Councilor Anderson reported that he and Fire Chief Dan Catherman has reviewed it and suggested several changes.  Mayor Crump will incorporate those comments in the draft proposal and bring back to the Council for review.


In other Emergency Services business, Councilor Anderson reported that they would be installing a new lock system for the Emergency Services Building.  A door key will be stored onsite, within a combination lock box, to address the problem firemen or EMTs responding for emergency without the building keys in hand. He also reported that the Fire Dept shelving material had been purchased.  Anderson also reported that the communications and dispatch system for the Fire Dept and Dive Team should be addressed, because the current radios do not work well in the canyon.  He suggested that the Council consider cell phones for the department, with the members set up on a family plan and individual members paying for their personal calls above the allotted minutes.  Another dispatching alternative, the private radio system currently being used by local outfitters and other private citizens including Mark Hollon, was suggested for investigation.  Councilor Anderson will research these ideas for more information.


The proposed vehicle closure on Williams Street was discussed.  It was agreed that the 25-foot street width had to be maintained, without encroachment from adjacent property owners.  The City will include the necessary signs in the Street Sign Grant Project currently underway. 


It was reported that Walco would not be seeking a rate increase for the upcoming budget year.  Walco officials reported that since the city residents would be paying additional fees to Idaho County, no raise would be requested this year.  Walco also indicated that they would like to proceed with the contract changes discussed previously, eliminating EU fractions and increasing bars, cafes and outfitters.


The sewer hookup policy was discussed at this time.  Effective July 1st, the $5 charge for unconnected hookups will begin.  The Council questioned a time limit to hookup up.  It was suggested that if hookups were not made within a year, an annual charge could be made to keep the hookup application active or the full monthly fees billed. The question will be researched for previous regulations and other city’s policies and that information provided at the next meeting.


It was reported that the new Riggins Motel owners had visited in the City Hall in regards to their sign that overhangs the sidewalk.  They suggested that a museum monument sign be placed under the overhang, but when no sign was available for that use, they suggested a flower planter.  This would direct traffic around the overhang.  They were planning to measure the sidewalk, to see if a planter could be located there, and still provide the 36” sidewalk width needed to accommodate wheel chair access.


The link to the City’s website was discussed.  The Clerk reported that the Chamber of Commerce had been contacted about adding a link to the City, and it was requested that a link to the Riggins website be requested for the Idaho County Free Press site, which includes other cities.


Councilor Underwood questioned if Walco had been contacted about dumping the park dumpster twice a week and stopping in at City Hall each Wednesday, to check if residential garbage cans were missed.  It was reported that Walco had been contacted concerning both issues, and Walco indicated that it would cost the City $222 per month if the park dumpster were picked up twice each week. (Walco now picks up the dumpster once each week at no cost to the City.)  Since the dumpster is being overused, and Walco would like to see it removed, they will be contacted about the possibility of placing green carts for the park use eliminating the dumpster completely.  It was also reported that Walco is stopping in at the City Hall as requested. 


At this time the policy concerning sewer charges for trailer spaces was brought up.  There are several trailer courts and private residential lots that have spaces for long-term monthly rentals.  RV spaces, those trailer spaces rented by the day or week (less than 30 days) are charged a monthly sewer fee (at a reduced rate to consider vacancies, etc.) each month, regardless if the space if occupied.  However, the monthly fees for long-term trailers have not been charged if the space was empty and there was nothing hooked into the sewer line.  Since there are now a number of properties that have long-term trailer spaces available, the question of monthly fees has been brought up.  It has been suggested that, considering the sewer capacity issue and the limited number of hookups available, that that policy be changed, and require that all properties hooked into the sewer system, be assessed the full monthly charge.  With limited sewer capacity of the treatment plant, each hookup reduces the availability of the number of additional hookups that can be approved.  It was suggested that if the capacity is being reserved for the hookup, the monthly fees should be assessed.  After discussion, it was agreed that more research should be done, to check into our ordinances and to inquire how other communities assess properties with vacancies.


The following water and sewer hookup applications, which were received and paid prior to July 1, 2006, were read: 

(1)   Tom States, Chukar Point #3, #4, residential water and sewer for both lots, $4350

(2)   Steve Sabin, Chukar Point #1 sewer and #2 both water and sewer $3275

(3)   Clyde Hirst, 1112 S, upgrade water to 1”, $100

(4)   Travis Hollon, 505 S. 3 long-term trlr spaces, less than 10’, 2.25 EU’s $2418.75

(5)   Chuck Wunsch, 650 N. Hart Gulch, 1” water, reduce 4 sewer to 1 $2275 (less deposit)

(6)   Donald Een, 1300 N, one additional residential sewer $1075


These applications were received and paid prior to July 1, 2006, and were therefore not subject to the increased hookup fees approved to begin July 1st.  It was noted that the applications approved for Chukar Point were included in the capacity study, and would not be counted as additional hookups against the estimated capacity remaining.  It was also noted that letters had been written to all those persons having pending hookup applications, notifying them of the fee increases, time limits, etc.  All unpaid hookups that had been previously approved were granted the 90-day grace period (until October 1,2006) to pay the hookup fees at the old rate.  However, nothing had been received from Mike Blimka concerning his pending applications, which has not yet been approved.  Since the July 1st deadline was past, his application will now be subject to the new rates.  After discussion, motion was made by Underwood, seconded by Harper, to approve the water and sewer hookup applications as presented.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


Councilor Anderson relayed complaints received about Salmon River Experience parking.  There are cars parking and blocking private driveways in that area.  Idaho County Officer Payton also indicated that he receives many complaints about SRE, concerning parking, traffic congestion, loud music, nudity, etc.  It was also noted that ITD was considering curbing the highway in that area.  They felt that elimination of the roadside right-of-way parking in that area would reduce the hazardous congestion now being experienced.   After discussion, it was agreed that the owner of SRE should be notified of these parking complaints and other problems, as well as ITD’s indication that they may curb the area and eliminate all parking, if there are continued complaints about the problems. 


The 2005-2006 audit was discussed.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Harper, to retain the current auditing firm of Gibbons, Scott & Dean for the 2005-2006 audit.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


The subject of Alternate Day Sprinkling was brought up.  Public Works Director, Charlie Amell, has indicated that the recent work in the ditch has been successful, and watering restrictions for ditch water should not be necessary this year, but was uncertain about the well water.  He suggested that the Council consider approving the Alternate Day Watering authorization, to be enacted by the Mayor’s signature if it becomes necessary.  It was also suggested that there be time restrictions in addition to the Alternate Day system, prohibiting watering during mid-day, for example 10:00am-5:00pm.  The Council agreed, and motion was made by Harper, seconded by McClure to authorize Mayor Crump to sign the Alternate Day Watering Resolution, and to add wording to prohibit mid-day watering, to encourage night-time watering only.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


Amell also had inquired about the material the Council preferred for the park gazebo roof, wood shingles or tin.  After discussion, the Council agreed on a dark brown tin roof.  They asked also that the gazebo’s light fixtures be repaired.


Mike Cook, the NezPerce NF Engineer, has requested the Council to consider contracting with Walco for two dumpsters, to be placed in the Heritage Center parking area, for the rafters and river user’s use.  He indicated that the Forest Service would pay the cost the City incurred in the contract.  He felt that this would alleviate the floaters overuse of Crump Chevron’s private dumpster.  After discussion it was agreed that placing two dumpsters in that parking area would create an area similar to the Pollock dump site, with overuse, debris and clutter, and the Council was not in favor of that suggestion.  It was the Council’s opinion that dumpsters intended for the river user’s garbage should be placed at or near the take out points, along the river.  If that is not possible, than the NRA property site should be used, as it is out of town with a large accessible area.  Ken Walters was also mentioned as a contact with possible dumpster sites, and had previously expressed his interest in the matter. 


A Park Use Application was read from Sherrie Marek, for a Wedding Reception scheduled for 7/22/06, with no alcohol planned, accompanied by the $100 deposit.  After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Harper, to approve the permit.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm!





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City Hall


A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood. 


The purpose of the special meeting was the budget workshop on the upcoming 2006-2007 budget.


The current rates for contracts, salaries, and fees, equipment needs, major projects, etc. were reviewed as well as the current sources of revenues.  After discussion the following were agreed upon for inclusion in the 2006-2007 tentative budget, if possible:


Property Taxes:  $57,270 No Increase, 2005-06 certification plus new construction

Resort Tax:  Add new, 5% Hotel-Motel, 2% Alcohol Beverage & Meals

Water Rates:  No change

Irrigation Rates:  Increase Lots from $25 to $37.50, Acres from $30 to $45

Sewer Rates:  Increase EU from $17 to $20

Garbage: No change, no contract increase requested, $6000 budgeted for change in EU   assessment for Bars, Cafes, Outfitters and elimination of fractions of EU’s

Ambulance:  Increase Base Rates to $300 City, $400 Area, $500 Out of Area

          Increase Mileage to $6.05 per patient mile

Library:  Eliminate $7.50 single patron card, all cards now $15 for either single or family

Fire Dept & Dive Team Fees:  Estimate of new fees

Police Contract:  No change, increase request denied

Mayor-Council Salary:  No change

Employees:  4%COL

Employees Benefits:  No change

EMTs-Drivers:  No change, $2500 X-Mas Bonus


Major Projects, Equipment, Grants:

  General Fund: $3500 Tree Study, Wellness Center $19,750, $150 Arbor Day (all grants)

   Ambulance:   $110,000 Vehicle, $1000 Communications, $3687 Equip, $2500 Training (grants)


Fire Dept:  $100,000 Firetruck, $35,000 Snuffer, $10,000 4X4 Truck, $2000 Hose, $3000 Communications   (all grants)

Dive Team:  $45,000 Boat, $1000 Communications (grants)

Street Dept:  Sign Replacement Project $6990 (grant)

Sewer:  $37,000 Engr Study ($20,000 grant proposed), RAS Repair, Seal $1000

 Well St Lift Station $4900, Blower Repair $375

Water:  $6000 Meter Replacement, $1000 Electric Box Install, $1000 Wellhouse meter

Library:  $350 DVD Recorder

Irrigation:  $1000 Levy Repair


Budget requests not approved for inclusion:  Library Carpet, Exterior City Hall Painting, Police Contract Increase, Handicap Van (and/or grant), No major park improvements.


Mayor Crump requested that further research be done on the cost of well pump impellors and those costs also included in the budget if necessary.  The Clerk will also research the possibility of including speed indicator sign in traffic sign project.


The proposed tentative budget will be prepared for review at a special City Council meeting scheduled for 1:00pm, July 27, 2006.


There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.





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City Hall



A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper and McClure.  Councilor Underwood was absent.


The purpose of the special meeting was to review the budget proposal prepared based upon items agreed upon and recorded in minutes of special meeting 7/11/06.


After review of the proposed budget, the following changes were made:


Resort Tax – Changed to 4% on Hotel-Motel, with 2% Alcohol & Meals, estimated revenue of $33,643 (April-Sep 07) based on Economy Strategy Plan information, with all Revenue budgeted to General Fund the first year, per Auditor’s recommendation

Well Pump Reserve Contribution – Increased from $1000 to $2500

Well Pump Impellors – No specific line item, cost will be deducted from capital reserve if it necessary to replace them.

Sewer Fund – Fund total corrected with addition of $17,000 Sewer Engr Study and Increased Capital Reserve


The 2006-2007 budget proposal, as amended above, totaled $1,315,475, as follows:


General Fund                            $650,728

Street Fund                                  25,956

Library Fund                                 21,356

Recreation Fund                           15,035

Water Fund                                 310,400

Sewer Fund                                 225,000

Sanitation Fund                               67,000


After review, motion was made by Harper, seconded by McClure, to approve the 2006-2007 Tentative Budget totaling $1,315,475 and set the public hearing on the budget proposal and proposed fee increases for the regular August meeting, August 14, 2006, at 7:00pm, and to advertise the notices of public hearing scheduled for both the budget and fee increases, twice in the Idaho County Free Press, as required by Idaho Code.   Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.  A copy of the $1,315,475 budget proposal, by line item, is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.




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