City Hall


7:00 PM


The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Councilor Underwood in the absence of Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  Sue Barner was acting Clerk of the meeting in the absence of City Clerk June Whitten. Guests present included Dylan Rinker, Linda Heiter and Larry Barnard.




Councilor Underwood polled the Council members to ascertain if all members had read the minutes.  All members stated that they had read the minutes and that they had no additions or corrections.  McClure made a motion, seconded by Anderson, to approve the minutes.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure. No nayes.


At this time the financial statement was read detailing $12,519.51 bills paid after the February meeting, bringing the total February disbursements to $32,183.43.  Bills in amount of $52,268.70 were then presented for payment.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by McClure, to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.  A copy of the financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record.




Idaho County Deputy Ray Payton gave the following report.  There were 32 calls for service, and 23 citations issued, most of which were for speeding.  Payton presented a sample article that he is planning to have printed in the Current, addressing concerns of local citizens.  This months article is to address licensing of dogs, penalties for non-licensed dogs,  allowing dogs to run at large, etc.  The Council expressed their support for Payton and commended him on his efforts to keep the community informed.




At this time the assistant clerk cited Idaho Code requiring an official paper to be published at a minimum once per week.  Due to this requirement,  Anderson made motion, seconded by McClure, to abandon changes to City of Riggins Ordinance #28 and retain the Idaho County Free Press as the official City Newspaper,  as established by said ordinance.  Voting aye, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.




A letter written by Mayor Crump, addressed to Craig Mickelson of the Idaho Fish and Game was read.  The letter states that for the safety of the community, the City will continue to prohibit the use of firearms within the City limits.  Other methods of controlling the deer within the City limits need to be explored and are the responsibility of the Idaho Fish and Game Department.  Discussion led to the possibility of an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of wild game in the City.  After discussion, all members expressed their support of the letter written, and requested it be sent.  Harper suggested a letter in the Current discouraging community members from feeding deer.




McClure made motion, seconded by Anderson,  to table discussion of the Annexation Ordinance to the April meeting.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.




Charlie reported that Gordon Nine has sold two of his duplexes and plans to sell more of the units on his property.  Mr. Nine inquired as to the number of meters that will be required due to the separate ownership of the buildings on said property.  Charlie presented a map, detailing the water lines, and meter locations that will be necessary if required by the Council.  Harper questioned if this situation would already be covered by the Subdivision Ordinance due to the number of units on the property.  Charlie stated that since this property is existing construction, establishing easements, water lines and meters for each building is possible.  The Council requested Charlie to explain the requirements to Mr. Nine, and to table decision until more information could be obtained, and review of the Subdivision Ordinance could be accomplished.


Charlie reported on a letter from Carl Edwards concerning the approval of the Riverview Estates Subdivision Plat in North Riggins.  Charlie explained the items in the letter that need to be addressed.  Each item refers to Idaho Code 50-1301 to 50-1334, Idaho County Subdivision Ordinance #20, and City of Riggins Ordinance No. 139.  If the City chooses to grant a variance for any of the listed requirements in Ordinance No. 139, Mr. Edwards recommended that they be in writing. 




Councilman Anderson reported the costs of the speed indicator signs are from $3,000.00 to $3,670.00.  The trailer would cost approximately $4,200.00.  The council agreed to address this in the next budget meeting for the following year.





At this time the council review the letter written by Brent Adams and Vanessa Springer in regards to closing Williams Street to all but foot and bicycle traffic.  The Council expressed their support of this closure.  They want letters sent to all adjacent property owners advising them of the possible closure, and requesting their support and/or agreement.




Councilor McClure made motion, seconded by Harper, to order 2 portable toilets for Jet Boat Races,  and 4 portable toilets for Rodeo.  Voting aye, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.




Rob Nuckols applied for commercial  water and sewer hookups for property located at 612 South Hwy #95.  The Council requested that more specific information on the plans for the mobile home/apartment complex be presented before approval of these hookups. 


Mike Blimpka applied for a residential water and sewer hookup for property located at 1516 North Hwy#95.  Charlie expressed concerns that the water lines are located on Idaho State right-of-way.  The Council requested that the necessary easements and other requirements of the State be secured before approval of this hookup.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.