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7:00 pm




The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  Councilor McClure was absent.  Guests present included Curt Brimacomb, Richelle Barger, Larry Barnard, Susan Long and Ray Payton.


The Council members were individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes of the previous meetings, and had no corrections or additions.  The minutes were approved as presented.


The financial statement, detailing $14,727.94 bills paid after the December meeting, bringing the total December 2006 disbursements to $39,048.91.  Bills in the amount of $32,200.67 were then presented for payment.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Underwood, to approve the financial statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  No nayes.  A copy of the financial statement is attached and hereby made a part of this record.


                                                WATER CONSERVATION

Richelle Barger visited with the Council about the “potty rock” (a water conservation idea of placing a rock, decorated by the grade school students, in toilet tanks to displace and save water.)  She indicated that, after further research, she found that some toilets may not flush properly.  The Council agreed that it may not be suitable for the newer smaller tanks, but thought it could be used in the older, larger five-gallon tanks.



Curt Brimacomb visited with the Council about the garbage service to Cemetery Hill residents.  Since the area was annexed the first of the year, those residents should have residential curbside garbage pickup.  He reported that there have been no containers provided at the six residences in that area, but three have been placed adjacent to the sidewalk at the bottom of the hill.  He was concerned about the limited number of cans, the container site and the wind in that area.   It was reported that Walco was still working on finding suitable sites for the containers and those residents were encouraged to work with them to come up with a solution.  The road was icy on the day the containers were delivered, and Walco was reluctant to attempt the hazardous road.  The garbage company indicated that they would be providing a container for each residence, and had requested that the citizens be patient and work with them finding a suitable location.


                                                            POLICE REPORT

At this time Idaho County Deputy Payton gave the monthly police report.  The Riggins office had 61 calls in December, 17 of those were City.  There were 15 citations written in the City for various violations, the most (4) being for failure to provide proof of insurance.  Payton reported that during 2006, the Riggins office responded to 982 calls, of which 332 were in the City.  Payton also discussed the locked gate at the RiverBend Estates Subdivision.  There is now construction in that area, and the police do not have access to enter for patrol if needed. It was reported that the emergency service providers, as well as the City utility workers, were supposed to have a key, or the code, to open the gate in case of emergency.  The Council will check into the matter.


                                        STREETS & SIDEWALK STANDARDS

PWD Charlie Amell visited with the Council about the Upper Clearwater Transportation Plan Committee he has been working with.  It is a committee of representatives from area cities, counties and road districts that has been formed to make a regional transportation plan and to provide assistance to the individual organizations in establishing road and sidewalk building standards, as well as future maintenance and construction plans.  He presented the Federal Highway Standards, which establishes construction standards and policy concerning sidewalks, drainage, road construction, etc., and reported that it had been adopted by the Upper Clearwater Transportation Committee, and was recommended that all entities adopt it also to establish those minimum standards.  He reported that individual organizations could require additional restrictions in addition to the standards described, and are given the ability to waive individual requirements, if they desired.  Amell recommended that the Council consider the adoption of the Federal Highway Standards, as presented, to provide a basis for future construction in regards to roads, sidewalks, storm drains, etc.  He reported that, other than the Subdivision Ordinance, there are no standards established for streets within the City.  After discussion, the Council agreed to review it, adding their individual input, before consideration for City adoption.  Amell will leave the extra copy of the document in the City Hall for the Council’s review.


Amell also reported that the storm drain issue at the new Pine Tree Credit Union property had been resolved, with the water being collected into storm drain boxes with an inlet into the city street drain.


                                                WATER RIGHT APPLICATION

Amell also reported the progress on the water right applications.  Since it was determined that the original irrigation water right was for 14.4 cfs, Amell had desired to apply for that amount, but in 1971, the water right had been reduced to 12 cfs, with 8 from the Little Salmon and 4 from Squaw Creek.  Dept of Water Resources indicate that, for irrigation purposes, 1” of water is allowed per acre, and based on that, the Riggins system would be entitled to only 4.6 cfs.  Amell reported, however, the Water Resource Board had been convinced to recommend the 12 cfs from the Little Salmon, due to the area sand and water loss.  He reported also that the application for Well #2 would be made for the .67 cfs, as allowed.


                                                            URA REPORT

A report of the URA activities was made.  It was reported that considering the size of the development now being estimated for the old mill site, the sewer design may have to be enlarged, or a packaged plant placed on the property, rather than piping it to the sewer plant.  It was also reported that, for public information and to comply with the Sunshine law, the URA meeting notice and agenda were always posted in advance of all meetings, with the regularly scheduled meeting held at the City Hall at 6:00pm, the second Monday of each month.  A special meeting is also scheduled for Wednesday, January 10th, at 4:00pm to meet with Browns Industries about the proposed mill site development.  Mayor Crump reported that special meetings, as well as all URA meetings, are posted and open to the public.


                                                COMPREHENSIVE PLAN

Mayor Crump reported that in reviewing the City’s Comprehensive Plan, he felt that the entire document was in need of update.  He offered to review the plan and note his recommendations for the Council’s consideration. 


                                                            RESORT TAX

At this time the Resort Tax forms were presented for the Council’s review.  Samples of the proposed Tax Permit Application, Tax Permit, and the Tax Return for both monthly and quarterly reporting were reviewed.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Underwood, to approve the forms and format as presented.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, and Underwood.  No nayes.  Due to the concerns expressed about confidentiality of the individual business income being reported, the Clerk suggested that the system be set up to use tax permit numbers, rather than business names, for receipt and reporting purposes.  She also suggested that a locked system be established with only the required personnel provided access to the records.  It was questioned if all three employees in the Clerk’s office should have access to the information, but it was understood that more than one individual would need access, since there was no full time personnel in the office.  It was agreed that whoever had access to the records would be required to take an oath of confidentiality.


                                                TV CABLE FRANCHISE

The TV franchise was briefly discussed.  It will be reviewed more thoroughly at the next meeting in regards to franchise fees and transfer to Elk River Cable Company.  The Clerk reported that the City had received a check for $20+, for franchise fees, from Rapid Cable Company.  Since the City’s franchise does not contain a provision for fees, the disposition of that check will also be reviewed for next Council’s meeting.


                                                EASEMENT ENCROACHMENT

It was reported that a large, approximate 12X64, mobile home had been moved in and set down on the City’s sewer easement on the RiverVillage property.  It appears to be a rather permanent site, since the axles have been removed and it is blocked up.  Amell reported he had contacted Folwells about the easement encroachment, since it is located on the sewer line and blocks the easement access.  Folwell reported that it was only temporary, and the trailer would be moved within a couple of months.  The Council agreed that a letter be written to formally notify RiverVillage of the easement encroachment and request their time frame for the trailer removal.


Marvin Mortenson’s proposal for a City of Riggins ITD grant application for a Senior Citizen Handicap Van was brought up at this time.  Grant application forms had recently been sent to the City to request funding in April 2008.  Mr. Mortenson is recovering from back surgery in California, but had agreed to help with the application, as needed.  To meet the grant schedule timeline, the Council’s approval of the grant application, cash match, and its terms and conditions would be required at this January meeting.  The Mayor and Clerk had reviewed the lengthy application and due to the workload in the Clerk’s office at this time, Mayor Crump had suggested that Susan Long work with Mortenson on the grant.  After further review of the application’s conditions and requirements to be met by the City, the amount of cash grant match required, and the limited time frame to work with, it was determined that the City would not be able to meet the grant’s stated deadlines, Feb 07.   There was also concern expressed that the issue had not been brought up for the Council’s consideration prior to this meeting.  After discussion, it was agreed that no action would be taken on the grant application at this time.  The Council agreed that there was a need for this service in our area, but felt that a City project of this size and commitment should be addressed during the budget process, It was also agreed that there was not sufficient information provided at this time to proceed with the grant application.


                                                2007 ABL RENEWALS

At this time the 2007 Alcohol Beverage License renewals were discussed.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to approve all license renewals, upon proper application and payment of fees.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                2006 IRA-SEP CONTRIBUTION

The 2006 SEP-IRA contributions, which were budgeted for 10%, were discussed.  Motion was made by Harper, seconded by Underwood, to approve the SEP-IRA contributions, as budgeted for 2006.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                CEDA REPRESENTATIVE

A request was received from CEDA for the appointment of a City representative to serve on their board.  After discussion, motion was made by Underwood, seconded by Anderson, to appoint Councilor McClure to serve as the City’s representative.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                PARK USE APPLICTION

A park application has been received for the Steven Crump wedding, scheduled for May 19th.  Motion was made by Harper, seconded by Underwood, to approve the permit when the certificate of insurance is received for serving alcohol.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                PATTERSON REQUEST

An e-mail, forwarded by the Chamber of Commerce, from Levi Patterson, was received concerning the burning of the old radio/TV shack on the peak west of Riggins. Patterson, who is the grandson of former Mayor and resident Cleo Patterson, wrote about the history of the old shack and his grandfather’s role in getting the first TV receiver in the canyon.  He was concerned about the destruction of the historical building and requested that the peak be named in honor of his grandfather.  The Council also knew the shack had been burned, but since it was located on privately-owned property, outside of the city limits, there was no action that could be taken by the Council concerning the removal.  Richelle Barger requested a copy of the correspondence to work on the request through her paper, as an historical interest.


                                                ACE’S PLACE SIDEWALK

It was reported that no information had yet been obtained from the School District regarding the ownership or construction of the sidewalk on Ace’s Place. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



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