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The regular meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  Guests present included Deputy Ray Payton, Ann Wilson, Curt Brimacomb, Jeff Joyce and Charlie Amell.


The minutes of the previous meeting were brought up.  The Council was individually polled and all confirmed they had read the minutes as posted.  Several typos were identified, and in the fourth paragraph on page one, the motion was corrected to read “Motion was made by Anderson McClure, seconded by Anderson”.   The minutes were then approved as corrected.


The financial statement was read detailing $13,968.70 bills paid after the 9/11/06 meeting, bringing the total September 2006 bills to $30,852.61.  Bills in the amount of $33,500.94 were then presented for payment.  After review, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Underwood, to approve the statement and allow the bills.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                POLICE REPORT

Idaho County Deputy Ray Payton reported that he had no statistics for September activities, but wanted to advise the Council of the upcoming vicious dog hearing.  The owners had been cited for dogs running at large, but were contesting the vicious dog charges.  The Clerk reported that City Atty Albers had indicated that these charges may be dropped, because the exact dog could not be identified.  Payton reported that the family had three large dogs, Akita/Lab mix, and he thought that the larger dog was the problem.  It was suggested that a letter be written requesting that the vicious dog be removed from the City, but since the dog could not be clearly identified, by name, etc., no letter has been written.  (Clerks Note:  The City’s Dog Ordinance states that the owner is required to remove the dog from the city upon receiving oral or written notice from an “officer” that the dog is considered vicious.  If the owner wants to contest the vicious claim, the ordinance requires the owner to request a hearing before the City Council.)


Officer Payton reported that with hunting season, and various problems with transients, etc., the officers are spending more time out in the County, rather than on city patrol.  He also reported that a traveler had stopped in the City Hall to use the restroom, and reported that the facilities were not state compliant. 


                                    AMBULANCE FEE WAIVER REQUEST

The request from Muchow for waiver of ambulance fees was brought up at this time.  Muchow was protesting payment of the $146.63 balance of their ambulance bill since their daughter was under 18 and they had not been contacted prior to transport. Ann Wilson reported that the patient was underage, camping in the area for rodeo weekend, and had broken her hand.  She reported that after efforts to contact her guardian were unsuccessful, the patient was transported to McCall Hospital.  Wilson indicated that the ambulance had been called to the scene by the police, and although efforts made to contact the juvenile’s guardian were unsuccessful, transport of the patient to a medical facility for treatment was proper.   After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure to deny the waiver request and continue collection procedures.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                    SURPLUS AMBULANCE

Ann Wilson also reported that the 1987 Ambulance, which has been out of service for some time, had been planned to be used for extrication equipment.  Now, since we will be getting a new ambulance, and will have two surplus vehicles, she requested that the 1987 vehicle be declared surplus, and disposed of.  She requested that the vehicle be given to charity, and suggested a hospital in Honduras.   The Council agreed that the vehicle was not needed, but suggested considering an American non-profit organization.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Underwood, to declare the 1987 Ambulance surplus and explore gifting/disposal possibilities.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                     NEW AMBULANCE BIDS

At this time the new Ambulance bids were opened.  The following bids, from four companies were received: 

(1)   Pacific Emergency, 2007 $99,120 Base

(2)   Braun Northwest, 2006 Demo, $96,950 Base

(3)   McCoy Miller, 2007, $93,950 Base

(4)   Rocky Mountain, 2007, $101.495 Base

McCoy Miller was the apparent low bidder, with a $93,950 Base.  Motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to accept the apparent low bidder upon Ann Wilson’s review of the bidding documents, or to schedule a special meeting if necessary for further review of the bids.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.

(Clerks Note:  Upon Wilson’s review of the bidding documents, she noted that a second bid from Pacific Emergency, $92,490 for a 2006 Demo, had been overlooked in their bidding package.)


                                    POLICE/FISH & GAME CHECKS

Councilor Tom Anderson reported that he had been contacted about Idaho County officers stopping vehicles, doing fish and game checks.  He reported one man had been stopped by the same deputy twice in three days, and checked for fish and game purposes.  Anderson questioned Idaho County police officers acting as game wardens, and indicated that city businesses were upset with the practice and felt it would harm the business community if it continued.  Officer Payton reported that hunting and fishing regulations are state laws and the deputies have the legal right to enforce them.  He reported that this was one incident, with one officer, and was not a common practice, but done occasionally.  He reported that it was not intended to harass the sportsman, and that the officer was professional and courteous. Although the actual fish and game checks were made in the County, the incidents were reported to Anderson, as the City Police Commissioner, and he felt that the practice must stop.  The Council agreed that this type of police activity was not good for city businesses.  It was suggested that the Chamber of Commerce be involved, since it was affecting the business community.  Office Payton expressed some concern over the “must” stop language.  Anderson requested that a letter be written to Sheriff Dasenbrock about this practice, that our businesses will suffer if it continues. Mayor Crump suggested that Anderson write the letter, rather than the City.  Anderson agreed.


                                                URBAN RENEWAL

At this time the Urban Renewal District was discussed.  The boundaries were reviewed, and defined, totaling $2.6 million of assessed valuation, below the $2.7 maximum.  The Clerk reported that several property descriptions went all the way to the high water mark, so the riverbank was unavailable behind Food City, Underwood TC and Smith Subdivision.  After discussion, motion was made by Underwood, seconded by Harper, to define the boundaries, using the highway to connect the $2.6M properties, including the riverbank where possible, for the legal metes and bounds description. Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


The Council then reviewed the estimated potential City infrastructure project costs within the Urban Renewal District:  Sewer Plant Renovation & Expansion $3-4M, Lift Stations and Lines $400,000; Water System $400,000; Emergency Services $355,000; Parking $202,000; RiverPath $1.5M.   An additional $552,000 was added for parking at the park.

These estimated figures will be submitted to John Austin as potential projects to consider.


In regards to the City’s contract for URD Administration, after discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by McClure, to split the $500 administration fee 70-30 with Clerk June Whitten, for the period of Sept 1, 2006 thru Sept 30, 2007, the first year (and one month) of operation.  Whitten will receive $350 per month salary for the URD administrative duties and the City will retain $150 for office rent, supplies, phone, etc. and for payment of fringe benefits. The $500 per month administrative fees will be paid by the URD if and when Agency funds become available, and will be reassessed during the next budget process. Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                ITD/SRE MEETING

Mayor Crump reported on the ITD meeting with Salmon River Experience. The meeting was called to discuss the safety and parking problem being experienced in that area.  SRE’s property will soon be annexed and the Mayor reported that limited parking is a problem in Riggins and it was his goal to preserve all available areas.  Because of the safety issues along the highway in that area, with congestion, parking and traffic, the following solutions were discussed:  Short-term:  Delineators will be located six foot from the fog line, on both sides of the highway, with parking available behind them.  The Delineators will also indicate specific entrances and exits from the parking areas. ITD asked for the City and SRE’s help in keeping the posts up and in place.  Long-Term Goals:  Urban setting with curb and gutters installed.  When Mayor Crump advised ITD that the annexation was in process and the speed limits would be lowered in this particular area, he was informed by ITD that US#95 was now a designated access highway, and the City was no longer able to set the speed limits in town, as in the past.  With that designation, the speed limits will be established by ITD only after traffic studies are done in the area.


                                    RESORT TAX SPECIAL ELECTION

At this time, the Resort Tax election was discussed.  The Clerk reported that Irene “Lorry” Harper and Charlene Workman had agreed to act as Election Clerks for the upcoming special election.  After discussion, motion was made by McClure, seconded by Underwood, to appoint Harper and Workman as Special Election Clerks for the November 7th Resort Tax Election, as contract workers for $7 per hour.  Voting yea, Anderson, McClure and Underwood.  Councilor Harper abstained from voting.  No nayes.  Motion carried.


                                    AMBULANCE FEE WAIVER REQUEST

A request has been received from Vivian Peters for waiver of five non-transport ambulance calls, totaling $125.  She indicated that non-transport calls are not paid by Medicare or Medicaid and she is unable to pay them.  It was reported that she frequently needs assistance in the night, and now EMTs are responding to her residence to check her, without the ambulance, to limit the number of non-transport bills generated.  After discussion, motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Harper, to deny the request for waiver of the fees.  The ambulance was dispatched and city expense incurred for gas and payment for the  EMTs and driver responding to the call.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.  It was noted that small monthly payments of even $5 per month would be accepted on the bill until paid.


                                                    DIVE TEAM

Councilman Tom Anderson reported that he has received the insurance information requested for the Dive Team Building and contents.  It was also reported that all calls made for the Ambulance and Fire Department should be routed through the Idaho County dispatch to be recorded as runs or calls for the Department.



Councilor Glenna McClure reported that the dumpsters had been removed from the Lake Creek Bridge area, and now there were no dumpsters provided for the river users or residents in those areas.  It was reported that the dumpsters were placed there for the floating season only.  It was also reported that Carl Skyrum is spearheading a recycling-garbage transfer location committee, and will be scheduling an organizational meeting soon. 


                                                WATER CONSERVATION

Councilor Suzann Underwood gave the Council information packets about water conservation, along with the City’s water and sewer consumption records for 2003-2006.  She urged the Council to consider ways to encourage water conservation, suggesting that water-saving showerheads be made available, credits be given on water bills for water consumption reduction, and water conserving information provided in the city newsletter.  The Council will review the material and it will be discussed at the next meeting.


                                        BUILDING HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS

Underwood also brought up the subject of restricting the height of buildings along the river.  She felt this was an important issue to consider with the increasing development occurring in the area.  It was noted that building height restrictions are generally addressed a comprehensive plan, and the City’s plan will be researched for that information.


                                                THANKS TO ADER

Councilor McClure offered her thanks to Robert Ader for picking up the barrels of garbage and waste that were located at the Visitor Center parking area.


                                                RURAL FIRE DEPARTMENT

Councilor Anderson reported that if the Rural Fire Department used the City fire hydrants to fill their trucks, they should fill them from the top only.  PUD Amell reported that if tanks are filled from the bottom, the hoses must be equipped with anti-siphon valves to protect the water system quality.


                                          MILL BRIDGE ACCEPTANCE                     

PWD Charlie Amell visited with the Council about the City’s street plan.  For several years, he has been a member of a joint City/County Committee working on a regional street and transportation plan, and he has been analyzing the area streets, needs, etc.  He reported that the City had previously considered, and may have actually accepted, ownership of the old mill bridge (for use as a pedestrian walkway) when it is replaced by the new bridge and no longer needed for vehicle traffic.  He reported that John Stroop, the Idaho County Road & Bridge Supervisor recommended that the City not take on that responsibility without thoroughly checking the condition of the bridge.  He reported that bridge maintenance is the most expensive item in County’s road budget, and he doubted if the City had the funds that may be required for the bridge’s upkeep.  Preliminary checks on the bridge indicate the footings were damaged some in the 1997 flood, but have been secured, but that there is calcification with leaks on the bridge roadway, and new asphalt is needed.  Amell suggested that the City contact Idaho County to research bridge maintenance costs, and have the bridge inspected thoroughly before formally accepting responsibility for it. The Clerk reported that it is possible that the City has already agreed to accept the bridge from the Forest Service, but will research the matter further.


                                    WATER BILL ADJUSTMENT REQUEST

A request has been received from Dennis DeBill for a water adjustment on his water bill, due to a leak.  He reported that he acted on the repairs immediately after being informed by the City of a possible leak, and requested that the July and August bills be adjusted back to normal use, if possible.  After discussion, motion was made by Underwood, seconded by McClure, to adjust the July-August water consumption back to the July-August 2005 levels.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                           AMBULANCE WRITE-OFFS

The Council reviewed the FY 2006 Ambulance Medicare, Medicaid and other miscellaneous billing write-offs, totaling $7,413.57. Motion was made by Underwood, seconded by McClure, to approve the billing write-offs, as detailed.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, McClure and Underwood.  No nayes.


                                                AMBULANCE PURCHASE

The bids for the ambulance purchase were brought up, again, at this time.  It was suggested that since the McCoy Miller box previous purchased had had electrical problems in the past, it would be important to check the references provided in the bid.  Warranties are also important, so research on all these issues should be done before a vehicle is formally selected.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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City Hall





A special meeting of the Riggins City Council was called to order by Mayor Crump.  Council present were Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  Councilor Underwood was absent. Guests present were Larry Barnard and John Austin.


The purpose of the special meeting was to (1) Review the bids and formally award the bid for the new ambulance purchase, (2) To review and formally confirm the URD boundaries, and (3) To review and confirm the boundaries for the annexation and to establish the schedule for the annexation process.


                                                AMBULANCE BID REVIEW

The ambulance bids were reviewed, and it was noted that one bid was overlooked when the original bids were opened 10/9/06.  The bid missed was a second bid from Pacific Equipment for a 2006 Demo vehicle, fully equipped with light bar, etc. for $92,490.

After review of all bids submitted, the Pacific Equipment Demo was the lowest bid after considering the light bar and delivery charges.  McCoy-Miller was the closest bidder with $92,891 ($93,950 Base, less FIN Credit of $4600.00, plus $2950 delivery, and light bar of $681.)  The bids had been researched thoroughly by Ann Wilson, Tom Anderson and Charlie Amell.  After discussion, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to formally include the second bid from Pacific Equipment and to award the bid for that vehicle at a fully equipped cost of $92,490.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper, and McClure.  No nayes.


                                                     URBAN RENEWAL

At this time the final Urban Renewal Boundaries were reviewed.  The properties to be included in the Riggins Urban Renewal District are as follows:  City of Riggins Tax Numbers 31, 90, 96, 97, 109, 111, 140, 152, 217, 230, 233, 272;  Riggins Original Township, Block 2 Lots3, 4, 6, 7;  Block 3 Lots 2, 7 and portions of 1, 5, and 6; Chukar Point Subdivision Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11; North Riggins Addition Block D Lots 1 and 2; Smith Subdivision Lot 8.  Also Idaho County Tax Numbers currently being annexed - 62, 94, 112, 145 and 162.  The non-taxable public properties included are: City of Riggins Tax numbers 18, 81 150, 166, 207, 208, and 248; USFS-NRA Tax 238; School District #241 Tax 20, 25, 104, 125, 126, 153:  IOOF Hall Tax # 85, 247, State of Idaho Tax 19.  Also included are City of Riggins Streets Aces Place, Salmon River Drive, MacArthur Avenue, North Street, Berger Street, Salmon Street Well Street and Chukar Lane; and US Highway #95.

Motion was made by McClure, seconded by Anderson, to confirm the properties listed above and establish those URD Boundaries.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.



At this time the annexation boundaries were reviewed.  The properties included in the annexation proposal are Lym’s property north of Squaw Creek, Ben Aitken #145, Browns millsite property #62, Marvin Thach #214, Diane Thach #215, Mignerey #172, Hart #162, Bagley # 132, 94, 112, Mignerey #225, Autrey #144, Brown #228, Brimacomb #110, SRE #65, Riggins Cemetery #173, 174, 175, School District #125, 126, and City of Riggins #207, 208.  After review, motion was made by Harper, seconded by Anderson, to confirm the boundaries, and schedule the first reading of the annexation on November 13th.  The final reading will be December 11, and all affected property owners will be notified and given the opportunity to comment at the scheduled meetings.  Voting yea, Anderson, Harper and McClure.  No nayes.


There being no further business, the special meeting was adjourned.



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