Riggins & Salmon River Canyon
Economic Development Strategy 2006-2010

This Economic Development Strategy was sponsored by the City of Riggins and Salmon River Economic Development Committee (SREDC). Its purpose is to provide a detailed blueprint for specific strategic actions that will improve the economy, create jobs, and enhance the standard of living in Riggins and the Salmon River Canyon. The planning process used a community-based approach, involving a wide variety of community leaders, businesses, and citizens.
The Strategy is organized into five major sections:
1.  Introduction (Chapter 1)
2.  Situation Assessment (Chapters 2-4)
, consisting of socio-economic
     trends and an assessment of Riggins area strengths, challenges and
     opportunities related to economic & community development.
3.  Vision and Goals for Riggins & the Salmon River Canyon by 2010
     (Chapter 5)
, based on community input through a survey, interviews,
     and public meetings.
4.  Actions to achieve the goals (Chapter 6).
5.  Implementation (Chapter 7), including organizational and financial
     resources needed for implementation.

Comments on the final draft Strategy will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24, 2006, so that they can be incorporated into the final Strategy prior to its presentation to the Riggins City Council for adoption on April 10, 2006. To submit comments, see "Provide Comments" section below.

To download and review the Economic Development Strategy, click on the links below.

Riggins Econ Devt Strategy Chap 1-4_FINAL DRAFT.pdf  (1,125 KB)
Riggins Econ Devt Strategy Chap 5-7_FINAL DRAFT.pdf  (300 KB)

Hard copies of the Strategy document are available at City Hall and the Library for review and comment.

Provide Comments:
To provide comments on the draft Strategy document, click here, or call Lorraine Roach or Ruth Mohr at 208-983-2175, or fax 208-983-9188, or mail PO Box 400, Grangeville, ID 83530.

For more information, contact June Whitten at Riggins City Hall, 208-628-3394.