Municipal Code 3



3-1-1:    Department Created

3-1-2:    Duties

3-1-3:    Witness Fee

3-1-4:    Rules and Regulations

3-1-5:    Matron

3-1-6:    Rewards

3-1-1:    Department Created:  There is hereby created a Police Department which shall consist of the Chief of Police and such other personnel as may be provided by the Governing Body of the Municipality.

3-1-2:    Duties:  It shall be the duty of the members of the Police Department to see to the enforcement of all of the laws of the Municipality and all statutes applicable therein; and to preserve order and prevent infractions of the law and arrest violators thereof.

3-1-3:    Witness Fee:  Every member of the Police Department shall appear as witness whenever necessary in a prosecution for a violation of any law or of any State or Federal law.  No such member shall retain any witness fee for service as witness in any action or suit to which the Municipality is a party; any fees paid for such service shall be turned over to the Chief of Police, who shall deposit same with the Treasurer.

3-1-4:    Rules and Regulations:  The Chief of the Police Department may make or prescribe such rules and regulations as he shall deem advisable; such rules, when approved by the Governing Body, shall be binding on such member. Such rules and regulations may cover, besides the conduct of the members, uniforms and equipment to be worn or carried, hours of service, vacations and all other similar matters necessary or desirable for the better efficiency of the Department.

3-1-5:    Matron:  The Board of Trustees, may appoint a Police Matron, who shall perform such duties as may be assigned to her by the Board of Trustees.

3-1-6:    Rewards:  The Chief of Police, for meritorious service rendered by any member of the Police Force in the due discharge of his duty, may permit such member to retain for his own benefit, so far as he may be permitted by law, any reward or present tendered to him therefore, and it shall be cause of removal for any member of the Force to receive any such reward or present without notice thereof to the Chief of Police and without his permission.  (Revised Code 1959)



3-2-1:    Department Created

3-2-2:    Duties

3-2-3:    Fire Prevention

3-3-4:    Volunteer Members

3-2-1:    Department Created:  There is hereby created a Fire Department which shall consist of a Fire Chief and such other personnel as may be provided for by the Governing Body of the Municipality.

3-2-2:    Duties:  It shall be the duty of members of the Fire Department to provide for the immediate answering of all fire calls and to fight all fires in the best and most most modern available methods.  Members shall see to the care and maintenance of all fire fighting equipment in constant workable condition at all times.

3-2-3:    Fire Prevention:  Every possible action shall be taken by the members of the Fire Department to eliminate fire hazards and to provide for fire prevention methods and operations within the Municipality.

3-2-4:    Volunteer Members:  Any volunteer member of the Fire Department shall conduct themselves in the same manner and under the same rules and regulations as regular members of the Department.  They shall respond to all fire calls according to a schedule prescribed by the Chief of the Fire Department and they shall attend all meetings and drills called by the Chief. (Revised Code 1959)