Municipal Code # 9



9-1-1:    Specifications

9-1-2:    Property Owner Must Construct Sidewalks

9-1-3:    Failure to Comply

9-1-1:    Specifications:  The material and method of constructing sidewalks shall conform in all respects to the specifications adopted by the Governing Body.  These specifications shall be on file in the Clerk's office at all times.

9-1-2:    Property Owner Must Construct Sidewalks:  It shall be the duty of every property owner, upon notification by the Governing Body, to construct or repair sidewalks as such is prescribed in said notice.

9-1-3:    Failure to Comply:  If such property owner shall fail, after notification, to construct or repair any sidewalk, the Governing Body may order same constructed or repaired.  The costs of said work shall be assessed against the property owner for which said sidewalk was constructed or repaired and said cost shall become a lien upon the property. (Revised Code 1959)



9-2-1:    Removal of Snow and/or Ice

9-2-2:    Notice to be Given

9-2-3:    Upon Failure to Comply, Municipality to Remove

9-2-1:    Removal of Snow and/or Ice:  It shall be the duty of the owner or tenant of any premises abutting or adjoining any public sidewalk to remove all snow and/or ice from such sidewalk.

9-2-2:    Notice to be Given:  It shall be the duty of the Municipality to give notice to any owner or tenant of any property to remove snow and/or ice, which shall be sent by registered mail to the last known address of such owner, tenant or occupant.  The owner or occupant shall have not more than twenty-four (24) hours from and after receipt of such notice, within which to remove the snow and/or ice as set forth in said notice.

9-2-3:    Municipality may Remove: Upon failure of an owner or tenant to comply with the provisions of this Chapter, the Municipality shall have the right to remove such snow and/or ice and assess the cost thereof against the premises abutting the sidewalk.  Such assessment to be certified to the county Assessor or other proper County Official having charge of the making of the assessment roll and such charge shall be placed on the assessment roll and collected in the same manner as other Municipal taxes are collected.  (Revised Code 1959)



9-3-1:    Trees to be Trimmed

9-3-2:    Hedges and Shrubbery

9-3-3:    Injury to Trees and/or Shrubbery

9-3-4:    Trees Outside of Property Line

9-3-1:    Trees to be Trimmed:  Any owner or occupant of any real property shall trim all trees on property owned or occupied by him, overhanging any public thoroughfare, so that the branches thereon will not interfere with pedestrians or public travel.

9-3-2:    Hedges and Shrubbery:  Any owner or occupant of any real property shall maintain all hedges and shrubbery adjacent to public sidewalks so that no part of said hedges and /or shrubbery shall extend over any part of a public sidewalk in the Municipality.

9-3-3:    Injury to Trees and/or Shrubbery:  It is hereby declared unlawful for any person, not the owner thereof, or without lawful authority to do so, willfully to injure, deface, disfigure, or destroy any tree or shrub, or to injure, destroy, cut or pick any flower or plant, located either on private ground or on any public place or thoroughfare.

9-3-4:    Trees Outside of Property Line:  The Governing Body of the Municipality is hereby provided full and complete control over all trees which are outside the property lines of privately owned real property. (Revised Code 1959)



9-4-1:    Definition

9-4-2:    Removal of Weeds Required

9-4-3:    Failure to Comply

9-4-1:    Definition:  Weeds shall include all vegetable growth that is troublesome, useless or noxious.

9-4-2:    Removal of Weeds Required:  All occupants or owners are hereby required to destroy all weeds upon their premises to the center of the street or alley.

9-4-3:    Failure to Comply:  Whenever the growth of weeds advances to a condition prohibited by this Chapter, the Municipality, or its designated official, shall notify such occupant or owner to remove same.  In default of this being done, the Municipality shall remove the same and the cost thereof shall become a lien upon the property.  Said lien shall be collected as provided by law. (Revised Code 1959)