Notice of Public Hearing on New Fees and Fee Changes


The City of Riggins proposes the following ambulance billing changes or new charges, which may result in an increase of fee collections for ambulance service, beginning October 1, 2011, by amounts that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current fee revenue from the previous year.


(1)      Ambulance Mileage Rate Increase:  It is proposed to increase the mileage rate billed in connection with Riggins Ambulance runs from $9.00 per patient mile to $10.40 per patient mile.  This proposed increase in mileage billing will result in increased ambulance rates in amounts that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current fee.  The increased fee is proposed to more accurately address the increasing cost of patient transportation and to offset administration costs associated with the operation of the medical billing department.



(2)      BLS and ILS Transport It is proposed to add a new rate for BLS and ILS Transport, to be billed for those runs requiring advanced medical care.   The new base rate fee, as detailed below, is being proposed to provide funds to offset the cost of providing for the availability of Emergency Medical Technicians required to accompany BLS and ILS Transport.  Total Transport Base Rate billed would also include the addition of all itemized costs incurred for service and/or supplies used, as listed in Items 4 below.


                   New BSL & ILS Transport Rate:

                                                                  Base Rate                          $550.00

                                          Area Resident                   $450.00  (20% Discount)

      City of Riggins Resident  $350.00  (40% Discount)


(3)      Base Rate Itemized Fee Structure:


It is proposed to increase and/or add itemized billing for services and supplies used, to be billed in connection with the Riggins Ambulance Base Rate, BLS, ILS Transport and Non-Transport Rates.   The proposal to increase or add new itemized fees will result in an increase in the Ambulance Base Rate for some ambulance users by an amount that exceeds one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current fee.  The new or increased itemized fees, being proposed to provide funds for the care and replacement of equipment and supplies used, is detailed below:


Proposed Itemized Fee Increases:


                                                                     Current Rate     Proposed New Rate


                        C-Collar,Straps,HeadBed,Tape                      $35.00             50.00

                    AED:  Adult Pads                                                50.00             57.00

                    Epi-Pen                                                                 80.00            100.00




Proposed Itemized Fee Additions:         Proposed New Fee


Oxygen:   BVM                                                $  35.00

                 Pocket Face Mask                                30.00

Suction:    Manual                                                 30.00

Airways:   CO2 Monitor                                       25.00

                 Tube Holder                                           5.00


                BackRaft                                               30.00

911 BP:   Disposable BP Cuff`                              40.00

                Disposable Pulse Ox Sensor                  11.00

AED:       Child Pads                                           144.00

Splinting: Tape                                                         3.50

Hot/Cold Pack                                                                     2.00


                Tape                                                                     3.50

               Coban Wrap                                              5.00

               Tourniquet                                                40.00

   Occlusive Dressing                                    1.50

   Triangular Bandage                                    1.00

   Rolled Gauze                                             4.00

   Sterile water                                               4.00

   Asherman Chest Flap                                15.00

   Burn Sheet                                                10.00

Temperature Probe Cover                                            .25

OB Kit                                                                                 15.00

Full PPE Kit                                                             10.00

BedPan                                                                      3.00

Urinal                                                                          l.50

IV Therapy:

            Chucks                                                            .50

            Micropore Tape                                              l.00

            IO Needle (Adult)                                     120.00

Glucose Gel Tubes                                                   10.00

Glucagon Injection Kit                                          195.00

Nitroglycerin Tablets                                                11.00

Aspirin Dosage                                                           1.00

Lidocaine (Prefilled 5ml syringe)                               5.00

Activated Charcoal                                                   40.00











(4)      Extrication It is proposed to add the following fees for extrication to better correlate the fee charged to the service rendered in connection with those ambulance runs requiring the use of extrication equipment. The proposal to add these fees may result in an increase in fees for some ambulance users by an amount that exceeds one hundred and five percent (105%) of the current ambulance fee. The fee addition is being proposed to correlate the Basic Extrication Fee to the type of service rendered and to provide funds for the care and replacement of equipment and fund the required extrication training for EMS personnel.


Proposed New Extrication Fee:


Ropes/OverBank                             150.00

                                     KED                                                 25.00



All citizens are invited to attend a public hearing on July 11, 2011 at 6:45pm in the City Hall Council Chambers, Riggins City Hall, 126 N. US#95, Riggins, Idaho, and have the right to provide written or oral comments concerning the proposed fee changes. 


City Hall and the Council Chambers are accessible to persons with disabilities.  For accessibility arrangements, please contact the Riggins City Hall at (208) 628-3394 at least 48 hours in advance of the public hearing.


Dated this 22nd day of June 2011.

                                                              S/ June Whitten


                                                            June Whitten, Clerk-Treasurer

                                                            City of Riggins

                                                            PO Box 249

                                                            Riggins, Idaho 83549