Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. - Riggins City Hall

Roll Call; Minutes; Bills and Financial Statement

Consideration of Amendments to Agenda

Scheduled Guests:  Denice Laritz, Jenny Hanson, Jessica Austad

Staff: Jeff Joyce, Susan Hollenbeak, Janeen Eggebrecht, John Pottenger, Ross Campbell

Department Reports

  1. Library Report (Susan)
  2. Fire Department Report (Jeff)
  3. EMS Department Report (Janeen)
  4. City Project Reports
    1. Sewer Department Report (John)

1.    Update on Civil Dynamics response - EPA Permit

    1. Water/Street/Park Department Report (Ross)

1.    Consider hiring part-time summer laborer

2.    Irrigation billing on properties outside City limits

A.    Wunsch Property – Denice Laritz

Discuss utility service issues having to do with the development and sale of the property

B.    Community Health Program – Jenny Hanson (new Community Health Worker)

Presentation on St. Mary’s Clearwater Valley Hospital & Clinics Program

C.    IDA-LEW – Jessica Austad (new Economic Development Specialist)

Presentation on IDA-LEW’s Economic Development Council

D.    Water Service to 902 North McArthur

Review proposal from Brandi Ross

E.    Idaho Power Project to remove old Elk River Cable lines

Review plan to remove the defunct Elk River Cable’s lines throughout town

F.    CEDA Community Project Selection

Consider City Park Stage Renovation Project

G.    Surplus 1974 GMC Pickup

Discuss declaring 1974 pickup surplus

H.    American Red Cross Shelter Request for Information

Consideration of request for information on shelter site in Riggins

I.     LHTAC Street Grant

Review feedback on previous application and discuss upcoming grant application

J.     Resort Tax

Discuss Public Information Meeting scheduled for July 28

K.    Commercial EU Assessment (Sewer/Garbage) Review

Review Commercial Account EU’s and updates

L.     Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Review ID Dept of Water Resources recommendation and model ordinance

M.   Volunteer of the Quarter Selection

N.    Past Due WSG Billing – Review

O.    Facility/Park Rental Applications

P.    City Service Waiver/Adjustment Requests

  1. Jesse Travis – Irrigation
  2. Sinclair - Irrigation

Staff/Council Reports




Accommodations are available for persons with disabilities upon request.  Please contact Riggins City Hall at 628-3394 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make arrangements.