Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. - Riggins City Hall

Roll Call; Minutes; Bills and Financial Statement                        Guest:  Denis Duman

Consideration of Amendments to Agenda

Denis Duman – County Commissioner Candidate

Department Reports

  1. Fire Department Report (Jeff)
  2. EMS Department Report (Janeen)
  3. City Project Reports
    1. Sewer Department Report (John)

1.    EPA Permit - DEQ Response

    1. Water/Street/Park Department Report (Ross)

1.    2016 Arbor Day Grant (May 9th)

2.    Water Leaks on Private Properties

3.    Street Boundaries – North Riggins

  1. Library Report (Susan)

A.    Liquor Catering Permit

Consider 3-Day Permit for Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon during Special Events

B.    Nez Perce Forest Travel Management Planning (DRAMVU)

Review new Travel Plan; consider Letter of Support for Idaho County Commission’s objection

C.    Empty Lot (between ETC. and Gem Stop) – Blade Work

Consider request from property owner for City to contribute to the cost of the blade work

D.    Boat Ramp Renovation/ADA Access Project (Roy Akins)

Project update

E.    Recycling in Riggins (Roy Akins)

Consider specific site for Senior Citizens @ Riggins Community Center; update on County sanitation issues

F.    Resort Tax

Review feedback from City Attorney – Land Acquisition

G.    Property on Lodge Street

Discuss property for sale on Lodge Street

H.    Heritage Center Update (Mayor McClure)

Discuss recent reorganization of storage area; consideration for purchase of window coverings

I.     Social Media – Facebook

Consider the City of Riggins sharing information via Facebook

J.     Savage Pride Day in Riggins – May ___?

K.    Volunteer of the Quarter Selection

L.     Past Due WSG Billing – Review

M.   Facility/Park Rental Applications

N.    City Service Waiver/Adjustment Requests

Staff/Council Reports



Accommodations are available for persons with disabilities upon request.  Please contact Riggins City Hall at 628-3394 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make arrangements.