Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. - Riggins City Hall

Roll Call; Minutes; Bills and Financial Statement

Consideration of Amendments to Agenda

Department Reports

  1. Fire Department Report (Jeff Joyce)
  2. EMS Department Report (Janeen)
  3. City Project Reports
    1. Sewer Department Report (John)

1.    Cinder Blocks - Surplus

    1. Water/Street/Park Department Report (Ross)

1.    Rock Cut Project (Ditch)

2.    LHTAC Road Scholar Program

3.    2016 Arbor Day Grant (deadline 3/18)

4.      Thermal Expansion Tank – Property Owner Requirements

  1. Library Report (Susan)

A.    Selection of 2016 City Council President

B.    “Color the Canyon” Fun Run (Karen Akins, Salmon River PTO)

Review plans, insurance, etc. for event

C.    Bowman Property – W/S Connection Status

Consideration of request to eliminate connections on 1 of 2 lots

D.    Ace Barton Memorial Bench @ Cemetery (Carolyn Friend)

Consider donation to fund

E.    Sewer/Garbage EU Assessments – due 3/15/16

Schedule special meeting to review Commercial Account forms received

F.    Boat Ramp Renovation/ADA Access Project (Roy Akins)

Project update

G.    Resort Tax

Schedule special meeting to review requirements, etc. for adding to Resort Tax Ordinance

H.    USDA-Rural Development Survey – Water & Wastewater Rates

Review survey results compiled and submitted

I.     EPA Permit Status Update

Update on status of Civil Dynamics response

J.     Underwood RV Park – Shared Sewer Line

Review draft correspondence advising of the need for separation and maintenance easement

K.    Past Due WSG Billing – Review

L.     Facility/Park Rental Applications

Salmon River Gun Club – monthly meetings

M.   City Service Waiver/Adjustment Requests

Staff/Council Reports



Accommodations are available for persons with disabilities upon request.  Please contact Riggins City Hall at 628-3394 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make arrangements.