Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. - Riggins City Hall

Guests: John Belton, Bill Lenhart, Jason Wereley

Staff: Jeff Joyce, Susan Hollenbeak, Janeen Eggebrecht


Roll Call; Minutes; Bills and Financial Statement

Installation of Elected Official – Oath of Office

            Presentation of Certificate of Election

Selection of City Council President

Consideration of Amendments to Agenda

Department Reports

  1. Fire Department Report (Jeff Joyce)
  2. EMS Department Report (Janeen)
  3. City Project Reports
    1. Sewer Department Report (John)

1.    Excavator – trailer purchase

2.    EPA Permit (Jason Wereley)

    1. Water/Street/Park Department Report (Ross)

1.    LHTAC Road Scholar Program

  1. Library Report (Susan)

A.    Waiver Of Ordinance #53 Request (John Belton)

1.    Resolution #16-1 (Special Events – Waiver of Ordinance #53)

B.    Intersection of Seven Devils Road & Highway 95 (Bill Lenhart)

Request for Council to consider safety concerns and possibility of supporting a project to restructure this intersection

C.    Equivalent Unit Schedule (Sewer/Garbage Billing) – Commercial Accounts

Review EU Schedule and process for review of all Commercial accounts 

D.    Boat Ramp Renovation/ADA Access Project (Roy Akins)

Project update

E.    CCC – Radar Speed Signs

Request to have Council consider taking over the radar speed signs as CCC has dissolved

F.    Report on City Officials Day at the Capital (Mayor McClure)

G.    Resort Tax

Review draft of ordinance amendment

H.    Past Due WSG Billing - Review

I.     Facility/Park Rental Applications

J.     City Service Waiver/Adjustment Requests

Staff/Council Reports




Accommodations are available for persons with disabilities upon request.  Please contact Riggins City Hall at 628-3394 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make arrangements.