Council Meeting Agenda




Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. - Riggins City Hall


Roll Call; Minutes; Bills and Financial Statement

Installation of Elected Officials – Oath of Office

            Presentation of Certificates of Election

Selection of City Council President

Consideration of Amendments to Agenda

Department Reports

  1. City Project Reports
    1. Sewer Department Report (John)

1.    Plant Cleanup – need roll-off dumpster?

2.    Excavator – Extended Warranty

3.    Excavator – trailer purchase

    1. Water/Street/Park Department Report (Ross)

1.    Storm Drain Plug

2.    Tree Removal – Well Street & City Hall

3.    Heritage Center – sink hole in parking lot

4.    Cross Connection – Inspection completion date

  1. Fire Department Report (Jeff Joyce)
  2. Library Report (Susan)
  3. EMS Department Report (Susan)

A.    Syringa Hospital Trustees (Joe Cladouhos & Al Bolden)

B.    Summerville’s and Salmon River Inn – Utility Billing

Review Commercial Assessment; two separate businesses on same meter; billing specifics

C.    Boat Ramp Renovation/ADA Access Project (Roy Akins)

Project update

D.    Dare to Kayak – 2016 Grant Request (Roy Akins)

Request for Council to consider the Dive Team administering the 2016 grant

E.    CCC – Radar Speed Signs

Request to have Council consider taking over the radar speed signs as CCC has dissolved

F.    Alcohol Beverage License Renewals

Review list of vendor licenses expiring 1/31/16 and consider renewals for approval

G.    City Addresses – Main Street versus Highway 95

Consider request from Post Master and County to amend addresses to Main Street, and discuss concerns with physical properties on side streets having addresses of “Highway 95”.

H.    Resort Tax

Develop goals and objectives for the year focusing on public hearings, amending ordinance and ballot vote

I.     Volunteer of the Quarter – Selection

J.     Past Due WSG Billing - Review

K.    Facility/Park Rental Applications

L.     City Service Waiver/Adjustment Requests

M.   Executive Session – 67-2345(b)

Staff/Council Reports